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Which Indonesian celebrities should I feature on AsiaFinest?
post Apr 22 2006, 07:29 PM
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Which popular Indonesian celebrities should I feature on AsiaFinest and why? Voice your opinion here and you might see them featured on our site. Here's your chance to help support your favorite star! biggthumpup.gif madcool.gif
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post May 5 2006, 10:53 AM
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After Anggun, I will propose my other hero...Ananda Sukarlan: Indonesian pianist who lives in Spain
Perhaps only few Indonesian people that knows his name, but in classical music industry, he is the star....even he was the 1st Indonesian who was included in the list of 2000 Outstanding Musicians of 20th Century. This is his story......

Ananda Sukarlan
The piano boy

"Don't shoot me I'm only the piano player" ( title of an Elton John album )

(an excerpt from the biography of Ananda Sukarlan (and translated from Spanish) by Patricia Garza Santos)

IPB Image

His favorite word: focus. His hobby: work. His obsession: control. Ananda Sukarlan is that kind of musician who would toil for days on the shape of one simple musical phrase just because he felt it did not flow correctly. He knows precisely in his life, music making and career where his biggest strengths and his weakest vulnerability lie, and those frontiers are the best kept secrets which he shares with noone. His choice of music he performs (if "choice" is the right word, considering his very wide repertoire) is always highly exciting, original and even risky, which is an proof of him not being predictable. Nevertheless he has found a diverse series of success formulae that have stretched across all his years of career to date. His concerts are wall to wall greatest music ever created, some of them performed for the first time by him while the ink was still wet, with unequalled meticulosity and passion. That is why he is a true-believer-and-a-half of Musica Presente composers and their importance to the music world. He has examined thoroughly the history of music, played more music by composers of the 20th century than any other musicians of his age and, with an instinct as sharp as a successful Wall Street stockbroker he picks, performs, defends and champions new masterworks of music before anybody was even aware of their existence and convincingly puts them in an important place in the music history.

Go west, and left to his own devices

Born on June 10th, 1968 under the sign of Gemini and a monkey according to the Chinese zodiac, this brilliant Indonesian pianist left his country after he graduated from the Jesuit's Canisius High School for Boys in 1986 to study music in Holland with Naum Grubert. Ananda Sukarlan was born and raised at the very center of the metropolitan Jakarta, Indonesia. The first pieces of music he heard and liked (and still listening to and liking up till now) were the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's album, Queen (Freddie Mercury remains one of his idols up till now), Rachmaninov, gamelan music, and noises of the city which now is inhabited by 12,5 million people and has more skycrapers than New York City. The first version of Pictures of the Exhibition he heard was neither Mussorgsky's original for piano, nor Ravel's orchestration : it was the rock version of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. In Holland he had some hard day's night s studying and catching up in the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag until he graduated in 1993 with a summa cum laude. The long and winding road continued, he rolled over Beethoven and as a hot stuff he won many international competitions within three years following his graduation, which is his ticket to ride for a career as a pianist.

And what a career ! He plays as soloist with the best orchestras and ensembles (such as Berlin Symphony, Madrid, Spanish Radio & TV, Bilbao, Orleans, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Jakarta, Wellington etc with conductors such as Magnus Lindberg, Pierre-Andre Valade, George Elie-Octors, James Wood, Ernest Martinez Izquierdo, Joan Cervero, Jose de Eusebio, the Indonesian star conductor Addie MS and recently with the highly talented young conductor from New Zealand Hamish McKeich succesfully performing Messiaen's Oiseaux Exotiques), playing Beethoven 1st and 5th, Schumann, Ravel G major, Liszt (complete works for piano & orchestra), Ligeti, Kurtag, Messiaen's gigantic Turangalîla Symphony, as well as the many piano concertos written especially for him a.o. by the Dutch Sinta Wullur, Jan Bas Bollen and Peter van Onna, the Spaniard Jesus Torres, the Indonesian Singgih Sanjaya, the Scot John McLeod and more future piano concertos by Musica Presente composers Santiago Lanchares and David del Puerto . Since the fall of Suharto's dictatorship in Indonesia, he has performed for all the presidents of Indonesia, and was the first artist in history to perform in the Presidential Palace. He was also the first Indonesian artist who was invited to perform in Portugal after the diplomatic relationship between the two countries was reestablished in the year 2000, and also to perform for Queen Sofia of Spain. His CDs are released by Vienna Modern Masters (Austria), Col Legno (Germany), Erasmus (Holland) and Spanish Radio & TV (RTVE). Thanks to his performances, Spain was well represented twice (in 2000 and 2003) in the International Tribune of UNESCO, the second one was with the --now already historical-- live recording of his very first performance of the most virtuosic, but now has become a landmark in the history of piano music : Anandamania by Santiago Lanchares .

Ananda Sukarlan is the dedicatee of more than 100 works for piano (solo, duo or concerto with orchestra). Each one of the composers of Musica Presente has written at least one substantial work for him. In the past he has performed together with artists such as the Orlando Quartet, the cellist Francis-Marie Uitti and percussionist Tatiano Koleva. Now, his duo with his equally brilliant colleagues from Musica Presente : either with the ever-electrifying percussionist Miquel Bernat (forming the duo AM Frequency ) or with the superb, Spain's number one, second to none accordionist Angel Luis Castaño (forming the Duo AN-tifon ) is another successful leap of faith, knowing that there were no established duos of those instrumentations (piano+percussion and piano+accordion) existing in the rest of the planet. Together with his partners, they create completely new repertory, carefully choosing the right composers to create masterworks for them, perform and tour the works around the world and firmly establish them in the musical repertory. Their virtuosity also contribute in stretching the technical demands for their instruments, making possible of the impossible not for the sake of virtuosity, but to realize and to be as close as possible to the composer's idea of the original sonority. The extreme virtuosity of some pieces written for them (such as del Puerto's Diario or Santiago Lanchares' Castor & Pollux ) were never achieved by composers before, which give the fresh and totally new sound world of those pieces.

IPB Image

I'm just another writer , still trapped within my truth
A hesitant prize fighter, still trapped within my youth" (lyrics to Rod Stewart's song "Sometimes when we touch")

Suffering from the Gemini syndrome, the planet Mercury rules his dual personality. In Ananda's case, it's more than dual : the other Ananda is a writer and a passionate music businessman. But it's not money he's after. "Money often costs too much", said Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Ananda agrees with him. In fact, his generosity is invaluable in helping young artists all over the world, and although he is not a teacher, he has provided lots of opportunities for the young. For a few years he has been the brain and heart behind the National Piano Competition in Jakarta, and has always served as the president of the jury. After its founding and establishment in 2001 he acts as the commissioner and major shareholder of the Jakarta Conservatory of Music which houses the highly accomplished Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble of contemporary music, as well as the most complete library of contemporary music in South East Asia. The Jakarta Conservatory also acts as producer of the most successful concerts of classical & contemporary music in Jakarta. He is also the artistic director and major shareholder of the Alt+Space Festivals, a singular & original idea of connecting the biggest industrial cities all over the world : New York, Madrid, Jakarta etc. These festivals also search for young talents all over the world and help them launch their career. As in his performances, Ananda has that King Midas touch : it seems as if everything he touches turns into gold.

"Life is just what happens to you,
While you're busy making other plans " ( lyrics to John Lennon's song "Beautiful Boy")

Ananda is a person who lives his life to the fullest, does everything with passion and enjoying it immensely either when he is home among the hills of Cantabria (20 minutes from Santander, a very small town north of Spain) or during his travels. Although he is a party animal, he is also a fiercely private man in many aspects, as if he wants to make sure that nobody really know who he is.

Link: Ananda's Biography

IPB Image

Minggu, 08 Januari 2006
Ananda Sukarlan Setelah Piano, Gamelan!

Sebuah piano tua.
Alat musik peninggalan seorang berkebangsaan Belanda itu jarang tersentuh. Bagi bocah tiga tahun itu, inilah mainan barunya. Tuts-tuts piano yang menarik perhatiannya terus dipencetnya. Hasilnya, bebunyian tanpa irama. Ketika usianya beranjak 5 tahun, sang kakak Martani Widjajanti membimbing bocah itu dengan les piano. Akhirnya, ketika telah duduk di bangku SMA, Ananda Sukarlan benar-benar yakin. ''Waktu itu saya mulai tahu bahwa saya senang dan mau mendedikasikan hidup saya untuk main piano dan musik,'' bungsu dari tujuh bersaudara ini menuturkan.

Sayang, orang tua tidak setuju.
Letkol Sukarlan dan Poppy Kumudastuti tidak mudah meluluskan keinginan Andy, sapaan akrabnya. Mereka masih menyangsikan masa depan profesi ini. ''Mereka bilang masa depan kamu bagaimana? Saya waktu itu tidak tahu keadaannya bagaimana,'' kata Andy mengenang. Orang tuanya gigih menawarkan Andy masuk ke Fakultas Kedokteran, Psikologi, atau Fakultas Teknik setelah lulus dari SMA. Tapi, semuanya tak ia senangi. ''Saya bilang apa saja sama, semua saya nggak suka,'' ucapnya.

Masalah lain, biaya.
Andy mengakui, tidak mudah belajar musik secara profesional di Indonesia masa itu, era 1980-an. Satu-satunya pilihan adalah belajar di luar negeri dan itu tidak bisa dipenuhi oleh orang tuanya. ''Saya bilang udah, saya cari beasiswa,'' kata Andy yang belakangan menyadari diri keras kepala dan rada bodoh karena tidak mengetahui situasi saat itu.

Gayung bersambut.
Andy mendapatkan beasiswa Petrof Piano untuk belajar piano dari Walter Hautzig di Hatford, Connecticut, Amerika Serikat. Ia kemudian melanjutkan sekolah musik di Den Haag Kingdom Conservatory, Belanda, pada tahun 1987 di bawah bimbingan Naum Grubert, Ellen Corver, dan Geoffrey Madge. Lulus dengan predikat summa cum laude pada 1993, dia meneruskan studi S2 dalam bidang musik sampai 1995.

Beasiswa terhenti.
Inilah cobaan yang harus dihadapi menjelang ujian akhir di Den Haag Kingdom Conservatory. ''Tapi, saya tidak bilang ke orang tua. Kalau saya bilang, mereka pasti suruh pulang. Mereka kan tidak mau melihat saya kelaparan,'' ucapnya. Apa boleh buat, Andy harus cari uang sendiri. Dia ngamen dengan bermain piano di bar-bar. Toh, hasilnya tetap saja tidak mencukupi untuk melunasi utang-utangnya. Saban ke bank mengecek simpanannya, saldo yang tersisa hanya 3 gulden. Angka yang jauh dari memadai meski untuk membeli sepotong roti. Sekitar 2 tahun ngamen, dia mencoba ikut kompetisi piano internasional. Itu pun dengan utang ke sana ke mari, termasuk kepada gurunya. Niatnya ikut kompetisi cuma satu: cari duit untuk makan dan bayar utang.

Jalan mulai terbuka.
Beberapa kali memenangkan kompetisi membuat utang-utangnya bisa impas. ''Seperti ada berkah dari Tuhan,'' tuturnya. Andy mengakui, kalau mau meniti karier berpiano di Eropa, satu-satunya jalan ikut kompetisi internasional. Siapa yang menang memang akan mudah mendapatkan kontrak, bisa bekerja sama dengan manajer, dan organizer. ''Tadinya saya tidak pikir soal karier. Pokoknya, saya bisa hidup dan makan. Ternyata itu membuka karier saya. Kalau misalnya saya tidak kelaparan, selesai kuliah mungkin saya terus balik ke Indonesia,'' ucap pria yang namanya tercatat dalam MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia) sebagai pianis Indonesia yang paling banyak berpentas di seluruh dunia ini. Pria kelahiran Jakarta pada 10 Juni 1968 ini pun punya manajer sendiri. Dengan begitu, Andy bisa membuat ide-ide artistik sendiri sehingga akhirnya membuat produksi sendiri. Andy lalu melanjutkan ke program S2, sembari terus mengikuti kompetisi internasional.

Gadis Spanyol itu bernama Raquel Gomez.
Peristiwa itu terjadi ketika Andy konser di Spanyol pada 1991. Saat itu dia berkenalan dengan seorang gadis yang membuatnya jatuh hati. Ketika kehidupan mulai mapan, Andy mempersunting Raquel pada 1994 dan memboyongnya ke Belanda. ''Situasi ekonomi mulai membaik, 1998 kita pindah. Jual apartemen di Belanda, beli rumah di Spanyol,'' tutur ayah seorang anak berusia 7 tahun bernama Alicia Pirena Sukarlan ini.

Mereka memilih Spanyol.
Pilihan tinggal di Spanyol bukan tanpa alasan. Dia bilang, ''Selama di Belanda saya kenal banyak komponis Spanyol. Memang kini Spanyol sebagai kiblat musik sastra yang baru. Kalau zaman abad ke-18 kiblat itu adalah Austria, kemudian Jerman, sekarang pindah ke Spanyol. Banyak komponis ke Spanyol, saya banyak kenal dengan mereka. Pemerintah Spanyol juga sedang giatnya mempromosikan kebudayaannya, seni, film, tari, musik.''

Inilah Andy sekarang.
Nama Andy, Ananda Sukarlan, adalah nama besar seorang pianis bertaraf internasional. Dialah orang Indonesia pertama yang diabadikan dalam buku 2000 Outstanding Musicians on 20th Century. Namanya pun tertera dalam The International Who's Who in Music, sebuah buku hasil riset internasional yang memuat riwayat hidup orang-orang penting dalam bidang seni musik.

Bermain piano adalah bagian hidup.

Bagi Andy, mendentingkan tuts demi tuts piano bukan pekerjaan lagi. Inilah hidupnya. ''Memang saya dapat nafkah dari situ, tapi bukan hanya itu. Banyak hal yang saya kerjakan karena memang saya suka. Terkadang saya menulis musik, saya tidak tahu akan dimainkan oleh siapa,'' tutur Andy yang baru saja membuat konser di Jakarta. Obsesi? ''Proyek saya sekarang, saya ingin memperkenalkan gamelan ke musik sastra dunia.''

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post May 6 2006, 08:31 AM
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