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Full Version: Akon accused of "molesting" a 14yo Girl
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Akon Molests 14 Year Old Girl On Stage - Video
Posted on April 18, 2007 at 6:38 pm (PST) |

Akon, a self confessed Muslim who practices polygamy and has 3 wives (read article), shocked an audience and a 14-year-old girl in Trinidad, when Akon brought the girl onstage and dry humped her while also pushing her around the stage. Richard Gereís forced kiss in India is G rated compared to Akonís obscenity.

Akon told the audience that he was holding a "contest" with the winner getting a trip to Africa. He said that although they had held the contest in London, and Atlanta, that Trinidadís contest would be his favorite. Akon managed to get seven girls onstage, and to compete they had to dance like whores. The winner had to compete with Akon, and one got molested by him.

Don Imus defended his own sexist comments by saying that black rappers and hip hop artists demean women, and make sexist comments much worse than his "nappy headed ho" comment. Now Akon goes and proves Imus was right, and like R. Kelly, Akon was humping on an underage teenage girl.

Adding insult to the injury, Akon announced the contest was a fake.

Should rappers and hip hop artists make their music, and behavior less shocking and more appropriate?

Gwen Stefani said recently she would be taking Akon on tour with her. After seeing this video, should Gwen reconsider?

[[ for source & video of him dancing with this chickenhead ]]

[[ what the girl's PASTOR FATHER said]]


MOLESTING? Oh what the fu-k EVER. That hoe had her legs and arms wrapped around his body. she wasn't pushing him off. And was she forced on stage, or did she just jump on there and join the fun. This is just a bunch of bull$hit. And she's 14? that girl looked atleast 19-20.

and is that a tattoo I see? or back hair? and who's momma would ever let her daughter walk out the house and go to a fu-king concert dressed like that? not my momma.

edit: ZOMG HER FATHER IS A PASTOR. icon_confused.gif sure.gif
Male celebrities/singers should never dance with someone they don't know. They might pull something like this.
LOL set up for money! cuz hes a money makin singer! laugh.gif
well...that was sick...but i dont think akon knew that the girl was 14. and secondly, that girl was not forced on stage, she happily participated in it cause she won some kind of contest. 3rd, which sane parents((esp her father being a pastor)) would let their daughter go to an Akon concert. Like hello, do u not listen to the lyrics in his songs?
Im not condoning Akon's behavior but well..lots of young teens are becoming sooo s!utty at such a young age these days. My brother is 16 and i see the way some of his classmates act...urgh!
when i was 14, i was still hanging out at the mall! n there was no way in hell my mom would have let me gone to an Akon concert with or without parental supervision.
haha i saw this clip yesterday on another forum..but ya its pretty sick what hes doing to that "underage" girl and it seems like everybody is into o.O

I'm sorry but she does not look 14. If that is what she looks like at 14, I wonder what the hell she would look like at 20
Z tha iLLest
That girl doesn't even look 14, looking like a grown woman. Pastor's daughter? Haaaa. Look what she's wearing, plus you can see that she was loving it.

Whose getting molested? The audience because it wasn't her.
that's my summer jam right there!
thats called dry rape
atleast he didn't piitb
Man, that was vulgar. Hahah I feel old for syaing that but damn...
-=(-_-)=- HI-hit
her dad was a pastor no way!
i think shes pregnate.
If she's considered just a kid, maybe the ho's parents shouldn't let her dress like that.
well, if the gal is there to set you up in the first place, you cant win the case and being a man, you should know to play with fire and get yourself burn on this.
she seemed to enjoyed it. akon should be ashamed of himself, he's got 3 wives already.
She was so wanting/asking for it.
what's wrong with flirting witha fourteen year old?
^he was basicly havin dry sex with her.
weak story
I wonder if he had a boner. shifty.gif Damn, he tossed her around like a rag doll. laugh.gif
QUOTE(Mizz_Luv3r @ Apr 24 2007, 06:22 PM) [snapback]2901772[/snapback]
She was so wanting/asking for it.

I completely agree.

I'm rich by the way!!!
QUOTE(conocophillips @ Apr 25 2007, 05:24 PM) [snapback]2903901[/snapback]
I completely agree.

I'm rich by the way!!!

I need for you to fax over your current bank statement. icon_wink.gif Thank you. kiss.gif
man, homie ain't gonna be kickin it like tai bo fo surez...
If Richard Gere is facing obscenity charges just for public kisses, it's only fair Akon deserves obscenity charges against him for public dry humping.
Hmm... he's coming to a music festival on the beach opposite where i live.
Sick bastard
i like how all the articles about akon identify him as being from Senegal lol
He's gross. The audience is gross. How could they find it entertaining regardless of her age? Shameless, my cheeks are burning from watching the clip.
^ I feel the same way. That is a disgusting form of entertainment.

This brings to my mind to R. Kelly where he was dry humping a girl on stage and he was charged for it.

I don't know about you guys, but this is like having public sex, and isn't that against the law, regardless of ages?
Molestation doesn't have to be forced. Even if a minor willfully engages in a sexual act WITH AN ADULT, it's still considered molestation and the adult will be held fully responsible. Using the "he/she enjoyed it or as asking for it" excuse has NEVER worked for numerous child molesters. What makes you think that will work now? The law doesn't give a damn about 14 year olds enjoying giving blowjobs to 40 year old men. They care about the fact that an adult seduced a child.

The thing is though that Akon assumed that she was at least 18, because the concert only allowed those that were over 18. But now these days, there are ways for under-age kids to get into these sorts of concerts. I read that her 18-year old friend bought the ticket for her.

Why are you guys surprised at her looking older than 14? A lot of 14-year old girls tend to look significantly older, considering how fast they hit puberty and how they physically mature earlier than boys. My friends and I would get mistaken for 18, even when we were 14 year olds wearing t-shirts and jeans. Just imagine what putting on a sexy top and makeup can do for a 14 year old that hit puberty at age 11-12.

Akon should have had all of those pre-conditions in mind. To be honest, I wouldn't want him dancing that way all over me on stage and I'm 24. Some people wouldn't like that.
QUOTE(-=(-_-)=- HI-hit @ Apr 21 2007, 06:34 AM) [snapback]2892900[/snapback]
her dad was a pastor no way!

This shouldn't be shocking either. A fair amount of porn stars and pin-up girls came from strict, religious households.

Being a pastor doesn't mean you're perfect. Who knows...her dad might be some pedophile like some of the other priests, and then pretends to be a good samaritan in the public. Maybe that explains her sexually overt behavior and dressing provocatively at age 14.
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