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Full Version: Terminator: Salvation Trailer
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Well he did say, "I'll be back".
The trailer above appears to be a fan trailer, rather than the official trailer.
Who is directing the movie ?
I read somewhere that James Cameron was involved.
Grandmaster C
a fan trailer?...
hhahahahhaah LAME.
the original teaser is old btw.
i heard rumours that arny wouldnt be in this new one :S
QUOTE(rasuki @ Nov 3 2008, 08:14 PM) [snapback]3993263[/snapback]
i heard rumours that arny wouldnt be in this new one :S
If I remember correctly, Arnie still has a minor role near the end, but he is not the main focus of the film.
This time the story concerns John Connor and a mysterious new character called Marcus Wright.
Apparently the leads from the previous film have been replaced with new actors.
And so the Terminator franchise rolls on.

I'll reserve judgement until i've seen it but it all went down hill after T2 imo....I don't think the third one was as bad as alot of people said but it didn't really match up....But as is usually the case the follow ups are rarely as good.
well to be fair the 3rd one from a director's point of view was a masterpiece, the audience had built up this father / son bond between man and machine towards the end of the 2nd film and for it's time the film was very very impressive. To have, in the 3rd one, arny, hero of no.2 pitch up and act like a douche again had a take back effect upon most people. Perhaps it was this reaction that caused a fair few people to simply dislike the film, i know i for one was a bit negative towards it until i took a step back and appreciated it.
Furthermore i know we assosiate the Terminator series specifically with the hulking Austrian but we have to achknowledge that it was always going to end with the little kid who helped blow up a computer building right? Granted he looked like a scared rabbit in the third one (and nearly gets killed by one too at the begining embarassedlaugh.gif ) the new film, if they want to make it a good one, has to introduce us to reece (which wont happen on the basis that he's probably older than Gandelf by now), involve us more in time jumping, show us how the Robots are produced etc, how what controls them thinks, and basically everything about the future mentioned throughout all 3 films.... we know for a certain assumption it wont all happen, especially as arny really has a small part to play in the new film if what you say is correct.
looks like it might be ok.not much revealed in that short trailer.
i am looking forward to the REAL trailer
christ if arny old got a minor role i'd be unhappy... maybe there replacing him with the next butch Austrian-soon-to-be-Governator....?
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