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Struck Down, But Not Yet Destroyed

Posted by flipcombatmedic, Feb 10 2009, 04:03 PM

"Hard pressed on my right, my center is yielding, my left has collapsed. Impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent. I am attacking." Ferdinand Foch

You ever feel like the world is bearing on you? Like I don't have time anymore. Shoot man, work, pre-req classes, other academic pursuits, social life, taking care of my pet, cleaning my house, paper work, then there's working out and martial arts. Plus I got all the promises I gave my friends: hang out, birthdays, moving out help, renovation. Then there's mental stress, loved ones dying and knowing you can't see them for the last time and you're thousands of miles away from home. I want to take a rest for an hour and it seems like it's done the moment I sit down. Everyone calling me asking me where I was if I was okay because I haven't called or seen...I'm just too busy nowadays. And I know they're trying to make sure I'm okay but it's sad I'm like a hermit these last couple of weeks. I'm just tired, like all I do is work and sleep which I only have 4 or so hours to enjoy. But when I'm tired that's when I am motivated. I know that it will get easier and that the harder I push the lighter it will get. I need to do these things now, and hopefully these investments will pay off soon. I know in life when something cost so much to bear, the more worthwhile it is in the end. I just gotta keep moving. Like the sergeant says "when they stack the odds against you...break the fu-king scale".


  Ben, Feb 11 2009, 07:11 PM

Life is tough. Hang in there

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