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  1. ben li got dumped by his boyfriend because cloud from asian unity kill (0 replies)
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  3. Finnish gay organization violate human rights (0 replies)
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  14. Loud Moaners (4 replies)
  15. 40 year old or older guys or girls and never married (6 replies)
  16. anyone had their gf cheated on them (6 replies)
  17. For the first time in my life... (46 replies)
  18. dating a depressed girl- do they ever change (3 replies)
  19. Love, Politics, and Trends (7 replies)
  20. Whats UR fAV position in the bedroom? (6 replies)
  21. What's so great about strip clubs?! (3 replies)
  22. manuplative girls i met trying to get a date from me (1 reply)
  23. asian girls who only date asian guy or prefer (1 reply)
  24. thought we were dating but she we just friends-oh (7 replies)
  25. Who should pay on the first date? (71 replies)
  26. dating online experiement white guy get more respnese than asian guy (1 reply)
  27. asian girls who only date asian guy or prefer (0 replies)
  28. How to get a bigger penis (19 replies)
  29. I think older asian parents hate to see younger people dating. (1 reply)
  30. Why do you think asians/asian girls online don't object to (7 replies)
  31. Asian guys who never attracted to other ethnic girls. (34 replies)
  32. What is the simplest pickup (21 replies)
  33. Props to Keni Styles... (0 replies)
  34. what is real love (25 replies)
  35. While male Looking for NSA encounter in Pusan SOuth Korea (2 replies)
  36. What is the most physical attractive part on a woman? (2 replies)
  37. Why don't Asian guys go for black girls? (102 replies)
  38. When is it the right time to say I love you??? (30 replies)
  39. guys who have good jobs and money-but have trouble getting date or gfs (22 replies)
  40. 5 eligible guys who stay single (12 replies)
  41. hot asian men (133 replies)
  42. Whats so bad about having an asian girl fetish? (5 replies)
  43. Middle Aged White Businessmen dating Asian College girls. New trend? (16 replies)
  44. Anybody tried online dating? (29 replies)
  45. she broke up with me..and want to come again...need help (19 replies)
  46. your experience having sex with white women (43 replies)
  47. How should a guy behave around a girl that has rejected him? (15 replies)
  48. Why do Asian girls go for Pretty Boys? (65 replies)
  49. who would you marry if you were forced to marry? (53 replies)
  50. Female Hapas and White Guys (30 replies)
  51. Rudest thing someone you've dated has said to you?? (15 replies)
  52. why you hardly see inter asian marriage or dating (15 replies)
  53. Do Asian males really have smaller penises on average (55 replies)
  54. Do Asian Girls find Middle Eastern Guys Attractive? (10 replies)
  55. Do cute asian girls outnumber cute asian guys? (16 replies)
  56. What do you envision your weddings to look like? (30 replies)
  57. are white people more interested in incest? (15 replies)
  58. I keep having dreams about my ex-boyfriend?? (4 replies)
  59. Whenever I feel down (22 replies)
  60. What is your view on Asian/white couples? (375 replies)
  61. Being Single or Being in So So Relationship (6 replies)
  62. Would you cheat?? Would you tell?? (100 replies)
  63. She makes me feel so week. (14 replies)
  64. What kind of guy catches your eye? (30 replies)
  65. having asian pride does not mean you should hang out with asian all th (4 replies)
  66. Guys how long do u wait to ask a girl out to be your gf? (24 replies)
  67. what does it mean if a girl casually mentions her bf to you? (25 replies)
  68. How to make a girl Horney? (75 replies)
  69. Girls in a relationship need sex more than guys (31 replies)
  70. Some insight (6 replies)
  71. Do girls have fun with one type of boy but marry another? (27 replies)
  72. Past Regrets (20 replies)
  73. Would you date someone who is terminally ill? (8 replies)
  74. My bf annoys me about sex (58 replies)
  75. Asian guys and Indian girls (41 replies)
  76. Failure of Asian fathers (31 replies)
  77. Help me, This is driving me nuts!~ (11 replies)
  78. Do you think Asian guys are really lucky? (23 replies)
  79. Are there specific girls/ guys that are always seemingly (30 replies)
  80. I'm obsessed with a AF girl member (58 replies)
  81. Why are Indian guys so discriminated against romantically? (8 replies)
  82. Who has it harder? Asian guys or Indian guys? (132 replies)
  83. Do you think white guys are really lucky? (63 replies)
  84. Do you think Asian girls are really lucky? (89 replies)
  85. A situation.... just open it~ (38 replies)
  86. My buddy's mom is kinda racist double standard (8 replies)
  87. Who should greet first? (21 replies)
  88. Why does my bf hate when I call him rosey? (10 replies)
  89. For Asian Love (70 replies)
  90. Dilated pupils is a sign that someone liks you (9 replies)
  91. Do you think Asian guys are really unlucky? (16 replies)
  92. white girls (9 replies)
  93. Why aren't there more Asian men dating Latina? (247 replies)
  94. Latinas vs. White girls? (13 replies)
  95. A thin line between love and obsession? (12 replies)
  96. Seriously wtf? (17 replies)
  97. Would you date a woman/man with a child? (16 replies)
  98. My friend needs help (20 replies)
  99. Dealing with a sexually abused gf? (21 replies)
  100. Would you date a handsome guy (7 replies)
  101. we just know ech other for a few weeks (6 replies)
  102. Our mental health and self image of body (27 replies)
  103. want, but fear (11 replies)
  104. Age Gaps ! (18 replies)
  105. My friend is dumb or what? (8 replies)
  106. What is the longest amount of time you have been in love with someone. (25 replies)
  107. Relationship (39 replies)
  108. old asian guy-younger asian girl relationships (22 replies)
  109. Do I have unreasonable standards for women? (23 replies)
  110. Does Smoking weed/online poker take away from me (6 replies)
  111. How do you know when you are truly in love? (9 replies)
  112. What are the best signs a girl likes you/and how to respond back (7 replies)
  113. 5 ways to get back at your ex (22 replies)
  114. Are asian women high maintenance? (17 replies)
  115. Marriage of Convenience (8 replies)
  116. I love my girlfriend but I want to break up? (13 replies)
  117. Guy breaks my heart and tells me.. (15 replies)
  118. bra on her cupboard (8 replies)
  119. What do you do when you take pictures with female friends? (26 replies)
  120. Is short height or obesity more of a turn-off for women? (133 replies)
  121. 10 signs your date’s a keeper (4 replies)
  122. my girlfriend left me (21 replies)
  123. Why do you care about skin color or race in a relationship (28 replies)
  124. It seems the older a guy gets the more he likes submissive women (21 replies)
  125. How do you tell someone they are suffocating you... (9 replies)
  126. Marriage and....Divorce (10 replies)
  127. I noticed something disturbing yesterday regarding asian couples (26 replies)
  128. Ever Obsessed over a Younger Guy? (22 replies)
  129. Dating Tips for guys (44 replies)
  130. I lolled at these Stormfront dumb white f's (15 replies)
  131. white women living in asian countries (10 replies)
  132. Here's how I like my BBJ to be served (9 replies)
  133. Have you got your salad tossed by a girl before? (23 replies)
  134. Is there a tutorial on how to be the best man? (5 replies)
  135. When and why would you tell your mom about a girl you're intereste (20 replies)
  136. Flirtation and horniness signals? (25 replies)
  137. How likely is it to get pregnant 10 days before your period? (14 replies)
  138. How important is owning a home in attracting and marrying an Asian wom (12 replies)
  139. Do you know how to love (3 replies)
  140. culture and relationship (3 replies)
  141. Dating Site Fail (10 replies)
  142. The person who loves you (8 replies)
  143. Do you notice most pretty girls like simple, practical guys? (33 replies)
  144. Indirect Rejection (16 replies)
  145. Guys, would you date/get with an older woman? (20 replies)
  146. Girls, would you be interested a lot in (21 replies)
  147. In China, matchmaking means gold digging (16 replies)
  148. Do strippers have preferences too? (28 replies)
  149. Why do white guys think that asian women, etc chase after them (15 replies)
  150. Dating Asian Women (8 replies)
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