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the only chinese food that I love to eat is SHAO MAI
Philippines Noodles Recipe

Pancit Molo
Origin: Iloilo

This truly delicious soup originated from Iloilo. Pancit Molo shows one way of enjoying siomai by including it in a soup.

Pansit Habhab
Origin: Lucban

Made from rice flour, these local noodles acquired its name and developed its unique attraction by the way it is eaten. Otherwise known as Pancit Lucban, these noodles are hawked in the streets and served on a piece of banana leaf, sans fork or any other utensils. Thus, it is eaten straight from the leaf, licking permitted, "habhab" style.

It is eaten with lots of raw onions and a sprinkling of chili-laced vinegar.

Pansit Malabon
Origin: Malabon

There are many versions of the Pancit Malabon. Some serve the noodles and its toppings – locally known as sahog – separate. The usual sahog are the following: pork cubes, shredded tinapa (smoked fish), chicharon pounded to bits, and slices of native pechay.

Pancit Sotanghon

sotanghon is served only on special occasions. This mungbean noodle is more expensive than other noodles. It can be made into a dry pancit or into a soup tinged with atsuete oil.

It is called Pancit Palabok because the bright orange sauce and toppings make for an attractive garnishing while the term luglug was derived from the sound that the noodles make when the bamboo steamer is dipped in the boiling water.

Pancit Lucban

Chinese Recipe

Shanghai Rolls

simmilar to Lumpiang Sariwa (a Filipino Original)

& Turon

biggthumpup.gif Unknown to many there are a lot of Filipino celebrities which had Chinese or Chinese mixed ancestry !

Ms. Connie Reyes a Filipino-Chinese

according to her previous interviews , she actually speaks Fookien Chinese .

Son of Connie Reyes - Lawrence Mumar

see the website link

There is another sidekick of Sergio Santibañez in the Filipino version of Marimar who is half Chinese

Marky Lopez ( Half Chinese)

Height: 5’8”
140 Lbs.

TV Apearances
May Bukas Pa
Kapiterya Pinoy
Sana Ikaw Na Nga
Twin Hearts
Ikaw Lamang
Juan & Ted
Huling Birhen Sa Lupa
Bugbog Sarado
Smart Buddy
Darlington Socks
Angat Pinoy
Phil. Star

biggthumpup.gif Basketball heartthrob and tv host Chris Tiu

Jeffrei Chan basketball player from of Far Eastern University

Secretary of Agriculture
Arthur C. Yap

See the link;
Look at his impressive credentials!

Integrated Bar of the Philippines

American Society of International Law

Ateneo de Manila University Alumni Association
(College of Arts and Sciences and School of Law)

Philippines Constitutional Association, Inc.

EXPERIENCE (Professional and Community Involvement)

Oct. 2006-Present Secretary, Department of Agriculture

July 2006-Present

North Luzon Agribusiness Quadrangle Development Champion

Dec. 2005-Present

Presidential Adviser for Job Creation
May-Oct. 2006

Director General, Presidential Management Staff

Aug. 2004-June 2005

Department of Agriculture
Under his leadership he continued to uphold its vision of a modernized smallholder agriculture and fisheries, a diversified rural economy that is dynamic, technologically advance and internationally competitive.

Feb. 2004-August 2004

Undersecretary For Luzon Operations
Department of Agriculture

Oct. 2002-Aug. 2004


The NFA, under Presidential Decree No. 4 is the Philippine government agency tasked overseeing the National Food Security Program. The NFA exercises regulatory and marketing/distribution function for grains, cereals and other food commodities through its office and warehouse nationwide.

Aug. 2001-Septermber

The PITC is the sole government trading company, which is, involved in assisting SME exporters through its trade auxiliary support services. PITC also implements the Governments counter trade program and is attached agency of the Department of Trade & Industry. Under Yap, PITC registered positive income figures for the first time since 1993. His tenure was marked with professionalism, increased sales, and concern employee's and benefits.


Co-Founding Partner
he YJJ Law Office is a professional partnership in the general practice of law. The other Name Partners of the Law Firm are Atty. KIM S. JACINTO AND Atty. FLORANTE B. JACOB. Special Counsels of the firms are: HON. MONICO V. JACOB AND HON. FELIPE B. ALFONSO.


National Presidential
The PAPM is the official umbrella organization of the paints and coating manufacturers of the Philippines. It also represents numerous local and indent chemical suppliers. Representing a sector of at least 15,000 jobs, the PAPM was founded in 1961 and represents the industry in Congress, the Philippine government and with international counterpart organizations. Yap was primarily responsible for bringing the PAPM international recognition, by co-hosting and co-organizing, the 9th Asia Pacific Coatings Show at the World Trade Center in 1999. The Coatings show in the premiere Chemicals and Paints show in Asia, which drew more than 2000 foreign delegate participants


A firm engaged in the general practice of law, Yap primarily engaged in litigation and corporate work. Name Partners of the Firm are: HON. ADOLF S. AZCUNA, HON. HAYDEE B. YORAC, HON. MARIANO E. P. SARMIENTO II, HON. FELICITAS AQUINO-ARROYO, ATTY. WILLIAM T. CHUA


As an internship clerk, Yap fulfilled a whole range of assigned legal research work. Name Partners of the Firm are : RUBEN F. BALANE, HON. GERRY BARICAN, ALFONSO CRUZ AND NESTOR ALAMPAY.



Juris Doctor - Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) School of Law

Philippine Delegation Chairman to the Jessup International Moot Court
Competition (Washington DC, 1989-'90)

Vice Chairman of the Ateneo Society of International Law Journal (1989)

Contributing writer to the Ateneo Law Journal (1989-1991)

Member of the American Society of International


A.B. Honors Degree in Management and Economics, ADMU
(Deans' List)

Coursework included management, finance, economics, statistics, calculus, econometrics and operations research.

Member, Ateneo de Manila University Council (1986-1987)

Secretary-General Ateneo de Manila University Student Council (1986-1987)

Elected Member, General Assembly (1984-1985)


Xavier School (Greenhills, San Juan)
Elementary and High School Studies, Honor Student

Birthdate: November 10, 1965

Birthplace: Manila


Jan Michael S. Tan, better known by his screen name Mike Tan (born December 31, 1986 in Angono, Rizal, Philippines), is a GMA 7 artist who became famous after he became the Ultimate Male Survivor in the second batch of the reality show StarStruck. He can be seen in several of the network's shows.

AJ DEEborn Angel James Dee III, is a kapamilya model, actor, and TV personality.
He started on tv as a host in the Wanna Buzz segment on the showbiz talk show The Buzz. He made his bigscreen debut in Dreamboy, and was cast in the primetime teleserye, Vietnam Rose. That makes AJ one of the more recognizable faces among the Filipino young stars on TV today. He is being co-managed by ABS-CBN’s Star Magic and Boy Abunda’s Backroom, Inc.
AJ has also modeled for many brands in the Philippines such as BENCH and has appeared in TV commercials.

Aldred Gatchalian
ldred Gatchalian is a young hottie from Pinoy Big Brother Teen edition. Although he's not yet a hunk (he's only 18 years old and his bod is still in the developing state), we can consider him a "hot young hunk" or a heartthrob if you must. His song "Mahiwagang Pag-ibig", Lovespell theme, is a radio hit. He can be seen on ABS CBN's current teen series Abt Ur Luv.
More Filipino- Chinese

Michael Raymond Lim .
Raymond, who is the tallest in the group at 6'2" is a graduate of the Far Eastern University and STI-Makati. He has modeled for Bench Fever last year for Cecille Zamora's designs.

Harry Chua

Name: Harry Chua
AKA: Harry Laurel
Educational Attainment: Graduate at Mariner's Polytechnic College Foundation
Birthplace: Bicol
Country: Philippines
Occupation: Model, Actor
Movie: Ang Lalake sa Parola (The Man in the Lighthouse)
Known for: Being the new member of the male sexy group "Provoq" and grand winner of the Heat Wave Bikini Competition in the Philippines

Love Marie Payawal Ongpauco or Heart Evangelista

Born on February 14, 1985 to parents Reynaldo (a restaurant magnate) and Cecilia Ongpauco, Heart is the youngest in her family, with one brother (Miguel) and four sisters (Lissa, Marjorie, Michelle and Camille).

She comes from the wealthy Ongpauco clan of Barrio Fiesta fame. Her uncle (Rod Ongpauco) is the founder of the Barrio Fiesta restaurant chain while her father founded several Barrio Fiesta branches in San Francisco, California. She grew up and studied in the United States. Her family moved back to the Philippines in her late teen years. She spent her high school years at the Colegio San Agustin, Makati

Connie Reyes

Rodolfo Lozada - ZTE-NBN witness

Rodolfo "Jun" Lozada Jr. surfaced early Thursday morning and substantiated allegations regarding the roles of First Gentleman Jose Miguel "Mike" Arroyo and former elections chief Benjamin Abalos Sr. in the scrapped national broadband network (NBN) project of the government.

Willard Cheng -ABS-CBN news reporter , writer contributor Guidion -Ateneo de Manila University

Robert Tan - former ABS-CBN newsreporter and now taking -up MBA in Asian Institute of Management

extreme left
Bobby Yan - brother of Rico Yan , newscaster, sports editor, one time councilor, product endorser

Teresita Ang See - Kaisa Heritage , Tulayand other leading newspaper newspaper contributor , founder CACC

Teresita Ang See. She is the founding president of Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran, Inc. (Unity for Development), a nongovernment organization in historic Intramuros, Manila.

She is also the executive trustee of the Kaisa Heritage Center, which houses Bahay Chinoy (A Museum of the Chinese in the Philippines Life), a research center, data bank library and photo archives.

A Manileña, multi-awarded Ang See was born in the Chinese enclave of Binondo. “We were very poor,” she recalled. “I was one of 11 children. My father died when my mother was 38. We had to work. I started working when I was in Grade 5.”

Ang See (Tessie to friends) attended Chiang Kai Shek College (was later named an outstanding alumna), and took up political science at the University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City. A member of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission, she has become known for her advocacy against crime, especially kidnappings. But she says that Kaisa was not formed to combat crime. The foundation has its own mission and specific objectives.

It started in 1993 with the tragic death of kidnap victim Charlene Sy, 15. Angered, Ang See led a mass protest at the Sy funeral, and later helped mobilize a big protest against criminality held at the Philippine International Convention Center.
She drew a distinction between the things she chooses to do, and the tasks she has to undertake “of necessity.”

Tapping the potential of the Chinoy (Chinese-Filipino) community, doing something that would make a lot of difference for Philippine society, and contributing to nation-building is something the crusader would like to do or is doing. “It’s a choice,” she said. “Anti-crime is something I’m forced to do, it’s not a matter of choice. We work extensively to push reforms in the criminal justice. We work with the police and try to solve the problem. And we support (kidnap) victims who file court cases.”

The police, she said, “always allow the victim to pay the ransom, 100 percent. But if the victim cooperates with them once he/she is released, this makes the job of the policemen easier.” Kaisa works closely with other NGOs like Crusade with Violence, United People Against Crime, and Foundation for Crime Prevention. They have this Court Watch, wherein they follow up cases in support of kidnap victims, encourage them to continue the court case, and help look for good lawyers for them.

Has she received death threats? Ang See shrugs, “The kidnapping syndicates are well organized, well funded. They are also (anonymous), while I’m open. People see me, hear me, read about me. So I’m vulnerable. Anybody is vulnerable. You don’t know whether the threat comes from criminal syndicates, or from the police.” Yes, the police is itself a tainted institution. “But we have to work with the police, as we are the most vocal (group),” she pointed out. As for officers with a dubious record, “we try to convince the government not to appoint them to Task Force positions.”

How successful has the anti-crime, specifically the anti-kidnapping, campaign been?

“It’s not easy to judge our success,” Ang See said. “Maybe without our making a lot of noise about kidnapping, the problem would have been much, much worse. Ten long years after formation and we are still here, the problem is still there. Kidnapping is rampant!”

There have been 80 death penalty convictions since 1993. What scares Ang See and her group is the fact that kidnapping is not news anymore, unless the victims are prominent, like the children of a congressman.

“So people begin to think that kidnapping is a way of life,” she observes. “They become resigned, and not much effort is made to solve the problem. We don’t see sincerity in the government’s political will.”’


Dindo Fernando real name Jose Tacorda Chua Surban
A Famous actor in the late 1970's to mid 1980's Dindo Fernando ( family name Chua of Catanduanes)
birth date:November 19, 1940

Date of Death
27 August 1987, Manila, Philippines. (heart attack)

5' 8½" (1.74 m)

Movies and Television series

1.) Flor de Luna series
2. Alabok sa ulap (1987)
... aka Alabok sa lupa (Philippines: English title)
3. Gabi na, kumander (1986)
4. Kailan tama ang mali (1986)
... aka Four Women
5. Magdusa ka (1986)
6. Sana'y wala nang wakas (1986)
7. Beloved (1985)
8. Muling buksan ang puso (1985) .... Jim
9. Maharlika (1985)
... aka Guerilla Strike Force (International: English title)
10. Alyas Baby Tsina (1984)
... aka Baby Tsina (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
11. Batang yagit, Mga (1984)
... aka Bataan, Mga (Philippines: Tagalog title: cable TV title)
12. Sana, bukas pa ang kahapon (1983)
13. Palabra de honor (1983)
... aka Words of Honor (literal English title)
14. Init sa magdamag (1983)
15. Milyon (1983)
16. Gaano kadalas ang minsan (1982)
17. T-Bird at ako (1982)
18. Karma (1981)
19. Mahinhin vs. mahinhin (1981) .... Billy de Gracia
20. Langis at tubig (1980) .... Bobby
... aka Tubig at langis (Philippines: Tagalog title)
21. Hiwalay (1980)
22. Malakas, si Maganda, at si mahinhin, Si (1980) .... Billy

23. Pepeng kulisap (1979)
24. Pacific Inferno (1979) .... Totoy
25. Ikaw at ang gabi (1979)
26. Babae... ngayon at kailanman (1977)
27. Inay (1977) .... Maning
28. Araw-araw, gabi-gabi (1975)
29. Fe, Esperanza, Caridad (1975) .... The invalid husband of an emerging movie Superstar (segment "Fe")
30. Mortal (1975)
31. Savage Sisters (1974) .... Ernesto
32. Kampanerang kuba (1973)
33. Black Mama, White Mama (1972) .... Rocco
... aka Chained Women
... aka Chains of Hate
... aka Hot, Hard and Mean
... aka Women in Chains (USA: video title)

34. Dalawang mukha ng anghel (1968)
35. Deborah (1968)
36. Junior Cursillo (1968)
37. Kamatayan ko ang ibigin ka (1968)
38. Liku-likong landas (1968)
39. Psycho Maniac (1968)
40. Quinto de Alas (1968) .... Matanglawin
41. Sandwich Shindig (1968)
42. Bus Stop (1967)
43. Let's Dance the Soul (1967)
44. Hanggang doon kay Bathala (1966)
45. Jala jala jerk (1966)
46. Jamboree '66 (1966)
47. Maraming kulay ng pag-ibig (1966)
48. Iginuhit ng Tadhana: The Ferdinand E. Marcos Story (1965)
49. Espada ng Rubitanya, Mga (1965)
50. Magic bilao (1965)
51. Magkakapatid na waray (1964)
52. Batang artista, Mga (1964)
53. Batang bakasyonista, Mga (1964)
54. Batang iskwater, Mga (1964)
... aka Batang Squatter (Philippines: English title)
55. Bata ng lagim, Mga (1964)
56. Batang milyonaryo, Mga (1964)
57. Bumunot ka't lumaban (1964)
58. Jukebox Jamboree (1964)
59. Umibig ay di biro (1964)
60. Kwela sa eskwela, Mga (1963)
61. Class reunion, Ang (1963)
62. Apat ang anak ni David (1963)
63. Dance-O-Rama (1963)
64. Historia de un amor (1963)
65. Bulung-bulungan (1962)
66. Kaming mga talyada (1962)
... aka We Who Are Sexy (Philippines: English title)
67. Operatang sampay bakod (1961)
that was very educational.
QUOTE(Narra @ Mar 8 2008, 07:35 AM) [snapback]3552766[/snapback]

Mestiza de Sangley



Melinda"Dindi" Tanseco Gallardo
Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 1993

Chinese-Spanish Mestizo





in Terno

in Maria Clara


Ronnie Liang of Pinoy Dream Academy and GMA talent search

Pokwang or Marietta Tan Subong

Marietta Subong, better known by her stage name Pokwang, (Pokwang, the smart-aleck girl whose wit and humor endeared her to komiks fans .From the comic-stirp of same name created by Vincent Kua Jr. in the 1980's). is a Filipina actress, TV Host, and comedian. She won a competition in ABS-CBN that made her a famous comedian. She is usually known for playing older women/Mother characters.

Pokwang's Story on MMK

How do you laugh when your heart is breaking? And how do you find the strength to make others smile when you can't even cheer yourself up? This Thursday, September 2, join Maalaaala Mo Kaya as it looks at the hidden sorrows under the sunny smile of Pokwang, the winner of Yes Yes Show's "Clown in a Million" contest.

Drama and comedy overlap in this week's episode, directed by Joyce Bernal, and starring Pokwang herself. Starring along with Pokwang are talented actresses Nikki Valdez and Joy Chiong as Pokwang as a child and a teen, respectively, and Gina Pareño and d!ck Israel as Pokwang's parents. Also in this episode are Kenji Marquez, Allan Paule and Ilonah Jean.

Aptly named after a komiks character, new comedienne Pokwang is at the beginning of what looks like a very promising career in comedy, with a prominent role in ABS-CBN's newest daily soap Maid in Heaven and a very identifiable persona as a hilarious "babaeng bakla." But for Marietta "Pokwang" Subong, life was never as funny as she would have wanted. Growing up with a father who had a weakness for drinking, Pokwang watched her mother struggle with the burden of raising 12 children with very limited resources.

Determined to help her family, a teenaged Pokwang decided to leave for Japan to become a dancer. But before she even left, Pokwang crossed paths with Hideyo, a Japanese businessman who became her first boyfriend. How will he change Pokwang's life? And how did her children with Hideyo and her next Japanese boyfriend bring Pokwang the many moments of happiness and heartbreak that sustained and challenged her over the years?

Pokwang is a member of ABS CBN's Star Magic group of entertainers popularly known as the ST Queen of the Philippine Cinema.
Film and Television Shows
Year Title Role
2008 Super Papahlicious
2007 Wowowee Herself
2007 Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat Gay
2007 Akin ka Lang Winston Jowa ni Winston Almendras
2007 That's My Doc Cita
2004 Maalaala Mo Kaya: ----
2007 Ysabella Phuket
2007 Your Song: "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
2007 Love Spell: Shoes Ko Po, Shoes ko Day ----
2007 Agent X44 Col. Cynthia Abordo
2006 Crazy For You Bessie
2006 Komiks Presents: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko Principal Nendita
2006 Aalog-Alog Dona Etang Sukimura
2006 D' Lucky Ones Lea
2005 Dubai ----
2005 D' Anothers Aruray "Balat" Paclayon
2005 M.R.S Most Requested Show host/herself
2005 Quizon Avenue Herself
2004 Bcuz of You Tiya Pards
2004 Krystala Fantasia
2004 Maalaala Mo Kaya: "Teddy Bear" Marietta "Pokwang" Subong
2004 Maid in Heaven Harlene
2004 Yes Yes Show Herself/Contestant

Tuesday Vargas

Actress - filmography

*Let the Love Begin (2005)
*Keka (2003)
*"Bituing walang ningning" (2006)
*I Will Always Love You (2006)
*Liberated (2003)
*Mr. Suave hoy! hoy! hoy! hoy! hoy! hoy! (2003)
*Lastikman (2004)
*Liberated 2 (2004)



The Philippines’ Chinatown is Binondo District in Manila. It is one of the oldest Chinatowns in Asia. Binondo was established in the 1670s although records show that there are already a Chinese community living here before the Spanish came in the 1570s. Binondo was the center for commerce during the American colonial era mainly because the Chinese were known to be experts in trading and finance. Major roads like Escolta Avenue and Ongpin Street runs through here.


Joseph Yeo and his wife, Angela Medalla
Jose Marie Chan - Beautiful Girl

Richard Poon- The Last Time

Ronnie Liang - Ngiti

That's a whole new level of gayness.
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That's a whole new level of gayness.

You can say that again. I hate Asian guys, including Filipinos with long hair and gay looking clothes like that. Too feminine and weak looking.
QUOTE(2ndsun @ Jun 20 2008, 03:31 AM) [snapback]3764484[/snapback]
You can say that again. I hate Asian guys, including Filipinos with long hair and gay looking clothes like that. Too feminine and weak looking.

needs more muscle........
there are areas with more sinoids in luzon but bisayans are more pure/or more mestizos but there are areas in mindanao and visayas wher sinoid/asian phenotype is dominant there are areas with hispanic mixes like manila and cebu
ok so how bout this?

Singaporean Chinese: Julian Hee

Malaysian Chinese: Liew Kar Hoon

Filipino Chinese: Harrion Chua

Chinito representing the Philippines

Pinoy veteran bowler Chester King dished out another sterling performance and teammate Raoul Miranda held his ground to give the Philippines a gold-silver finish in the men’s all-events competition in the 20th Asian tenpin bowling championships here.

King added a three-game series of 648 pins to his Asian three-game record of 813 to amass a 24-game total of 5534 (230.58 average) from his singles, doubles, trios and team outings. Miranda, already the singles bronze medalist, accounted for 5444 (226.83) to hold off United Arab Emirates’ Hussain Al-Suwaidi, who settled for the bronze with 5366 (223.58).

King’s fiery showing gave him his first individual gold after his team up with Miranda and Frederick Ong had earned for the Filipinos their first gold medal in the trio event.
Tshomlee books ticket to Beijing Olympics

The Philippines' flyweight bet Tshomlee Go went through the eye of a needle and survived a pair of sudden-death thrillers to book a ticket to Beijing at the World Olympic Taekwondo Qualifying Games at the Manchester Evening News (MEN) Arena.

Go, 26, claimed third place in the 49 kilogram division after beating Egypt's Tamer Salah Bayoumi – the 2004 Athens Olympic bronze medalist – in his sixth match of the 48-man, knockout eliminations. It was a grueling grind for the University of Sto. Tomas education graduate who started out like a house on fire in the morning, hacking out a 4-1 decision over Yemen's Akram Ahmed Ahmed Abdullah, and finished with almost an empty gas tank late at night.

Go got a break when he won his second assignment by default as neither Libya's Abdulrouf Mohamed Gerwash nor Iraq's Ahmed Kasim Kadim showed up because of visa problems. Then, he went up against Denmark's Philip Reyes, born in Copenhagen to Filipino migrants. The match went down to the wire and Go advanced via a sudden death kick-off.

Next for Go was Thailand's Chutchawal Khawlaor, the World Cup and Asian champion. In a tight contest, Go pulled off a hairline 2-1 win with a kick to the torso in the last second.

In the semifinals, Go was overwhelmed by Chinese-Taipei's Mu Yen Chu, the 2004 Athens Olympic gold medalist who breezed to a 3-0 lead in the first round and increased the gap to 5-0 before the match was called off on the mandatory seven-point rule at 7-0 in the third.

Go said booking an Olympic ticket here was tougher than making it as the only Filipino survivor at the World Qualifying Games in Paris in 2003. He won the bronze in Paris.

MANILA, Philippines - Filipino shooter Eric Ang earned a wildcard berth in the Beijing Olympics this December, according to statement released on Tuesday by Philippine Spors commissioner Joey Mundo, former secretary-general of the Philippine National Shooting Association (PNSA).

"This is good news for the sport of shooting since Ang is the first shooter to make the Olympics after Jethro Dionisio in Athens," Mundo said in an interview.

Ang got his wildcard berth after posting convincing performances in the trap events of two international competitions.

Ang missed the qualifying mark for the Olympics by just a mark during the Asian Shooting Championships in Kuwait last year. And in the pre-Olympics shooting tournament in Beijing held last April 12-20, Ang placed only 24th among 92 participants.

Ang will join other Filipinos who had already earned a ticket to the Beijing Olympics – swimmers Miguel Molina, Ryan Arabejo, JB Walsh, Daniel Coakley, and Cristel Simms; divers Shiela Mae Perez at Rexel Ryan Fabriga; taekwondo jins Tshomlee Go and Marie Antoinette Rivero; boxer Harry Tanamor; and archer Mark Javier. - GMANews.TV
15th Asian Games Doha 2006 - Wushu

Xu Yanfei of China celebrates gold, Eduard Ayangwa Folayang of Philippines silver and Khosrow Minoo of Iran and Ahn Yong Woon of Republic of Korea (South Korea) bronze in the Men's -70kg Sanshou medal ceremony at the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006 in the Aspire Hall on December 14, 2006 in Doha, Qatar.
QUOTE(Narra @ Jul 18 2008, 09:02 AM) [snapback]3817009[/snapback]
Filipino Chinese: Harrion Chua

You have got to be gay.

Kennevic Asuncion

1st Filipino to qualify for the World Badminton Championships* (2003)
*Kennevic and badminton partner [and sister] Kennie became the 1st Filipino pair to qualify for the World Badminton Championships (2003)
Kennevic and his sister Kennie became the 1st Filipino mixed doubles bronze medal winners in the Canada Open in Vancouver, British Columbia (2002)
Kennevic and Kennie became the 1st Filipino mixed doubles bronze medal winners in the Bangkok Open (2001)
1st Filipino Southeast Asian Games bronze medalist (with doubles partner Weena Lim as the 1st Filipina SEA Games bronze medalist, 1997)

“Many people think that Filipinos are far behind in badminton, I think otherwise. With dedication and love for the sport, winning a world tournament is never impossible.”

Wesley So

Chess Prodigy

Chess prodigy Wesley So was born on October 9, 1993. He became the 7th youngest Grandmaster in the history of Chess. He achieved the Grandmaster title at age 14 years, 1 month and 28 days during the 3rd Pichay Cup International Open in Parañaque City, Philippines on December 8, 2007. So got his first GM norm in the Offene Internationale Bayerische Schaha Meisterschaft in Bad Wiessee, Germany and his second Grandmaster norm in the 2007 World Juniors Under-20 Chess Championship in Yerevan, Armenia.

William So, Wesley's father, a self-employed bus driver taught his son to play chess when he was six years old. At age 9, he was already well ahead of his opponents when he won the National Kiddies Tournament for 14-under. At age 12, he became the youngest Filipino ever to make it to the Olympiad squad in Turin. He also won the National Junior (20 under) and the Philippine National Open when he was 13. Wesley is only the third Asian to become one of the world's grandmasters who are in their adolescence.
As of October 2007, his elo rating is 2531 making him ranked 3rd in the Philippines ahead of other notable Filipino Grandmasters like Mark Paragua, Bong Villamayor, Nelson Mariano and GM-elect Darwin Laylo. He was also considered as the strongest chess player in the world in his age group edging Chinese woman GM Hou Yifan of China (born 1994, ELO 2502) and Indian GM Parimarjan Negi (born 1993, ELO 2514). Wesley So won the World Under 16 Team Championship Board 1 gold medal with a score of 9.5 out of 10.

Wesley So's Achievements

* 2007 Dec - Champion (GM-IM blitz category), Fianchetto Realty/Gold Edge Assets Christmas Invitational Tournament held at the Prince Gregory Condominium in Cubao, Quezon City.
* 2007 Dec - Earned his final GM norm. 2007 Pichay Cup International Chess Tournament. He became the 7th youngest Grandmaster in world history and the youngest ever Filipino Grandmaster.
* 2007 Nov - 9th placer out of 64 participants. 2007 GMA Cup International Chess Tournament
* 2007 Oct - Earned his 2nd GM norm. World Junior Chess Championship.
* 2007 Jun 18-20 - Shell Battle of Champions, 15th Anniversary. Megamall, Ortigas. Champion
* 2007 May 06-09 - National Juniors Open Chess Championship. Marketplace, Kalentong. Champion
* 2006 Dec 25-31 - 3rd Singapore Masters International Open, Singapore

Tied for 4th place. Rank 14 (99 players)

* 2006 Dec - National Open Chess Championship. SM Manila. Champion
* 2006 Nov 17-23 1st President GMA Cup International Chess Tournament, Paranaque, Manila

Award: Top Juniors, 3rd. Tied for 6th place.

* 2006 Nov 04-12 Offene Internationale Bayerische Schaha Meisterschaft, Bad Wiessee, Germany

Award: Tied for 2nd place. Earned first GM norm. Creativity Award: chosen by Russian website e3e5.

* 2006 Oct 20-28 III Festival de Ajedrez Open Internacionale, Calvia Spain

Award: Best Under-16, Blitz.

* 2006 Oct 08 Title awarded by FIDE: International Master
* 2006 Aug 20-28 3rd IGB Dato Arthur Tan Malaysia Open Chess Championship, Kuala Lumpur

Award: Best Under 16 player. Earned 3rd IM norm.

* 2006 Jun 05-11 2nd San Marino Open Internationale de Scacchi, San Marino Republic

Award: Best Under 16 player. Earned 2nd IM norm.

* 2006 May20-Jun04 37th World Chess Olympiad, Torino, Italy.

Youngest RP Olympian.

* 2006 Apr22-May02 8th Dubai Open Chess Championship, Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamadan Ak Maktoum Cup, Dubai, UAE

Earned 1st IM norm.

* 2005 Dec 26-30 Masters/Challengers Intl Open, Singapore.

Finished 32nd individual. Award: Best Under 12 player.

* 2005 Aug 01-06 Nice Open International, Nice: Finished 9th
* 2005 Jul 18-29 World Youth Chess Championship, Belfort, France. Equal first.
* 2005 June 14-20 7th Asean Age-Group Chess Championship, Pattaya, Thailand

Individual Awards: Gold Medallist, Standard Chess; Gold Medallist, Rapid Chess; Gold Medallist, Blitz Chess.

* 2004 Dec 01-08 World Youth Chess Championship, Crete.

Finished: 13th.

* 2004 Sep 02-12 6th Asean Age-Group Chess Championship, Vung Tau, Vietnam

Individual Awards: Gold Medallist, Standard Chess; Gold Medallist, Rapid Chess. Team Awards: Silver Medallist, Standard Chess, Silver Medallist Rapid Chess.

* 2003 Nov 03-10 World Youth Chess Championship, Heraklio, Greece.

Finished: 19th.

References: (from the Weekender)
Willy Wang

During the last 2005 South East Asian Games, the Philippine team was the over-all champion with the help of the 12 gold medals won by Filipino Wushu artists led by world champions, Willy Wang and Arvin Ting.

Arvin Ting
Chinoy in PBA

Samboy Lim
Bethune Tanquincen
James Yap

Jun Tan
Gilbert Lao
Fortunato Co
Lim Eng Beng
Alvin Teng
Wilmer Ong
Richard Yee
Tyrone Tang
Joseph Yeo
Charles Tan
Ferdie Go
Reynold So
Junie Lopez
Kenneth Coyukang
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