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Entries on 18-October 10

New York Comic Con / Anime Festival

Posted by Ben, Oct 18 2010, 12:01 AM in AsiaFinest Updates

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for for the past few weekend had me so busy covering events! It's not a bad thing cause i actually enjoy covering events! From Olympic Boxing to 2 major comic cons, to maybe an upcoming concert.. it's been pretty hectic. For each event, I took over 400+ pictures, and probably like an hour of HD videos. It takes forever to process and upload HD videos! A ten minute video took me like 6 hours to upload lol. I was working non stop just writing up and process all these pictures and events for AF the last two weeks. I turned down a trip to Spain because of it too. It's been a learning experience working with HD videos, especially with the .mts format.

But like i said before, i love what i do. And the hard work is paying off as multiple sites are linking to my videos and I'm getting new PR companies contacting me. Feedback for the HD video has been great! Check out a sample video of Maggie Q.

Last weekend's Comic Con was pretty cool. Insanely packed with 90k+ people. Got to meet a lot of celebrities in person. I was there all 3 days from early morning into late night. It was insanely tiring.. plus i had a cold too. I actually skipped a lingerie and underwear fashion party that weekend due to how tired i was. eek.gif lol The cold definitely didn't help. I had to sleep 10+ hours straight on monday to recover from the weekend lol.

Entries on 4-October 10

Empires Collide Olympics Boxing Team China vs USA

Posted by Ben, Oct 4 2010, 12:37 PM in Ben's Personal Life

I was invited to cover Empires Collide Olympics Boxing Team China vs USA last friday October 1st, 2010. Great event. Took hundreds of pictures and HD videos.

I love my HD videos, but hate the fact that it takes up to 2 hours to post a 3-4 min video! It's so much work converting from the new AVCHD lite .mts files to a format where i can edit it and then upload it. It's worth it for the clarity plus it was a big reason why i brought such an expensive camera lol. The bad side is that it would take me like 3 days just to upload all the videos from an event such as Empires Collide.

Stay tune to AsiaFinest for the write up, pictures, and videos of the event. I have been covering a lot of events lately and have more events to cover.. so lots of new updates soon.

UPDATE: Our coverage link is up:

Preview Video of one of the matches:

Anyway check out these pictures of me there!

2008 Olympics boxing Gold medalist - Zou Shiming. AsiaFinest for real!

2008 Olympics Heavy Weight boxing silver medalist - Zhilei Zhang

Chillin with 5 time Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield

Entries on 24-August 10

Long Over Due Updates

Posted by Ben, Aug 24 2010, 01:02 AM in AsiaFinest Updates

Man it's been a while since i last updated my blog! icon_redface.gif I have been so busy focusing on work nowadays. But now I am starting to have some time back to focus on AsiaFinest! I will be upgrading the forum next month. So stay tune for that. It'll be a huge upgrade. Plus I will be posting a few new events that i have covered.

I spent like 3+ hours with Ralf removing a ton of spam off AF tonight thumbsdown.gif Man i hate Spammers!

Entries on 7-March 10

Fixed Blog Issues

Posted by Ben, Mar 7 2010, 06:28 PM in AsiaFinest Updates

I was wondering why there wasn't any new blogs entries for a while.. I just fixed the date issue.. Seems like the blogs were being posted as 2009 instead of 2010.

Hope this didn't drive members away icon_neutral.gif eek.gif

Year of the Tiger 2010

Posted by Ben, Mar 7 2010, 05:26 PM in Ben's Personal Life

Chinese New Year has come and gone. I am glad the old year is gone and is definitely looking forward to this year. Last year was pretty tough.. supposedly the Chinese horoscope said it was going to be a tough year for people who were born on the year of the goat.. So I guess it was a little true. I was making less than ever.. and working just as hard.. But it definitely picked up recently and I have been working hard and expanding. Got a few HUGE projects going on right now, which is why i haven't been active on the forum as much. But I will announce those projects when it's done! beerchug.gif

Seems like there is a problem with the entry date on the blogs.. Working on fixing it. Update: fixed it. No wonder the new blog postings wasn't showing up for a while.

Anyway here's a quick pic for fun! lol

Went Skiing upstate. Been a min since i last went skiing. fun times.

So here's to the year of the tiger beerchug.gif I'm looking forward to it! icon_smile.gif

Entries on 22-November 09

Interview with Rain + long overdue updates!

Posted by Ben, Nov 22 2009, 10:38 PM

It's been a long while since I updated my blog. Here's a quick update for the past months.

September: My birthday of course. Had a great party and my annual PPG poker tournament. Then covered the New York Anime Festival and went to the AKB48 debut concert

October: Kinda forgot what i did this month, but i was pretty busy... probably watching the Yankees playoff games. lol Celebrated another anniversary with my gf! woot.gif Then of course went to a very sexy Halloween club/party

November: Went to ad tech and won a WII! Went to the Yankees Parade! Sooo happy that "Godzilla" won a ring and was MVP. But the big thing was the exclusive interview with Rain that I was able to obtain. Man it was a pretty intense experience. Our first MAJOR SUPER star one on one in person interview. I mean we were able to interview other stars too like Se7en before, but not one on one like this.

Currently loving this song.

Entries on 25-June 09

King of Pop Michael Jackson Tribute

Posted by Ben, Jun 25 2009, 11:58 PM

It is one of those days where I will remember for the rest of my life. I was with my girlfriend and was about to drop off some food at her mom's workplace. She received a call and was told that Michael Jackson has passed away due to a heart attack. I didn't believe it, but then was confirmed by a few calls later. I was shocked. eek.gif The rest of my day was going to macys and lord and taylor(saw a hot looking Armani sunglasses), then off to pizza hut, took my gf home, and then raced home to read up on this sad news about the passing of not only Michael Jackson, but Farrah Fawcett as well. Almost made me forget about the NBA draft which i was so looking forward to. Big News from this draft day is that shaq was traded to cavs, carter to orlando, drako to Knicks, and RJ to Spurs.

Michael Jackson 1958-2009
I do have many fond memories of Michael Jackson and his music. The first cassette tape that i ever brought was Michael Jackson's Bad album in 6th grade. I loved it and showed it off to everyone. There was an audition for a singing part for my elementary school, and guess which artist i used? Michael Jackson! I brought his next album Dangerous from a bootlegged cassette dealer... again a first and only time for me buying from a bootlegger. The next few albums I brought on CD. I also remember watching his world premiere music video, Black and White, on primetime TV. How many artist has ever had their music video debut in public tv during prime time?

It seemed so sudden out of nowhere. His music is unmatched. Some would say that doesn't justify his action in molesting little boys.. I have to agree that MJ's action regarding that is questionable. His later life was controversial but no one can deny that his dance and music has influenced everyone. We all tried to dance like him, we all know his song the moment it gets played.. For all the good that he did, may he RIP. icon_neutral.gif

While watching Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, one of the comment that caught my eye was from a youtube user who said.. "You've been hit by... a smooth pedophile" Sad to joke about him after he passed away, but i couldn't help but to chuckle at that quote. embarassedlaugh.gif

This live performance on MTV was one of the best ever to me. 14 mins non stop. Part one and two.


Check out one of his final rehearsal just two days before he died.. Man he didn't look like the old frail 50 year old man that couldn't move that the media protrayed him to be.. I would have loved to see this concert after seeing this footage.

Man i received the Staples Center email a few hours ago.. I thought i got selected lol.. then i opened the email and read..

Thank you for your registration.

Sorry, we regret to inform you that your registration to attend the Public Memorial Service for Michael Jackson was not selected.

Hundreds of thousands registered, but only a few can be in attendance

oh well.. icon_sad.gif

Entries on 17-June 09


Posted by Ben, Jun 17 2009, 09:23 PM in Ben's Personal Life

wale featuring lady gaga: Chillin . I'm feeling this song like crazy right now.. Hot @$$ beat. The song is actually better if you listen to the mp3 version.. This video sounds kinda muffle music-smiley-004.gif I thought it was funny that they had a huge store sign that said Ben

Anyway.. I am finally adjusting back to NY mode again.. So i can start working normal hours again. I loved the vacation to China. It was a great experience, eye opener, motivator, and definitely well deserved. I'm not 100% yet.. but I'm getting there. I'm waking up at like 5am lol and is tired around 6pm.. slowly but surely getting back there. There is so much from the trip that i can talk about from the trip.. it's crazy.. i can write like a few pages on it.. perhaps i will in the next entry.. but not right now.. it's 11:30pm and I'm crazy sleepy. So I'm going to sit back and relax. Basically just "chillin" lol embarassedlaugh.gif

Entries on 12-June 09

Back from Asia!

Posted by Ben, Jun 12 2009, 01:16 PM in Ben's Personal Life

Man it was a great trip. I got to see so many parts of China. Too many things to list here right now as I am still recovering from the 16+ hours flight and the 12 hours time zone difference. Still a pain even though i was flying business class. Here's two pictures from one of my highlights of the trip.

Entries on 21-May 09

AsiaFinest Forum Cleanup

Posted by Ben, May 21 2009, 11:09 PM in AsiaFinest Updates

So i have been cleaning up the forum lately.. spent hours cleaning the forum of spam and some trolls. Worked on the blog a little.. Now the blog offers friendly URL. I should have upgraded the forum earlier.. It seem to have stopped most of the automated spam.

I was also reuploading most of the asiafinest videos to You tube again cause i accidently closed the old account by accident.. I have been feeling this video/song.. it's pretty hot. Check it out

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