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Jolin Tsai Mohegun Sun 2006 Concert VideoJolin Tsai Mohegun Sun 2006 Finale Concert Video

Video Description
AsiaFinest.com event coverage of Jolin Tsai performing live at Mohegan Sun Arena for her Dance Forever World Tour 2006 on November 23rd, 2006. This video shows her closing out her concert with a final song to hype up the crowd, and her leaving the stage. Be sure to check out our other Jolin Tsai's Dance Forever World Tour Concert Videos.

We have pictures and videos coverage from the event. Be sure to check them out. If you have any pictures or videos from YG Family Concert, please send it to us and we'll post it up.

If this video does not work, please let us know. Feel free to talk about this video in our friendly discussion forum. Help AsiaFinest out by sending or telling us about any Asian videos that we should consider posting up.

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