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Beijing-tokyo Axis
post Mar 13 2004, 09:11 PM
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From: km

"For world peace to be achieved, East Asia will take the lead." - Du HongYi, 2004.
East Asia is one of the world's fastest growing and most developed regions, however, it's also one of the biggest "potential" powder kegs. In order to prevent furthur violent conflicts in Asia, it's essential to create our own peace-keeping body like NATO in Europe. To make this mechanism legit and influencial, two major Asian powers must be included, and most important of all, they must learn how to work with each other. These two nations are China and Japan. The relationship between the dragon and the tiger is very interesting and dramatic. Japan is one of China's biggest trading partners, and China is Japan's biggest market. Both sides share similar values, languages, cultures...etc. But if you think they're close as husband and wife, you are wrong. The animosity lie between China and Japan is one major factor that makes East Asia unstable. Why hate each other you might wonder? I can tell you, events during World War II were sad and disturbing, but they're certainly not why Chinese don't feel friendly toward their neighbor. It is the Japanese extreme right-wingers' cover-up of Japan's warcrimes that makes Chinese sick. I, as a Chinese, believe Japanese people are too, victims of the government propaganda. Comparing with the entire Japanese population, extreme right-wing is considered a minority. However, it is this minority that somehow gets its way to keep haunting the great Japanese people, and instigating hatred between Japanese and Chinese.
History can be a painful memory for both peoples, but once we know how to face it and solve it, benefits will be brought down to both countries. And by that time, an efficient and influencial East Asian peacekeeping mechanism can be achieved ( now i'm finally getting to the topic). By establishing the Beijing-Tokyo axis, not only Chinese, but Japanese will also be able to take advantages of it. First, Japan no longer has to worry about an 'aggressive' China. These two most well-developed countries do not have to worry about having to compete with each other in a negative sense ( i.e. arm race...etc.). They don't need to be concerned about getting backstabbed. Moreover, China and Japan can generously provide each other certain helps ( technological, financial, diplomatic...). In addition, North Korea will be merely a piece of you-know-what when China and Japan work together and put pressure on Kim. The Beijing-Tokyo Axis will certainly eliminate the paranoia of "China and NK" threat to Japan, the presence of USA troops in Japan and SK proves to be useless. Japanese people can ask USA troops to leave without worrying anything, thus reduce the American political/economic influence in Asia. From a diplomatic point of view, China is a permanent member of UN security council, Japan is a worldwidely recognized power. Together they can have more say in international affairs and make the highest profit possible to both countries. Considering the success of ethnic Chinese throughout South East Asia ,China's rising economy, and the good relationship between China and ASEAN ( from which China can easily acquire natural resources for industrial use), the 21st century trend will be more "pro-China". Japan will definately be benefited by working together with this massive partner.

- just my opinion. Don't need to take me seriously.

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post Mar 15 2004, 04:10 PM
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I think this bow is justified. Why not? I would bow to a Spanish ambassador, who would be white, if his nation just suffered a great loss from terrorists. Wouldn't you?

As for saying sorry to 1.3 billion Chinese. The two situations are completely different. How can you compare them? The Chinese/Japanese issue is "personal" if you will, involved Chinese and Japanese directly. The bombings in Spain had nothing to do with Spanish/Japanese.

I don't think you ever understand. If you are a chinese. Please don't call yourself as a chinese. Go become a japanese. Japanese kill how many chinese? Let me ask you? Are you crazy of Japanese culture? Than go create yourself your own japanese name like "Doshimama" or what so ever.

Japanese done heavy dammage to Chinese as well too many chinese has tortured dead. And they never apologize. Why this is completely diffrent? Why don't ever you think more? sure.gif
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