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Who shall claim the origin of keris/ kris?, Movie script
post Mar 14 2009, 01:20 AM
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It is better to say that we share the art of Keris here among the Malay speaking country which are Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and South Thailand (I know Indonesia is different but Indonesia too have Malay ethnics in Sumatera). Nobody have the monopoly over that certain art if the art is shared by others since in ancient times people keep moving places. In Kedah it is not as popular as in Kelantan and Patani although we know about it, we are damn proud of our Kedah Land as we also have ancient Temples and Palace ruins in Pendang district and Kuala Muda district although not as huge as Borobudur Temple Complex or Angkor Wat or even if we do not have Phu Keris Art, that is nothing to be ashamed of.

We have Vast Wet Paddy Fields, Water Irrigation System for Paddy Fields, Able Snake Catchers, Native people who can speak Tamil, Pali, Hindi or Thai who are Muslims or Buddhist, Thai Buddhist Temples, Mosques and ancient Langgar (Tombs), 5th C AD Inscription of our beloved Bhagadatta King and our country name (Kedah) too is carved in Brihadeshvar Temple in South India as a fierce country who fought with Tamils in Battle and etc. In Malaysia, we refer our Kingdom as a Country and not a State. Who dare to say that we purposely submitted ourselves into Malaysia or any other country, we will chop off their mouth, our King, Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin Mukarram Syah had tried his best to avoid from being colonized by foreign powers like Siam and Burma but we are not fortunate enough since our location had made us easily attacked. Malaysia is only an entity we are in today, we are beyond Malaysia or any other modern country.

Back to the topic in respect of Mr. Newguy, I think that Keris is an art practiced by ancient Kambujas and also becoming an art of SEA natives (not Cambodians, hope they are not perasan, this one is about those of ancient India). We can see it in the practice of Puja Keris where people with the knowledge usually sprinkling some lime juice and smoke it with myrhh in certain days.

Kambujas had been here in SEA since Iron Age. I don't know about the practice of Puja Keris or Senjata among Cambodians. They are those who had the pride over their Kambuja ancestors like other people do not have Kambuja ancestry too in this world. I had saw a Keris Pusaka of my friend with Pagar Ruyung Royal Ancestry, his father had never Puja the Keris anymore because their family are afraid of the practice. They just keep it under that friend's bed, he also said that it is a shameful art. I wonder why should he be ashame with his ancestor's art. We people with Siamese ancestry love our traditional art although we too had been influenced by modern life. I would love to learn Silat too, but have no chance to it.

Kamboj/Kamboh in Modern Times

The modern representatives of Ancient Kamboja who still call themselves Kamboj (or prakritic Kamboh, or Kamoz) or Kambhoj are estimated to be around 1.5 million and the rest of the Kamboja population, over the time, has submerged with other occupationalized castes/groups of the Indian sub-continent. Consequently, one can notice numerous of their sub-caste names over-lap with those of other communities of northern India like the Khatris, Rajputs, Jats, Brahmins, Aryans, etc.

The Kambojs of the north, by tradition, are divided into 52 and 84 clans. 52 line is stated to be descendants of Cadet branch and 84 from the elder Branch. This is claimed as referring to the young and elder military divisions under which they had fought the Bharata War. Numerous of their clan names overlap with other Kshatriyas and the Rajput castes of the north-west India, thereby suggesting that some of the Kshatriya/Rajput clans of north-west must have descended from the Ancient Kambojas.

The Kambojs/Kambohs practiced weapon-worship in the past but the practice is now going out of vogue.

Glossary of Castes, H. A. Rose, 1883, p 444; See entry at Kamboh, Punjabi Mahankosh, Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha etc
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post Mar 15 2009, 07:16 AM
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QUOTE(Bhaskara @ Mar 13 2009, 10:15 PM) [snapback]4164299[/snapback]
Hohohho... Even though I find your theory that the grand Srivijaya actually took something from a lesser kingdom amusing, don't you think you've forgotten one important thing from your theory, and that is solid proof? While we got a lot of them, carved in stone and paper.. err, I mean lontara....

Oh yeaaahhhhhh.

Amusin or not ... the great Malayu Palembang Srivijaya DID take lots n lots of stuff from its lesser ... but older n more anciently-established nevertheless ... Malayu allies in the Semenanjung. After all ... thats what bein an overlord kingdom is all about, aint it?

Stuff like tin, silver, gold etc. etc. ... n also not a few handsome princes n beautiful princesses ... apart from thousands n thousands of krises ... n other things ...

That was until ... until Kedah Langkasuka had outshone Palembang as a COMMERCIAL centre in the early 11th century ... what with all those pirates of all sorts of ethnicities swarmin the ports of Palembang n Jambi like bees swarmin a hive ...

n then Chulamani Varma Deva, son Mara Vijaya n grandson Sang Rama Vijaya decided to shift their glorious Srivijayan throne wholesale from Palembang to Kedah ... lest a rapidly-emerging, swiftly-ascending, newly-broken-away Nagara Sri Dharmaraja (Ligor) in the north ... under the illustrious Sujita Raja (Jaya Vira Varman) started getting other fantastic ideas ... like conquering Kedah Langkasuka from a gradually weakening Palembang ...

Let alone a constantly southward-expanding Angkor Khmer under Jayavarman V ...

So that's how it went ... Sang Rama Vijaya was eventually defeated by the forces of "Geroda Vishnu" ... n captured by Rajendra Chola in his new Srivijayan palace in Kedah Langkasuka ... in 1025 AD.

He was replaced by Sri Deva ... n he was only let go after pledgin submission to Cholan overlordship ... n went back to Palembang ...

Poor Sang Rama Vijaya ... perhaps he didnt study his palace's feng shui properly ...

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post May 1 2009, 10:51 PM
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This is a link to the article that goes with the previously published pictures of keris shown in Javanese stone carvings.

In keris-literate circles there is no longer any real doubt as to the origin of the keris.[/url]

Incidentally, the so-called "keris buda" is named for the era, not for The Buddha; the period prior to roughly the 13th. century in Jawa is referred to as the Buda period, thus the "keris buda" is the keris associated with this era.

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post Dec 1 2011, 09:52 AM
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