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Jun Vs. Armadio, the endless struggle.........
post Feb 9 2004, 02:29 AM
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(BTW this story is completely original and is copy righted by me just like all my other stories on AF)

as many of u r aware of me n armadio have a lil score 2 settle but this a story if we were 2 encounter each other in real life.

Jun VS Armadio

On a cold summer morning around 6:00am the sky was still dark ,all that could be seen were two shadowy figures standing on a bridge above a freeway though not a car could be in sight the only thing on besides them on the bridge was two bags on either end. Eyeing each other carefully. As jun and made armadio made their way across the bridge two each other the only thing that could be heard was the gravel crunching under their feet.

Only two feet away fom each other after long examination of each other which only lasted a minute seemed to be an hour to them."I can't wait to see you squriming on the ground then after you Cevil is next" whispered Armadio.
Jun looked at him in the eye and replied "Fine".

A smirk came across Armadio's face "Jun you don't know how long i've waited for this moment" Armadio hd threw the first punch during the sentence. the punch was so unexpected that jun fell straight to the ground after being hit at his right cheek.blood trickled out of Jun's mouth.

With no remorse Armadio lefted his foot right up in a formation of an axe kick and slamed his foot down towards Jun. with quick thinking Jun rolled to his side narrowly escaping an unfortunate fate. Then tried a sweep kicked at Armadio who easily avoided the attack by jumping. Jun then after turning only 180 degrees then jumped in the air once reaching 360 degrees and swung his right foot with full force at Armadio's left check.

Armadio had lost a bit of balance but quickly regained it. The resumed staring at each other with in dying hatred until a drop of blood from Armadio's mouth had
fallin to the ground. "Give up jun and I will give you an easy death!" threatend Armadio. "Not a chance" answered Jun. With that responce Armadio walked to the bag on his side and held something long and silverish "Oh fu-k" said Jun in shock.
Jun walked to his bag and grabbed out his masamune. Armadio walked with his katana close by his side.

Armadio said calmly "It's already came to this............" All Jun kept thinking was "how did i get myself in this position?" The pair started slashing each other ferociously knowing that if one can get just one slash in it could make ll the difference. It was unfortunate for both that they were using extreme caution which made the fight more tense. Finally Armadio knocked Jun's sword out of his hand. He then kicked Jun to the ground and held his sword to Jun's neck.

"Jun I have all ways been better......" said Armadio "I can't beleive this is it........."
said Jun expecting his fate to sealed but a horn blew Armadio saw a truck speeding their way Jun took seize of the moment and quickly got up.Armadio was ready to run but Jun grabbed a hold of Armadio from behind in the struggle Armadio dropped his sword. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" screamed Armadio in panic.
Armadio heart beat was beating harder and harder. Jun smiled and said grimly "We will both go........." "Wait Jun i wasn't gonna kill you! plus if we both die it will be a draw plus this is unfair!we both know i would've finished you off before" said Armadio in a desperate voice. "wrong my friend i had away of getting out"
the truck driver saw the two and slammed the bakes but the truck was still skidding towards them. "good bye Jun.........." "good bye Armadio we shall finish this in the after life"

so wat did ya'll fink about it???? i decided that it wouldn't b fair if only one of us won so i made a draw biggrin.gif

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post Feb 20 2004, 12:47 AM
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Armadio looked up at the dark cloudy sky and vowed "I will have revenge for the both of us.........." Armadio looked at his watch, the time was 2:06 AM "what's taking Jun so long?!" said Armadio angrily to himself. Jun reached the roof top of AF. He saw Armadio on the opposite side of the building staring at him. Jun wasn't keen on fighting Armadio but knew he had no choice,Armadio's and his fate was now going to be decided. "Armadio........i don't want to fight anymore can't we put the past behind us?" called out Jun. "i don't no......." answered Armadio. "please" pleaded Jun. Armadio started laughing Jun didn't know if this was a good sign. Armadio held out his hand "sure buddy" replied Armadio merrily. Jun could hardly believe his luck now he and Armadio wouldn't have to die. Jun walked towards Armadio and shoke his hand.

Armadio then knee'd Jun at his stomach. Jun fell to his knee's clucthing at his stomach. It began to rain heavily. "Fool" remarked Armadio as he kicked Jun which threw him on his back. "do you know what it is like to have a close friend take away someone you hold dear!" interigated Armadio "that is why i will never forgive your sin!" continued Armadio. "fight me now!" demanded Armadio. Jun started to recover from the two unexpectible blows and gavered enough strengh to get in a fighting stance.

Jun ran towards Armadio and threw a staight forward punch at his head but Armadio caught Jun's fist. So Jun threw his left hand towards his target but Armadio also caught the second fist. Jun tried to release his fist's from Armadio's grip. "let go!" commanded Jun. "fine" smirked Armadio as he jumped up in the air and dropped kick Jun at the chest. Jun was thrown a few feet by the force but was able to keep his balance. Armadio started getting up of the ground but Jun ran at full speed towards Armadio and fly kicked Armadio's face. "Arrrrrgggggghhhhh" yelled Armadio in pain. Jun walked towards Armadio as he lyed on the ground hopelessly. Then suddenly Armadio sweep kicked Jun which leaded him falling onto the ground. The pair both
flipped them selves of the ground and where back on gaurd.

Armadio went in an Axe kick formation. "YES! it's always the same move everytime with him! making him quiet prodictible" thought Jun to himself as Armadio forced his foot down. Jun raised
his arms in a x-formation which caught the blow head on "what" said Armadio who was shocked that Jun was able to block the incredibly powerful blow. Jun then tripped Armadio which made him fall on his back. "Armadio.............i dont want to kill you but you leave me no choice..."
said Jun. Armadio quickly got him self off the wet ground. "I WILL WIN!" replied Armadio with new found energy. Jun tried a round house kick but Armadio swiftly ducked then as Jun's back was turned, Armadio quikly tackled Jun before he could deliver another kick. They were both
now rolling towards the edge of the building. Jun noticed that Armadio was about to throw him off if he didn't do anything so he pocked Armadio's eyes. Armadio was clutching his at eyes
"YOU BASTARD!" cursed Armadio.

Jun drawed out his sword and slowly walked towards Armadio. Armadio could see again but was now faking to lower Jun's gaurd. Armadio now drew out his sword and slashed at Jun's ankle "Aaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh" exclaimed Jun he steped backwards he was lucky it was only a cut. Armadio laughed as he stood up with his katana. "still using the masamune blade eh?"
remarked Armadio "when i kill you i'll claim your sword as my own" informed Armadio. Armadio started walking towards Jun. Jun keeped his gaurd and was waqiting for Armadio to take the offenceive. Armadio went for a kick stab for Jun's chest but it was navigated away by Jun's sword. It was like de ja vou they now started were fighting viciously against each other. Their swords were blocking one another and they were now in the postion that their swords were held together as their owner's tried to push each other. "give up" stated Armadio "yeah right" replied Jun as he kicked Armadio to brake the connection between their swords.

Armadio started stumbling backwards the edge of the building but was anable to stop himself. "WATCH OUT! yelled Jun as he ran towards Armadio hoping to avoid him from falling. Armadio dropped his sword as tripped over the edge. "Im sorry i counl'dnt forfill my vow" whispered Armadio as he was about to fall rapidly to his death. "Nnnnnnoooooooooooooo" yelled Jun as he grabbed Armadio's hand. Jun used all his might to lift Armadio back on top of the building.
After Jun saved Armadio he layed on ground resting. "why did you save me?" asked Armadio
puzzled. "i guess.......i.....didn't let you fall' said Jun gasping for air.
"i tried to kill you so many times whilst you stll chose to save me.........." said Armadio as he stood up. "look im going im sick of this" replied Jun as he walked towards the exit.

Jun heard aloud bang and saw the door infront of him now had many cracks. Jun quikly sun around and saw Armadio with a handgun. Rage now burst through Jun "I SAVED YOUR LIFE AND THIS IS WHAT I GET!"bellowed Jun with fury. "you really didn't think i was going to let you live on did you?Plus we are even now because i saved your life from the car crash remember?"
laughed Armadio as he raised his stolen gun again and fired another shot at Jun. Jun responded by grabbing his sword and sliced the bullet in half. Armadio fired another shot and the same result happended. Armadio aimed for Jun's right shoulder and got a hit "fu-k!" hellowed Jun
in pain as he dropped his sword. Then he found another two bullets piercing through his skin.
It was the most excruciating pain he felt in his life. Armadio reloaded his gun that was the
last image Jun saw before everything thing became blury. Jun fell staight to the ground everything went black the only thing that he could feel now was the hard cold raindrops but that started to fade away everything was now black.

Jun left his body and saw Armadio staring up at the sky with triumph. "Jun......" said a familer voice. Jun spun around to see a face smiling at him it was her. Jun smiled and was happy that he was able to see her again. "oh my good im so happy to see you!" replied Jun "Jun im sorry about the trouble iv'e caused you" apoligised the girl "no" said Jun shaking his head "I should be sorry it was my fault about your early demise. "but it is because of me you are here Jun....and i don't think it was your fault i died.after all me and Armadio pushed you to race"
reasured the girl. "at least im with you i don't care anymore" replied Jun smiling he had missed her soft and gently voice. "you arn't ready yet" informed the girl as she went towards Jun's dead body. "what do you mean?" asked Jun "I mean i will bring you back to life" answered the girl as knelled over Jun's body. "please don't if you do i'll kill myself" pleaded Jun "please....kill Armadio i love him like a brother but i can not forgive what he has done to you" asked the girl
"If you decide to stay then remember i will always look after you" promised the girl "don't worry i'll be back" claimed Jun.

The girl placed her hand on Jun's heart and forced it to pump again. Jun was dragged back to the body and opened his eye's to see Armadio still looking up to the sky in silent prayer. Jun grabbed his sword and stood up and sneaked behind Armadio. Jun held his sword above his
head. Armadio heard foot steps behind him and turned around to kick Jun. Jun fell on to his stomach. "darn he knew i was behind him" thought Jun. Jun got to his knees and felt something smooth and cold being place at the back of his head. Armadio stood there with his gun placed at Jun's head "this will end once and for all" annouced Armadio. "this is for her" thought Jun as he grabbed his sword and stabbed himself. Armadio was about to pull the trigger when he felt something wet slice through his skin. Jun continued to push the blade through his body so it could go through Armadio. Blood started pouring out of Jun's mouth the same happened to Armadio. Jun then pulled the blade out of both of them and fell onto the ground and started smiling "" he said wearily. Armadio was still in shock that he was stabbed and walked to the edge of the the building. Jun watched him from where he was lying,
Armadio turned around and whispered "I shall wander ever on.........Searching for you.Because I know, As long as you, Are out there.I can never,Rest in my grave.I will find you,And make you pay." after his last words he fell of the building. Jun couldn't beleive it was over. He looked at the sky and to his surprise he saw it had stopped raining and it was sunny. Jun smiled at the sky and said his last words "All coming"

This concludes Jun vs Armadio i hope you guys enjoyed reading it biggrin.gif
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