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  1. The mystery of MH-370 (14 replies)
  2. China and Ukraine - the lesson of Crimea (0 replies)
  3. Sign petition to place documents about Nanjing Massacre as UN World He (0 replies)
  4. China increasing military budget to 808.2 billion yuan for 2014 (0 replies)
  5. Kunming massacre - Chinese government must fundamentally change nation (0 replies)
  6. National days to commemorate Nanjing massacre and victory over Japan (1 reply)
  7. The lesson of Ukraine - China must be self-reliant (0 replies)
  8. Chinese government ships chased away Filipino ships with water cannon. (1 reply)
  9. Malaysia must respect China's rights. (0 replies)
  10. Hyakuta of NHK: atomic bombs a "cruel massacre" by US (0 replies)
  11. Down but not out: Jade Rabbit comes back from the dead (0 replies)
  12. Sochi: China ranks #9, Japan ranks #14 (0 replies)
  13. Kerry said the US will defend Japan over Diaoyu Island, Chinese people (0 replies)
  14. Buying Japnese products harms Chinese enterprises (0 replies)
  15. Nike (0 replies)
  16. Nike (0 replies)
  17. Expansion of Japnese sales in China: Why Japan is fearless in provokin (2 replies)
  18. Please sign the petition to save the peace monument against Japanese s (4 replies)
  19. U.S.-China Relations and the Western Pacific (0 replies)
  20. Yasukuni Shrine in Hong Kong (0 replies)
  21. China ban naked officials from promotion. (0 replies)
  22. Chinese military to buy only domestic cars. (0 replies)
  23. "Why China Wants to ‘Strike the Mountain’ and ‘Kill the Chicken’& (0 replies)
  24. What kind of aircraft carrier should China build? (0 replies)
  25. The correct path for dealing with Japan is to terminate relations. (0 replies)
  26. China must not be led by its businessmen. (0 replies)
  27. The invisible and sinister devaluation of the yuan against the dollar (0 replies)
  28. DF-41 will garner "military respect" for China. (0 replies)
  29. China is not "irresponsible". It is the US who was brazenly (0 replies)
  30. Chang'e-3 technologies much more advanced than US and USSR lunar l (0 replies)
  31. China must play tit for tat against any probing aggressions. (0 replies)
  32. China must shift away from exports and ban FDI. (0 replies)
  33. Chinese ship chased away American ship in S. China Sea (1 reply)
  34. Chang'e 3 has deployed the rover, Jade Rabbit. (4 replies)
  35. Japnese sour grape reaction to China's Chang'e-3 success. (0 replies)
  36. Chinese ADIZ rules are consistent with US ADIZ rules. (12 replies)
  37. S. Korean airlines complying with Chinese ADIZ rules (0 replies)
  38. China is justified to unilateral change the unacceptable status quo (0 replies)
  39. S. China Sea air defense indentification zone. (0 replies)
  40. American bombers never entered Chinese ADIZ. (2 replies)
  41. China: Japan should rescind its ADIZ first then China will rescind its (0 replies)
  42. China must cancel JAL's rights to land in all Chinese territories. (0 replies)
  43. China needs to institute an air defense identification zone ADIZ (3 replies)
  44. Chinese embassy in Japan to begin voluntary registration of Chinese in (0 replies)
  45. Japanese proposal Diaoyu Island is a foreign relations problem is a po (0 replies)
  46. Chinese Foreign Ministry cannot get tough enough with Japan. (0 replies)
  47. What the Japnese learned from WW2. (0 replies)
  48. Wen Ruchun: a Chinese princeling helping to sell out China (0 replies)
  49. China: Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence as a Global Power (1 reply)
  50. Blockading China is good for China but catastrophic for America (0 replies)
  51. The future of China-America-Japan relations (0 replies)
  52. China can sink all American carriers with minimal acceptable loss. (3 replies)
  53. Deng Jiayiao: Chinese government think tanks are traitors. (0 replies)
  54. China's jet engine vs car engine: China can and must be self-relia (0 replies)
  55. Russia wants to buy Chinese smart submunition. (0 replies)
  56. Brave but empty words of Keating will not keep America in West Pacific (0 replies)
  57. China needs America less than America needs China (0 replies)
  58. America lost support in Asia (0 replies)
  59. China successfully launched Kuaizhou-1 (quick response satellites) (0 replies)
  60. Chinese economy will not follow the path of Japnese economy (0 replies)
  61. J-15 took off from Liaoning with heavy munition load (0 replies)
  62. I dare Japan to shoot down Chinese planes over Diaoyu Islands (0 replies)
  63. Chang'e 3 scheduled for launch in early December (0 replies)
  64. Japan's diminishing importance to China. (0 replies)
  65. Chinese missiles and rockets proven effective in Syria. (0 replies)
  66. Chinese should be proud they can be a threat to their enemies. (0 replies)
  67. Xi embracing Maoism? (0 replies)
  68. China's Type 096 to patrol Pacific in 2014. (0 replies)
  69. Why we cannot take time in 'The South China Sea code of cond (0 replies)
  70. Japan - China's perpetual enemy. (0 replies)
  71. Chinese navy can defeat Japnese navy. (0 replies)
  72. An Indian sub blew up and sunk at dockside in Mumbai (0 replies)
  73. India cannot dominate Indian Ocean with 3 decrepit carriers. (0 replies)
  74. China surpassed Izumo long ago. (0 replies)
  75. Chinese dream without complete territorial sovereignty is a nightmare. (0 replies)
  76. China's Taihang engine is now superior to America's Pratt & (0 replies)
  77. Will China purchase Outer Manchuria from Russia? (44 replies)
  78. It is not inhumane to starve the enemy soldiers into surrender (0 replies)
  79. J-20 being tested by the Chinese government? Production begins in 201 (1 reply)
  80. China's shadow banking providing loans for domestic growth. (0 replies)
  81. China will ultimately have the bigger stick and carrot than America. (0 replies)
  82. Training deck mock-up of Liaoning deck. (0 replies)
  83. No "no first use pledge". (0 replies)
  84. China ready to launch high resolution satellite (0 replies)
  85. China is elephant, Russia is lion, ... (0 replies)
  86. China should begin arresting illegal Vietnamese fighing boats (0 replies)
  87. Wealth heals all wounds. (2 replies)
  88. China's robotization. (0 replies)
  89. China is A Hypocritical Nation (2 replies)
  90. Premier Li Kequiang served warnings on Abe. (0 replies)
  91. Wen last speech: hopefully the end of the Dengist lackey era. (1 reply)
  92. Chinese fighters approached Diaoyu area. (1 reply)
  93. Reduce "opening up" to reduce corruption. (1 reply)
  94. China has no room to retreat. (1 reply)
  95. 7.5%: China's expected 2013 GDP growth (1 reply)
  96. Chinese ships locked Japnese ships with fire-control radar (18 replies)
  97. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister: China will no longer be self-restrainin (0 replies)
  98. China does not need 30 years to overtake America (0 replies)
  99. Increasing threats against China. (10 replies)
  100. China "stupid mouth" can't out argue Japan even though i (0 replies)
  101. What will Kerry bring to China? (0 replies)
  102. Chinese Marine Surveillance ships "chased" Japnese fishing b (0 replies)
  103. Is America really supporting Japnese aggression over Diaoyu Islands? (13 replies)
  104. Banned post to Japan Today. (1 reply)
  105. Game changer: China's successful anti-missile test. (0 replies)
  106. China's historical proof of sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands (5 replies)
  107. How to make Chinese children proud. (0 replies)
  108. China must not admit there is dispute over Diaoyu Islands (1 reply)
  109. China can launch 10 missiles simultaneously to attack same target (0 replies)
  110. Why Abe dares to be so arrogant and cocksure. (1 reply)
  111. Japan miscalculated Chinese people's determination to defend sover (0 replies)
  112. Can Japan, India, Vietnam, Philippines and US defeat China? (32 replies)
  113. Military expenditures of China and its enemies (2 replies)
  114. Why is China testing anti-satellite technology? (0 replies)
  115. Time for China to use military aircraft to patrol Diaoyu Island (2 replies)
  116. Non-Military moves against Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar (0 replies)
  117. LDP and Abe won in Japan but Japnese troubles are only beginning (1 reply)
  118. Xi to upgrade China's nuclear deterrence? (0 replies)
  119. Chinese military will no longer be patient (0 replies)
  120. America is walking into a dangerous trap over Diaoyu Islands (0 replies)
  121. From "forbear everything" to "fight wars with wars" (0 replies)
  122. China's strategic opportunity vs. cold war. (12 replies)
  123. Palestinians asking for Chinese help. (1 reply)
  124. J-15 has taken off and landed on Chinese carrier "Liaoning". (0 replies)
  125. Growing urban populations a big challenge (0 replies)
  126. The new Standing Committee of the CCP. (0 replies)
  127. Can China shift its economic model? (0 replies)
  128. Hu: China has enemies within (0 replies)
  129. test (0 replies)
  130. and tipsy terrain isabel marant shoes (0 replies)
  131. Japnese factories closing in China - a very good thing. (0 replies)
  132. contact sneakers isabel marant prix (0 replies)
  133. The difference between Dengist moneygrubbing and Maoist national excel (0 replies)
  134. China's 4th gen fighters already comprise 50% of its total fighter (0 replies)
  135. Chinese GDP continues to fall: 7.3% for 3rd quarter, 2012 (2 replies)
  136. Let China bashing begin. (0 replies)
  137. Tread marks on Liaoning proves fighters practised landing (2 replies)
  138. India blames China for its aircraft carrier failure. (16 replies)
  139. Romney the next American president? (3 replies)
  140. China preparing for war aginst Vietnam? (74 replies)
  141. Chinese people calling for boycotting Japnese products (1 reply)
  142. Japnese companies going broke: Opportunity for China to replace them (0 replies)
  143. China denies building another carrier - but who knows? (0 replies)
  144. The changing trend of Chinese foreign policy. (12 replies)
  145. Liaoning: China's first aircraft carrier enters service today. (8 replies)
  146. China's strategic opportunity resides in the Chinese people (8 replies)
  147. Taiwan protest flotilla battled Japnese coast guard with water cannons (0 replies)
  148. China test fired new MIRV capable ICBM -- probably DF-41 (26 replies)
  149. What the real reason why US is in Afghanistan? (27 replies)
  150. Chinese people marched by tens of thousands to protest Japnese in Diao (8 replies)
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