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Full Version: would you breastfeeding a Baby in Public
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would you breastfeeding a Baby in Public ? how do you feel it when you nursing your baby at public ?

When I have kids I'll probably do it, but I'm definitely going to put a blanket over my chest and baby.
It's one thing to do it in public, its another thing to let your chest hang out while you're doing it.
I should invent a breasfeeding cover. If there isn't already something like that.
No, I feel that's really bad.
QUOTE(lilasiankid @ Jan 7 2009, 10:25 PM) [snapback]4076426[/snapback]
I should invent a breasfeeding cover. If there isn't already something like that.

i agree. too many woman take advantage of it and practically go topless while they're feeding their baby.
i'm definitely going to breastfeed, but i wouldn't have my chest out like that.

you could take baby to a dressing room in a mall or to a private booth.
Yes, my baby's needs trumps all else. But I will be respectful of others and at least cover up while doing so, a lot of people simply aren't comfortable with boobs hanging out all over the place, not matter how natural it is.
I used to cover up with a blanket or a piece of clothing.

While I really don't have an issue with baring my boobs (hell, after the amount of people who came in and out of the room when I was giving birth, showing my boobs is nothing !), it's the lecherous ogling I can't stand !
That's disturbing for people. So no.
disturbing for people

boobs are natural. breastfeeding is natural too.

it's only because boobs have become more sexual in people's minds (thanks to the media and entertainment industry) that make it disturbing.
I dont believe that breast feeding someone else's baby is inherently wrong, but breast milk is a bodily fluid, and as such does carry diseases like HIV. When I take my son to his day care, breast milk is very carefully handled. The point here is that the hospital failed her and the infant they brought to her. If it was not her wish and that family's wish then this was an accident due to negligence. In the days where babies are very carefully monitored for things like kidnapping from hospitals, this mix up should not have happened. The issue here is not just breast feeding, it is irresponsible and potentially dangerous negligence on the part of the hospital staff. I would be furious if my baby was given to another woman to feed, not out a misguided sense of ownership, but because of the risk to my baby's health and safety.
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QUOTE (xsnow @ Jan 7 2009, 10:54 PM) *
would you breastfeeding a Baby in Public ? how do you feel it when you nursing your baby at public ?

I'm a guy and would never breast feed a baby ... embarassedlaugh.gif
As for doing it in public, don't get so freaked out if strange men are going to stare at what your doing.
Beauty certainly does attract attention ... icon_redface.gif
my friend started breastfeeding on a packed bus once, i was really embarrassed!
I think the public should accept it as a natural process of life, because it is. There's so much concern about mothers not breast-feeding enough but our society makes it so that mothers feel uncomfortable feeding in public. I admit, that at first I was uncomfortable to see mothers breastfeeding but as long as they have a blanket over the baby and the mother's breast, it should be the norm to feed in public.
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