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ok this is my first fan fic so tell me if u like it and i'll continue posting the rest. please be honest. if u think it sucks i wont flame u for saying that. sorry its not that long and doesnt have a title.

Chapter 1

Iím beginning to understand it all. My reason for living. My reason for dreaming and being afraid. My reason for being with you. It all started on that day I was first felt alone.

February 14, 1993
(Mina's Diary)
My name is Mina. Iím three and today is my birthday. My mommy promised me today that she would take me out somewhere for lots of fun. I canít wait. I wanted to bring my best friend Kenji but my mommy said no. Itís suppose to be a family trip. Just me and my family I canít wait. When I get home Iím gonna tell Kenji all about it.

(Kenjiís House)
Kenji - Mommy please can I go with Mina? Itís her birthday and I wanna be with her.
Kenji asks his mom over and over as she does the dishes. His mom stops looks down at her 5 year old boy and holds his chin up.
Taka (Kenjiís Mom) - You canít be with her.
Furious Kenji takes a step back and screams.
Kenji - Why canít I be with her sheís my best friend and itís her 3rd birthday?!?
Taka looks at the ground trying not to hurt her sonís feelings as she denies the truth.
Taka - Because her 3rd birthday is really special to her parents and itís a family thing that you mustnít interfere with.
Tears of anger begin to fall down Kenjiís face.
Kenji Ė Youíre lying! She would include me in everything even if itís a family thing! Taka tell me the truth!
Ignoring the fact that her son just called her by her first name she hesitantly tells the truth.
Taka Ė Her parents have taken her off to her auntís in LA.
Sad Kenji runs out the door to Minaís house. Taka runs after him.

i'll be back on in a few days to read posts.
lol nice story you have there Evo icon_wink.gif
by the way have you seen armadio any where?
thanks jun
i havent been on for awhile but i did pm him today

(Minaís House)
Kenji runs faster and faster hoping that soon he will reach Minaís house. Finally he reaches her house but he was too late. She was gone and he will never see her again. Taka goes towards her young child and holds him close while he cried for the loss of a very close friend.

(At Minaís Auntís House)
Hana (Minaís Mom) Ė Honey get out of the car. Weíre here.
Sleepily Mine gets up and walk inside with her luggage. She walks up to the coach and falls asleep. Hana walks up to her daughter and silently weeps standing beside her daughter.
Oki (Minaís Aunt) Ė What are you going to do about your investment problem.
Eizo (Minaís Dad) Ė Weíre going to keep working then when we get enough money weíll come get Mina.
Oki Ė Hopefully itís soon because I know that you to donít want her to have a life without her parents.
Hana & Eizo- Right!
Hana Ė Donít forget to tell her that we love her and weíll be back soon.

But they never came back.

(Later that night)
Hana Ė Do you think sheíll be alright? You know being with her aunt? I just--
Eizo Ė Itís the only way. I know you donít want her to get starved and live a miserable life without food and probably not even a shelter.
Suddenly a car turns on a red light and hits Eizoís car. Ambulances come rushing faster and faster. But they were too late. They both died that night of their only daughterís birthday.

And on that night I truly felt alone.
Jenny thats a wonderfuly writen story. I hope I will see more of it soon, and I'm not just saying that because were bf and gf. I mean it. kiss.gif
WOW!!!! Your story writing is so awesome and tremendous....I luv it... embarassedlaugh.gif beerchug.gif embarassedlaugh.gif beerchug.gif
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