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Chinese Ben LiAsiaFinest Interview with Ben Li

This interview was conducted on April 1st, 2006 by members of the AsiaFinest forum. The questions was answered in the order that it was received. Have fun reading it. It was fun answering all these questions.

Ben Li Interviewmofo: who is your mentor, role model?
Ben: My hard working parents who work 12 hours daily, 7 days a week to get us to where we are today.

mofo: what message would u like to send out to your fellow Asian-American youths?
Ben: Follow your dreams and stand up for yourself.

lockerom14: Have you ever covered your self head to toe in baby oil and start flexing in front of the mirror?
Ben: I'm doing that as we speak ;) lol

malaccan: What's the most precious lesson that you've learnt from AF forummers
Ben: Hmm That there are people who would pretend to be the opposite sex.

malaccan: If you go public, can we buy some shares?
Ben: But of course. I'll reward the top posters with free shares! ;)

sun.hee: Can I nominate you for "The Bachelor?"
Ben: sure go ahead lol

toki: whats your favorite place to hang out in NY?
Ben: Union Square

toki: biggest turn off?
Ben: Girls who are Gold Diggers

toki: what is your meaning of life?
Ben: To be happy and enjoy life.

toki: are you available tonight?
Ben: For you, I'm available any night. lol ;)

Suijen: Did you know that I left floaters in your toilet? Did you know that they became sinkers later?
Ben: So you were the fool that left the floaters! And no I didn't know that they would become sinkers. lol

Suijen: Where do you live?
Ben: In the City that Never Sleeps.

Suijen: Did you know that I'm farting while I'm asking these questions?
Ben: Nope. I didn't need to know that either.

Suijen: Did you know that I saved your face onto my hard drive?
Ben: That's nice to know. Just keep my face out of your perverted dreams lol.

VietSk8rGUI: if you gonna date toki....can you like record the one nite stand and post it on the Internet?
Ben: Only if she wants me to. lol

Jarhier: have you tried whale burger before or what's the strangest food you ate?
Ben: Nope never had, but I just had an ostrich burger the other day. I ate some pretty weird meat while I was in Africa

TTTT: I just wanna know any further projects you got related to IT or E- commerce business???
Ben: I don't think I'll be launching any new websites in the near future. But I will relaunch a few of my old sites.

TTTT:Any investment Projects ideas, orientated in Asia??
Ben: I might do a little investing in HK in the near future.

sweetntwisted: what's your favorite book?
Ben: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I was a huge fan of R. L. Stine's books too when I was young.

sweetntwisted: What was the director of 16 blocks like? Was he bossy?
Ben: He seemed like a friendly guy. Didn't really get to talk to him

sweetntwisted: Did you ever wish you could punch Bruce Willis in the face while you were filming 16 blocks?
Ben: lol that would have been interesting. He had a bodyguard with him the whole time.

tengkuafif: What do you enjoy doing most?
Ben: Hanging out with good friends, enjoying a good laugh, and playing poker.

tengkuafif: Cities or islands?
Ben: I love living in cities, but love traveling to islands.

tengkuafif: Is ethnicity a factor in choosing your life partner?
Ben: Not at all. The girl could be from another world for all I care. lol

tengkuafif: Are you really innocent? Or do you just like acting innocent?
Ben: That's for you to find out ;)

toki: which movie character do you identify most with and why?
Ben: Hmm I can relate to an anime character from Dragonball Z, which is Vegeta. He had both a bad and good side. I thought he was the coolest guy ever when I was young.

toki: dogs or cats?
Ben: Definitely dogs, especially English Bulldogs.

toki: what do you miss most?
Ben: I miss the food from this bakery that closed down.

toki: are you going to pick me up around 8?
Ben: Nope, I'll be there early and pick you up at 7:45. lol ;)

toki: Name a memory of your childhood you enjoyed most
Ben: This one girl in 3rd grade gave me her necklace and told me to never forget her.

toki: any phobias or fears?
Ben: Nope.

toki: whats your proudest achievement?
Ben: AsiaFinest.com

StrayDogStrut: Do you know martial arts?
Ben: I took judo back then.

StrayDogStrut: Are you a turd burglar?
Ben: Wtf is that? Someone who steals poop?

StrayDogStrut: Have you heard of turd security?
Ben: Nope.

StrayDogStrut: How bad is your homosexual love life?
Ben: lol I don't swing that way.

StrayDogStrut: If push comes to shove, what would you do and why?
Ben: I would have knocked the guy out after the first push.

StrayDogStrut: How do you feel about the age-old saying "Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids!"?
Ben: Reminds me of the funny vulgar saying "Silly f@g, d!cks are for chicks!"

Lee! OTL ...: What kind of underwear you sport.
Ben: Thongs! Just kidding. I'm a boxer man

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