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The Number 28

Posted by MyDreams84, Mar 13 2008, 05:31 PM

Two days ago while driving home late from work, I had this sudden thirst for chocolate milk. So, I stopped by CVS - it's located on a corner across from where I live - and bought a liter of chocolate milk. mMMmmm! I pulled out of the parking lot just in time to stop at a red light. I sat there staring at the hanging lights then followed the lining of the bar to the street sign: 28th St.


Then it hit me. OH... MY... GAWD!!!!!! Why had I not noticed this earlier?

<< rewind to 3 years ago <<

I was sitting in front of the computer in my brother's room when he shut the door and rambled about something I didn't pay attention to. It was after New Year's eve and he was drunk. Then.... somewhere in the middle of his drunk talk, he told me that 28 is my number. It has a significance in my life. Yeah... him and his - what my sister and I call - "crystal ball talk" embarassedlaugh.gif

When I'm 28, he said, I'll fall in love and get married. bla bla bla.. 28, 28... then he passes out on his bed. I'm just thinking, "great, kid, thanks for ruining my future by telling me what's going to happen. Now I'm going to have to pretend you didn't say anything.. and not hope for it either!"

>> fast forward to present time >>

I drive on 28th street everyday to and from work. My apartment is like .1 mile south of 28th street and my work place is about half a mile south of it. I eat out on 28th st and I shop on 28th st.

Now, here's another crazy coincidence: Last year, I got a job offer in Florida. They were going to pay me $28 per hour. I actually told them I'll take the job but then around that time, got another offer in Michigan that is closer to my family. Of course, I took the Michigan offer. I should slap myself in the face for giving up such a cool opportunity.. *sighs*.. but any way, the point is that the pay rate was the number 28!

Last week, I received a phone call from someone over at the help desk (IT) that was to install an editor to my office PC. She asked me what cube number do I sit in and - since I didn't pay attention to it and hadn't memorized it - I got up to find the number. "28, ma'am" I told her. HOLY $hit!!! I thought in my head. Again, it's that number 28!!!

What a crazy coincidence! I've been putting some thought to this and I wonder... is this number just a random number that is a convenient coincidence in my life .. or is this number a basic guide outlining my place in life ... or... is its significance really my shadow, an entity that has succeeded in following my tracks?

Should I freak out? Should I rely on 28 as my lucky number? Is this the doing of some greater unknown force? HAHA.. I'm being so silly again! I don't want to have to find out that I'm a Jim Carey special. LOL.


  Ben, Mar 14 2008, 12:50 AM

I'm 28! lol

  MyDreams84, Mar 14 2008, 05:36 PM

QUOTE(Ben @ Mar 14 2008, 01:50 AM)
I'm 28! lol

Holy crap!! laugh.gif

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