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Pop Princess, hope you like it!!
post Nov 1 2006, 07:31 PM
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Hey, this is my new story! I hope you like it. I know my last one sucked and I'm trying to improve my writing skills so I really hope more people enjoy this story. In the beginning it may seem like Hannah Montana or Chasing Liberty. It is a bit like Chasing Liberty. I hope you enjoy it and give me some positive comments. biggthumpup.gif

Chapter One

“THIS IS SO UNFAIR!” Annabelle yelled.
“You’re going on the tour and that’s that!” Her father said in a commanding voice.
“UGH! No one even knows my real name is Annabelle when I’m up on that stage. It’s not fair that I have sung when I don’t even want too!”
“It’s been like this ever since you were 10, and you’ve always loved singing.” Her mother said in a calm and yet convincing voice.
“MOTHER! I am 18, not 10. My priorities have changed since then, I’ve grown up. I may be a celebrity, but I have no life because no one even knows I am who I am.”
“You should know that if people really knew who you were, then your life would be even worse. And, what do you mean by “you have no life”? You go to parties and movies and the mall and all sorts of things with your friends all the time. I really don’t-”Her mother said looking at her pissed-off daughter.
“Of course you don’t know what I mean. I’ve never even had a real boyfriend because they all broke up with me because my life was too busy. When most of time, I’m singing in Hong Kong or something. I’m sick of this mom.” Annabelle whispered. Annabelle’s mother walked over to her daughter and held her until her father spoke up.
“Honey, I won’t let you just give up your dreams up because you don’t have some boy grabbing your @$$ every 10 minutes.”
“AHHH! DAD! I am 18!! YOU CAN’T FORCE ME AND I REFUSE TO SING, DANCE, OR ANYTHING ELSE EVER AGAIN!” Annabelle shouted at the top of her lung and ran to her room. Her mother was already standing up and gave a glare to her father. Annabelle went up to her room and jumped into her bed full of tears.
(I don’t deserve this, I deserve better, I want better.) She thought in her silent room. A knock came from her door and she expected an apology and getting her way, like most of the time. But, this was always a sore subject and wasn’t going to be that easy.
“Honey, Can I come in?” Her father’s voice echoed through the hallway and into Annabelle’s ears. ( No. I’m not, I ran away because I was being forced into doing something I never wanted to do, but only to make you proud. But making you proud doesn’t matter anymore. Why can’t I run away? I said I deserve better, no one would know who I am. I’m just a nobody. I could run away and no one would even care.)
“No.” Annabelle said. She wanted to say the rest, but then she couldn’t run away like she really wanted. “I’ll be down for dinner.” She lied hopelessly.
“Alright.” Her father sighed and walked down the stairs. Annabelle quickly grabbed her largest backpack and stuffed it with money, clothes and some snacks. She wrote a simple note to her mother, and only her mother, and then climbed out of the high window. She landed on the ground with a thump and hoped that no one heard her, especially her parents. She looked at her house one more time before moving and started to walk to her car. It was a good thing she had a car since it was getting colder by the second. She first drove to the park, where she always went when there was a problem. It wasn’t really the park she was going to, but the lake behind it. She met her first non-official boyfriend there. Not many people know of that lake, but still knew about it. She didn’t care; it was big enough for her.
The lake was past a small forest that was dark. Luckily there were lights near the lake. She put them there when she was 14, since that was the year her grandpa died and she went to the lake every couple of days; sometimes she would just fall asleep there. It was where she could stop being Belle Jang the celebrity singer, and could just be Annabelle Chen. That night when she got there the lights she set up were turned on and there was someone lying on a tree she always would lie on. She walked closer and saw a boy looking deep into the lake. She walked near the tree, hiding until she could see who it was.
“You know I can hear you right?” The boy said in comfort. Annabelle jumped when he spoke and walked even closer.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.” Annabelle replied a few moments after. She sat next to him and took a look at him. He seemed like a god, perfect.
“It’s alright, what are you doing over here? Most people go to the other side of the lake.” He said while still staring into the lakes deep blue water.
“That’s why I don’t go over there.” Annabelle said with a deep sigh.
“I’m Martin.”
“I’m Annabelle, call me Anna.”
“So, what’s a girl like you doing out here, on a Friday night?” He asked while taking a quick glance at Annabelle.
“Why is that so bizarre?”
“Just thought you would have a boyfriend or something.”
“Well, you thought wrong. Wait, what’s a guy like you doing out here, with a girl like me?” He chuckled.
“Well, this guy, is sitting here, with out a date or a girlfriend because his girlfriend just broke up with him.” Annabelle could tell he was still sad and hurting because Martin’s eyes looked water and red. It was as if he had just been done crying.
“I’m sorry about that.”
“You shouldn’t be.” Martin said with such quickness that Anna didn’t even think he said something until he looked at her with his beautiful brown eyes. Just as she was about to reply her stomach began to growl, begging for food.
“You hungry?” He asked with a chuckle.
“Um, I guess so.” Anna ended with a smile. He saw her smile and couldn’t stop staring. “What? Do I have something on my face? Oh my god! Is it a bug?” Anna jumped up and down trying to get what she thought was on her face off. Martin got up and held her shoulders and calmed her down with his eyes and smile.
“Relax; you have no bug on your face.” He thought it was so cute how she freaked out thinking there was a bug on her face.
“Wow, then I must seem really stupid.” She ended with a smile and a slight laugh.
“Whatever, I needed a laugh.” He said with carelessness that ended with them walking back to their cars.
“So, where are you headed?” Martin asked in his sexy and cooling voice.
“Um, I have no idea. I just ran away from home.”
“Ran away? Aren’t you a bit old for that kind of thing?” He said in a goofy voice that would make anyone laugh, or fall in love with him.
“Yeah, but I just couldn’t stand it when I’m with my parents sometimes. That’s kind of why I went to the lake.” She said quietly and slowly to make the moments with him longer.
“Oh, well sorry I was there.” He said sweetly.
“It’s alright; meeting you was a pretty good thing.” Anna said, giving a hint that she wanted him, bad. He laughed and Anna almost couldn’t help herself.
“So, where are you staying tonight then?” Anna realized that she hadn’t given a thought about that whatsoever.
“Oh god. I forgot to even think about that.” She sat on the edge of her car and held her head in her hands. Martin sat next to her on the car with his hands in his pockets and whispered in to her ear, “I have room.”

End Of Chapter One
If you want more then leave me some comments. [Only nice ones please =] ]

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post Nov 25 2006, 02:24 AM
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Nooooo... they can't break up neartears.gif
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