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I Was a Hopeless Romantic Once...

Posted by flipcombatmedic, Jan 8 2009, 12:40 PM

Some of my poems...not alot of people now I write. I hope they don't sound too gay. I was just trying to outdo Goethe.

I wait for daybreak
Therein I find comfort in its ardor
I lie on my back for the day to come
So I can bask in its solace once more

I pray for daybreak
So I can write the contents of my heart
I pray for the daylight to shine
To throw the demons off my mind

I pretend like its daylight
So I can throw the cold horrid dreams away
I mask my face from the ache
I learn to leave them astray

I wait for daybreak
For then I see your face again
I leave my window sill open
There I can imagine your warmth and kisses
Cometh with daybreak

4:30 A.M.
The clock strikes,
It’s the same old time again,
It seems I can never escape,
Your face always wake me up at 4:30 AM

I just want to forget you,
I thought I chose the best for as two,
But I can never escape the memories,
Five years I left behind, Five years and I want it back

Now the pictures of you and him haunt me over and over again,
You’re the biggest sacrifice I offered, you’re the hardest I ever had to give
Now all seems not worth it,
All the things I planned…forget it
Now I can’t sleep; I might as well wait for the clocks
The big blue light blinking at me
Soul crying and waving goodbye
“Wake up it’s for 4:30 again.”

Su Navi Per Mari
The smiles I give make amends with what’s deep,
Oh death in living indeed, but not if I can keep,
The secret that lies beneath, hidden well in reprieve,
The liar’s task is what’s ahead, that is carried with well worth give.

If night is the better half of life, and regret is to live afresh,
Perhaps sorrow is a beautiful sown seed,
And her sister lamentations is hope that succeed,
But what poems do not say, and poets do not feel,
Are the throes that go undecreed, thy heart gave to pain feed

But do not worry; I will go to the oceans without thee,
Just let the liar wallow in his own pity a little more free,
All that is left unforgiven, will all be unhidden,
But please do not think he a villain no more; a liar is a liar,
But punishment is far more for his chosen path, far greater surpass what fate has given him.

Give me one more fantasy, Oh he meaning held by that day
I know you stand with happy expression
You looked beautiful before all in procession,
But the one next to you blew me to perdition,
The vivid truth held before me without intention,
I should have held you before me with the power of all recitation,
Prithee tell how could I let go?


  Tissue Box, Jan 9 2009, 07:51 AM

i really like your first poem -- Daybreak. it gives me this uplifting feeling...

did you write it when you were away from home?

  flipcombatmedic, Jan 9 2009, 11:15 AM

^that's good...actually it's the saddest of all the three. lol. at least when i wrote it. i wrote the last one on a tram, the second one on on a desk at our hq, daybreak was written 500am yeah away from home.

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