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Reena's Love Story "A White Love", Come and be my readers hehe
post Nov 15 2005, 01:55 AM
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Aites aites...welps this is my story! it may sound boring in the begining but READ ON you just myte like it. icon_sad.gif icon_redface.gif hehe. I'm writting this story based on experiences that I, myself, have gone through and have seen in my many years. Those of you who come hea and read please do gimmeh some opinions aites. Much love and GOD BLESS

**-..-**A WHITE LOVE**-..-**

biggthumpup.gif Last updated: Chapter 33-34 on 04-29-06
More to come readers! keep comming biggrin.gif it's comming to an end...good or bad huh? heheh

BTW I did some more revising and all that to all my chapters so if yah feel like re-reading it to catch the parts I've changed please do heHEhe not too much but just changed things a bit to make the story more easier to understand heHEhe.


"Daddy! Where’s daddy?" Little Charleen's voice trembled and tears repeatedly ran down here cheeks. "I miss daddy, I haven't seen him for 2 days now!"

"Honey, daddy is just taking a rest" her mother's shaky voice replied. Charleen glared at her mother and knew that wasn't the truth.

"I want dady!" Charleen instantly forced herself out of her mother's grasp and ran out of the house.

"Charleen!" her mother gasped and before she could catch her, Charleen was already out of her sight. "He's never waking up again.....he's never waking up again...." she sobbed and kneeled on the ground.

Charleen made herself to the park a few blocks away. "Daddy, daddy! Where are you," she trailed off. Soon after she sat down by the swings next to a little boy.

"Why are you crying?" The boy asked as he arched his eyebrows.

"My dady, he went away. He didn't take me with him...." *sniff* *sniff*

The little boy's face frowned and he stared away not knowing what to say next.

"Do you want my daddy? I can go get him?" The boy asked.

"No! I want my dady not yours...*sniff *..dummy." She cried even harder this time.

The little boy's eyes grew wide. He absolutely didn't know why he made her cry even harder. What was he suppose to do? He doesn't want to make anyone cry harder now. What to do, what to do. Yes! "You know, my mom always told me that white tulips would make her happy."

Charleen looked up and went silent. *sniff sniff* "What? no, that will never make me happy," she replied, wiping away her tears.

"I will be right back." The boy got straight out of his swings and off he went.

"Wait! where are you going?" Charleen shouted.

"I'll be back!"

A moment past by and soon after, the boy did come back. He came back with a whole bunch of white tulips that he picked in his hands.

"Here, take it. This will make you feel better. Mommy said the color white is always to make people happy." The boy handed Charleen the flowers.

"EwWww!! it's gota worm on it!" she threw the tulips away and fell off the swing. "OUCH!!" She cried. Right on her butt she fell.

"Huh? a worm?" The boy picked up the squiggling worm. "Tsk-tsk, you're afraid of a worm?" He held it even closer into Charleen's face.

"Ahh!! stop it!" She screamed and covered her eyes.

"Sorry, sorry...," He picked up the tulips and brushed it off with his hands. "Here, no more worms see." The boy gave it to her again.

This time Charleen looked up and accepted it. *sniff* sniff*

"Ethon! honey, where in the world did you go! I've been looking all over for you!" A tall beautiful lady came running and grabbed the boy into her arms. Charleen looked up as the boy was being drawn away from her. "Bye bye...," he waved back at her.

"How could you just go off like that. You left me worried sick. Now, lets get you cleaned up. We can't miss our flight back to Korea." The boy's mother brushed off the dirt that was still left on his face and clothes.

Charleen watched as the two figures disappeared out of her sight. She looked down at the flowers she had in front of her and gave in a smile.

Chapter 1

10 years later

It was a cloudy, gloomy day because it just got done raining. The sun was barely peeking it's self out from the dark gray clouds but not enough to keep Charleen from the goose bumps she was getting.

"BrRrrRRrr...come on sun, com out. Today's a bit too cold for you to be hiding there." Charleen shivers beneath her breath.

"Charleen wait up!!." A familiar voice called out from behind.

"Huh? Who's that?" She quickly turned around and she saw her best friend running and running. A slight smile appeared across her face and she waved back. "Shine! Hurry!" She shouted towards that direction.

"I thought you left early today already? I waited for you but you didn't come out so that's why I left. Sorry girl."

Shine grinned at Charleen and let out a little giggle looking away.

"What?..." Clueless..

"You wouldn't believe it!" Shine stated in excitement. "I just met this new guy after school today, and oh my gosh, he was such a hottie!!."

"Oh..tee-hee..yea and?" Charleen added enjoying the same excitement.

"Well, I tripped on someone's back-pack and almost fell over and he caught me! Boy! it was so embarrassing but good thing was, we both introduced ourselves and he asked me to go out on a date with him! Can you believe it!"

"So when's the date? Tonight? Tomorrow? A week from now?" Charleen asked giving her full attention.

"Tonight, oh man! what to wear, what to LOOK like? " Shine replied as she placed her index finger on her lips and looked up into the gray clouds.

Charleen faced up to the gray clouds also when she noticed the silence between them.

"So??. Any idea?" Shine finally asked.

Charleen shrugged. "Yano, I really don't know...wear a dress?...wear LOTS of make-up."

"HahHha..GREAT! well, of course that's what we girls always have to wear right?"

Charleen nodded in agreement."Yup, sorry I can't give you much ideas because I've actually never gone on a date before." She never had time to date. Too busy with school and other things in her life. Boys never really excited her.

Suddenly Shine slapped Charleen on the back. "You silly girl, don't say that. Maybe the right one just hasn't come yet. Let fate find you your destiny lovah!!"

Charleen coughed playfully and giggled. "Yeah yeah."

"Any ways, wish me luck on my date tonight! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow alright."

"Okidoki, Have fun then."

The girls finally approached the corner to where they were to separate. Before Shine turned around she asked Charleen. "Hey, you need to me to walk home with you? Will you be alright?" Shine asked as she rested her hands on Charleen's shoulders.

"Yeah, don't worry. I'm going to pay a visit to my father. Then I'll go home after." She smiled.

"You need me to come along, I mean, it's practically a CEMETARY!!!"

Charleen laughed out loud. "You're so funny, I'll be fine. It's not that dark out. I should be fine, you go on home."

"Alrighty. Call me if any thing alright. If that bastard step father of yours even touches you I swear I'm going to call the cops. Watch over your mom too." Shine stated her last words before turning her way home and Charleen turned her way to the flower shop.

Charleen had a step father that her mother had recently married who was a major alcoholic. He would abuse his mother carelessly and every night there would always be arguments and cries. As each week ended Charleen tried visiting her father's grave before heading home. She knew if she was to go home first and if her step father was home, she was forbidden to go anywhere. Therefore, right after school was the best time.

Every time when Charleen pays a visit to her father, which is almost once a week, she would stop by the flower shop which was right around the corner. She wasn't very rich to buy a whole bouquet of flowers every time, but she'll at least buy one type of flower before she leaves.

*RING RING* (the door bell)

"Oh hello Charleen, how nice to see you again this week. I was wondering when you were coming by again." A pleasant voice waved for Charleen's attention.

Charleen faced her attention to the far end of the shop and proceeded towards that direction. "Mrs. Szuki how are you? Well, I'm here today." She beamed warmly as she made herself through the flower aisle.

After the quick greet, Charleen glanced over to the young man that was checking out at the register beside her. He also stared her way and managed to smile but that smile didn't express what was written all over his face. His eyes were glassy and sad-like, as if he just got out of the worst days of his life. A tall HANDSOME young man he was. His soft-like black hair was messily gelled and he had girly bangs that rested above his eyelid. Oh yeah, he was a cutie! He had on a dark blue collar shirt beneath his black suite and held a big bouquet of white tulips in his hands. Then finally he nodded respectfully to Charleen and excused himself silently.

"Oh, excuse me too..." Charleen quietly said bowing back. She blinked out of her daze when she realized it was impolite to stare but at the same time Charleen had caught the man's mix expression and she wondered confusedly as she place her gaze back to Mrs. Szuki.

Reading Charleen's face Mrs. Szuki sighed. "He's a quiet one alright. I believe he is from Korea. I heard he is here with his father on business matters. He does come here quite often though. Funny thing is, the only type of flowers he would buy is white tulips. Not even a different color. Just plain white."

"White tulips?" Charleen went confused as one of her eyebrows arched. "I mean at least buy colorful ones right?"

Mrs. Szuki nodded. "Yup, sure thing. But like they say, there has to be a reason to everything right?"

"Yeah you're right." Charleen smiled and stepped a little away from the counter. "Any ways, it's really not my business. I really don't know him so I shouldn't have to worry." She then searched around smelling the flowers behind her. "You got any of those pretty carnations?. I'll buy three."

"Sure sweetheart, come right this way." Mrs. Szuki came out from behind the counter and lead the way.

**Ring Ring**(Door bell again)

"Good by honey, see you soon." Mrs. Szuki waved in the air joyfully.

"Bye, oh you'll see me." Charleen assured.

Around the flower shop, just a few blocks away, was the cemetery. After a few minutes Charleen found herself dazing off again about the boy she saw at the flower shop. She never thought Korean guys would be that hot looking. Especially this one. Charleen just couldn't understand why his smile had turned into a sudden frown. Maybe she wasn't alone...maybe he had lost someone very special in his life too...

Suddenly, Charleen was knocked out of her state when she heard a car door shut.

"Huh?.." she paid her conscious towards the midnight-blue Lexus LF-A. "Whoa, nice car."

The car was about 10 feet away from her stand and she found her self solid and still. Why couldn't she move? It was him! that handsome thing! It was the man she met at the flower shop just before. Charleen's eyes grew fairly large and kept her gaze from a distance. The young man had also noticed her too and once again he nodded as to greet her again. Then he continued reaching into the passenger seat of his car and brought out the white bouquet of Tulips. He glanced at her one more time expressionless, soon had his back towards her and walked away.

Charleen nodded again nervously and went back into her own world. So, guess she was right. He must've lost someone too. "I mean that's the only reason why a person would be at a cemetery right?" A voice inside her asked.

Afterwards, Charleen finally got to her father's grave. She slowly kneeled down and noticed all the dead flowers that were still laying in front of it. "Father, I'm here to visit you again. I brought you carnations this time." She managed a slight smile and reached for her locket she was wearing with her necklace. She kissed it gently and got up. Right before she could get up a palm pressed against her shoulders.

"You lost someone special too?" the familiar voice asked.

Charleen's heart beat suddenly and she inhaled deeply as if surprised. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't talk to strangers." She quickly bowed not knowing who it was.

"You know, I lost my mom not too long ago."

When Charleen looked up, it was him! was it really that hunky boy who was talking to her? or was she imagining things? Charleen blinked a few times and stepped a few steps backwards.

"Uh, umm...sorry I don't know you. I should get going."

The boy stared at her weirdly because he was actually expecting that she would say, "I'm sorry to hear that," but no, she refused to talk to him. Before he could even say a word she was already running away.

"Uh, okay. Kind of weird but oh well. Guess I'm just a stranger. But my name is Ethon!" He shouted back. Knowing she couldn't hear him.

Ethon had noticed the girl that he saw at the flower shop was the same girl at that same cemetery too. So he thought since he saw her twice already he was going to take the chance to go meet her. Ethon wanted to tell her that she wasn't alone and life wasn't over but it didn't work out as he expected.

It was Ethon's first week back to Tokyo, Japan and the first thing he wanted to do was to go visit his mother's grave. Unfortunately, his mother was grave was at the same cemetery as that girl.

Soon before Ethon turned back to his car a bright shinny light had caught his eyes. He then peered towards that direction to indicate what it was.

"Huh what's this?" He picked up the golden locket and necklace. He then opened it carefully and peeked inside. It was a picture of a man and his daughter. Which looked exactly like the girl he saw before. Instead, just a younger version.

Ethon inhaled as his eyes grew wide. He turned his head quickly towards the same direction the girl had ran off to and shouted again. "Hey! wait!" farther and farther the girl grew from him. Ethon scratched his neck and looked at the locket again. "I guess I'll be seeing you again." He smiled and let out a sigh.

End of Chapter 1

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post Jan 7 2006, 07:03 PM
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She probably will when she goes to Korea on the trip thingy.
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