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Full Version: Description of Cambodian dishes
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Actually, some of these are from Chiense or Vietnamese cuisine...but they're eaten a lot in Cambodia. Pulled these out of the Khmer dictionary. :P

Please excuse my romanization lol...

Samlar Kakor ("stirred soup") - name of a spicy soup composed of many kinds of vegetables

Keav - kind of Chinese soup with meat dumplings, wonton

Kuy Teav - kind of noodle soup with a rich broth and rice noodles (basically the Cambodian version of Pho)

Bantuoh Prahok ("prahok fermenting basket")- kind of spicy soup consisting of salt and preserved fish

Samlar Prahaeu - kind of soup (made with lemon grass, smoked fish, and vegetables such as squash)

Sam Chok - kind of rice soup made with different meats such as fish, ground pork, or shrimp and seasoned with ginger, coriander, and brown garlic
(from Chinese)

Suy Mai (Si Mai) - item of food made of ground pork or shrimp mixed with onions and garlic (it is rolled in a rice wrapper and steamed; commonly eaten at breakfast)

Mieng Kroch Posat - kind of salad-like food made of oranges with brown shredded coconut meat, shrimp, and pork

Yau Hon - kind of food made of beef, shrimp, and squid cooked in a sauce (containing coconut milk, salt, sugar, vinegar, peanuts, and spices) and eaten with large, flat noodles and vegetables

Noum Banchok Nam Ya - kind of food consisting of noodles and Namya sauce. Namya is a kind of sweet sauce made with coconut milk, fish or shrimp or chicken, and spices (Namya is from Thai, but noum banchok is Cambodian)

Khuo - kind of Cambodian stew; it may be made with corn, crabs, shrimp, or lobsters

Babar Prong - kind of spicy rice soup

Samlar Ma'chu - "sour soups" (generally made with sour spices and fish or beef); there is Samlar Machu Yuon, Samlar Machu Kreuang, Samlar Machu Sandan, and etc. All very different in appearance though.

Samlar Chap Chhaiy - kind of soup made with different vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, chicory, napa, bok choy, kale, collards, garlic, soy sauce, and pork

Samlar Nam Prik ("chile sauce soup") - kind of sour soup made with fish, tamarinds, coconut milk and other seasonings

Marn Sngao ("chicken stew") - chicken soup cooked with rice, lemon grass, citrus leaves, mushrooms, and garnished with mint, spring onions, coriander, salt, fish sauce and lime

Sralawk - kind of soup consisting of a combination of tender young shoots and spices

Chruok Krau Chhnang ("pickled outside of the pot") - kind of soup made of dried fish, eggs, mint, lemon juice and spring onions

The 'Banhs'
Banh is from Vietnamese for "cake" or "pastry" which is equivalent to "noum" in Khmer. And dishes with this name usually consist something made from rice flour such as rice noodles or rice paper.

Banh Hoi - kind of food consisting of thin noodles, lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts, mint, and spring onions and usually eaten with spring rolls, lobster, shrimp, or stir-fried meat and a special sauce

Banh Kuong (Banh Cuon?) - kind of egg roll made with fresh lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumbers, mint, noodles, some kind of meat or shrimp and a leaf of Chinese chives

Banh Kanh (Banh Canh) - kind of soup made with flat noodles

Banh Chhaev (Banh Xeo) - kind of pancake made of rice flour stuffed with ground pork / fish / chicken, browned shredded coconut, and bean sprouts (it is eaten with fish sauce, lettuce, cucumber, peanuts, and mint)

Kraniev (Kraniev Kaev) - kind of dessert made with sticky rice, coconut, and sugar mixed together, rolled out on a sheet of cardboard, cooked and cut into pieces

Cha Huoy - special gelatin dessert made of saray (a type of aquatic plant)

Tau Son - kind of dessert; a thick soup made of peeled and cooked mung beans, sugar and water

Trapae - paste of fermented rice (eaten as a dessert)

Thong Muon - kind of sweet dessert made of sticky rice flour and coconut milk and baked in a mold....these are basically wafer rolls (Thai: Tong Muan)

Bampuon Skar
- kind of dessert consisting of a piece of sugar wrapped in a layer of sticky rice flour

Lot - kind of dessert consisting of small rice grain-shaped pieces of dough about one inch long. They are dipped in a solution of sugar and coconut cream before eating.

Song Khya Lapov - "pumpkin custard" ...steamed Cambodian pumpkin filled with a sweet coconut and egg-based custard

Treap L'ngo - kind of dessert made with sesame

Noum Kramao Tot - kind of fried dessert made with banana stuffing

Noum Phka Snao - dessert made of Sesbania flowers dipped in flour and sugar and deep fried

Noum Ie (Noum Krarp Slaeng) - kind of dessert of Chinese origin made of sticky rice flour formed into marble-sized pieces and cooked in a sweet thick sauce Chinese

Noum Sandaek Kou - bean cake (kind of dessert made of mung beans, coconut, and sugar)

Yah, I realize that this list is just barely the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot more dishes than that is apart of Cambodian cuisine.
ah, those sound good. i've never tried a few of them though.
they didn't have any Nhoam (ញាម់) ?
For "salad" the results are these...

Nhoam (ញាំ) - 1a n kind of Cambodian meat or fish salad. 1b v to prepare such a salad eg. {ញាំមាន់} . chicken salad. {ញាំស្ពៃក្តោប} . cabbage salad

Naem (ណែម) - kind of Cambodian food made of chopped pork or fish with seasonings and lettuce wrapped and cooked in banana leaves; also a kind of fish salad made of fish, pork, pork skin, ground brown rice and galanga that is eaten with lettuce and onion

Phlea (ភ្លា) salad made with raw meat (esp. salted beef or fish which has been marinated in lime juice or vinegar) bean sprouts, carrots, green peppers, and cucumbers
I have this Cambodian Cuisine book written by Nusara Thaitawat and its amazing how she gathered so many Khmer recipes from all over cambodia and compiled only the most authentic Khmer dishes into this recipe book. Whether you are into food or not, this book should not be passed up, as it is only about $44 (after shipping price) and there's so many photos in full vivid colors - you can't get a better price than this fine import. Written mainly in English, this book also has Khmer text as well. You don't have to be a cook to try out these recipes as they are written for the general public and easy enough for everyone to prepare.

hmm. If I had a better scanner I would scan some of the dishes from this recipe book.
where can i get a copy of that book??
QUOTE(chapey @ Oct 21 2007, 06:41 AM) [snapback]3278381[/snapback]
where can i get a copy of that book??

What do you guys call in Khmer that Cambodian style noodle soup? It contains shrimp, chicken, pork, and is delicious!
QUOTE(Bounthy @ Oct 21 2007, 07:37 AM) [snapback]3278471[/snapback]
What do you guys call in Khmer that Cambodian style noodle soup? It contains shrimp, chicken, pork, and is delicious!

"Kuy Teav"​គុយទាវ
QUOTE(chapey @ Oct 21 2007, 05:41 AM) [snapback]3278381[/snapback]
where can i get a copy of that book??

You can find it here:

Goomba: that's a great book to have,I'm gonna try to get a copy , might be useful someday.
Yeah don't mind that the author and publishers are Thai embarassedlaugh.gif They had good words with the king and his permission to publish these khmer recipes.
how about khaw? i had some the other day. icon_smile.gif
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