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Charlee's Rantings!

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New shoes count for this week:

Posted by charlee, Sep 10 2007, 03:25 PM


2 new pairs .....verging on addiction now!

Posted by charlee, May 22 2007, 05:43 AM

I need to stop buying shoes!!! I can't believe I bought 2 new pairs. They were so cute though neartears.gif Well, one pair was, one pair was sexy.

Red and pointy with a heel not too high for my height.

And one tanned leather pair with a kitten heel, rounded toe and with cute little detail on it. ^_^

I couldn't help myself. bawling.gif

OMG! Never driving in the country at night again!

Posted by charlee, May 18 2007, 06:29 AM

So we're driving to Milton Keynes yesterday singing along to Lionel Richie and my friend turns it down and was like, "oh i forgot to tell you something, my friend had a bit of trouble the other night"

And then this was the story:

Her friend was coming out of a retail park at night where you can only access and exit it through a country lane, but a deer was standing in the road and wouldn't move, so she sat there for a while and waited but it just stood there, so she got out to go shoo it out the way, but a car pulled up behind her, so she got back in her car. The car behind her suddenly but its lights on, on full beam which eventually made the deer trot off. So she drove off, but the car behind her still had its headlights on full and was following her, and kept close behind her car. She kept her route on all the main roads and eventually got home, but the car followed her and parked in the street behind her but at a distance. So she RAN out of her car into her house, looked outside and the driver was just sitting outside in his car. She was home alone so she rang the police and they came, and she told them everything, so they went to go have a word with him and he was like "When I pulled up behind her at the retail park I noticed the deer but there was blood oozing from it, then the next thing I know, I see a guy hop into the back of her car with a knife in his hand, but she returned to her car without noticing, so I put my lights on full beam so i could see whatever was happening in the car, but didn't alert her in case the guy in her car panicked and did something rash. I just phoned the police station myself." So the police were like O.o "okay then....", and opened the back door to her car and there was a man laying on the floor infront of the back seat clutching a knife!!!!!!!! eek.gif


And whilst walking around the MK centre yesterday my new shoes totally cut up my feet. neartears.gif

14/05/07 Call Log:

Posted by charlee, May 14 2007, 12:28 PM

> = Calling me
< = I called them

09:30: > Brother (Bastard, woke me up.)
10:26: > Dave
11:43: > Mum
12:01: < Eren
14:25: > Angela
14:53: < Charlie
16:23: > Eren
18:22: > Michelle
19:04: < Aunt
19:17: < Mum

Can you tell I've been trying to avoid doing revising much? >.< One of those phonecalls nearly lasted 2 hours!


Posted by charlee, May 11 2007, 01:04 PM

Today I bought some new shoesies! Yay! That makes 3 pairs in a week and a half.

I've seen another pair I want though. =( Hmph. What shall I do?

Our photo on his phone

Posted by charlee, May 1 2007, 04:05 PM

So yesterday we're just messing around doing our work for this crappy deadline I had last night and I'm just distracting myself as usual and laughing at my friend screaming down the phone at my other friend as they were having an argument about some group project...(which btw made me sound awesome because I'm always fun to work with in a group project and I'm the reasonable one out of the three of us too so guess who came out as an angel after all of that? ^_^)

So anyway I start messing around with this other guy I know and some rulers (don't ask)...but then i notice his phone on the desk, so i pick it up to play with it and there's a photo of the two of us as his wallpaper on his his phone...and he was just like "oh, yeah I like that photo.".........yes I can see........ icon_neutral.gif

He's been bugging me alot lately too with these weird stupid comments...but I don't know how many more times I can say I'M NOT ATTRACTED TO YOU in different ways without sounding mean.

Oh and today just confirmed that exes should DISAPPEAR OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH once you're done with them. *nods*

10k Posts

Posted by charlee, Apr 27 2007, 09:58 AM

10k depressing...