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Full Version: 200 Pound Beauty
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And I can't stop humming Ave Maria

Movie clip love2.gif

I love Kim Ah Joong

wow...that asian girl got booty
my've grown..


200lbs of love

the movie is really good. REALLY really good. it brings tears to of laughter to my eyes
and makes me feel gooey inside

is that what it translate to?......200lbs?.......more like 300lbs....i dunno i think skinny girls in a fat suit is lame.....cuz u know she ain't fat ....reminds me of shallow hal
Burned that movie for my gf over the summer. It was pretty good.
Yeah it was good. biggthumpup.gif
Dude I seen that movie in your avatar..

^ Yeah it's a classic.
any more like it?

i tried to find something similiar but, where i streamed it .. didn't really have anything else as good

the only other movie that was as good is my sassy girl, but i've seen that a million times
I lost this a while ago and it was your average romantic comedy, nothing special. The chick does have a nice booty but I think she has a butter face.... If you like watching these types of movies you should check out: Sweet Lie, Temptation of Wolves, Seducing Mr. Perfect , Please Teach Me English, and there are many more. Btw, I haven't seen those movies but my friends have said they are kind of all the same.

I'll look those up! ^

Thanks Dim Sum

Yeah it was a really good movie. I'm sure if that movie were made in america they wouldn't be so open to plastic surgery and would have made her revert back to being fat and ugly bc "you should except yourself no matter what" LOL

It probably will be made into an american movie called "Shallow Hal 2: southbeach diet". Hahah they love ripping off asian movies *cough* the ring, the grudge, the departed, my sassy girl, a tale of two sisters*cough*
ayyy... 31 beers
ayyy... 31 beers
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