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Full Version: The White Ranger To Try MMA
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Jason David Frank, who was once a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger, is now trying to use his super powers to turn into a mixed martial artist.

The former action star from the hit series "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" has officially made the move to mixed martial arts, and while training with UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard, he hopes to make his real fighting experience as successful as he did on television.

Frank is hoping to fight as soon as possible.

"I was supposed to fight in 2007, but it fell through. In truth, I've wanted to put the work in until I'm ready," Frank said in an interview from the Suckerpunch website. "I know I have a target on my back. Everyone is going to want to beat up the Green Ranger."

And this is the moment where I weep for MMA.

Frank may just turn into a great fighter, though it's doubtful considering that he is 35 and worried about signing a management team before trying to schedule a fight. But this just furthers the notion that MMA is a fad, and can be used as a publicity stunt for someone with a flailing career. Considering that Frank's last acting job was a 2007 direct-to-video film called, "The Junior Defenders," he clearly needs a career boost.

At the same time, the beauty of MMA is that there is no hiding in the cage. When pretenders have tried it out in the past, they've been shown the floor of the cage, very quickly. Right, Jose Canseco?,186758
he was always cooler then tha red one
Tommy the white/green ranger!
fu-k what the haters say, this guy will kick some @$$. dudes' a black belt in two other martial arts and he's been doing jiujitsu as well. He has a lot of respect for Asian culture.

He's also a class act. Really cool person.
Saint Legends
I hear he really wants to kick the original Red Ranger's @$$ cuz the guy's a douche or something, lol.

I've met the second black power ranger before. the Korean one, Johnny Yong Bosch. Really nice guy. He's a really popular voice-actor for anime and video games now, and has his own band called Eyeshine.

Wow. I knew that Jason David Frank had experience in martial arts, but damn:
With his knowledge of many different styles of martial arts, Frank collected the most practical applications, modified them with his own philosophies and created his own blend of American Karate, "Toso Kune Do". Most recently, on June 28, 2003, he was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame.[3] Frank appeared at the Arnold Classic on February 29, 2008, in Columbus, Ohio.

Year Award/Accomplishment
Present Sixth Degree Black Belt
1988-1990 Nationally Rated Competitor
June 28, 2003 World Karate Union Hall of Fame
June 28, 2003 Master of the Year(American Karate)
2006 "Ruff Man" Grand Champion
2006 Gold Medal (MTIA) Master Toddys Full contact Muay Thai

[edit] Rising Sun Karate Accomplishments/Awards
Year Award/Accomplishment
1994 Hall of Fame Award – American Karate Kung Fu Federation
2000 Fastest Growing Karate School – Fast Track Award
2000 Educational Funding Company – Program Direct Award – Rising Sun Karate Academy
2001 Centurion Club Award
2003 Master of the Year Award – World Karate Federation
2004 Master of the Year for Free-Style Martial Arts – USA Martial Arts
2005 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classics Master Appreciation Award.
2006 One of America’s Top 10 Karate Schools – Awarded by President Nick Cokinos – Educational Funding Company
2007 Black Belt Hall of Fame Award – This award was given by Master Alan Goldberg in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
2007 Black Belt Hall of Fame – Most Successful Industry Leader. This award was given by Doctor Jim Thomas, 10th Degree Black Belt.
All I know is that you can't call in the Zords when you're getting your @$$ beat.

join Jason Frank's Rising Sun Karate Academy. IT'S RIGHT NEXT TO CHUCK E. CHEESE!!! So you can train and have fun!!!
is he the white ranger from like 1995? he does not look like him as i remember from when I was a kid
what's this guy going to fight at
QUOTE (sinraptor @ Sep 11 2009, 10:53 PM) *
is he the white ranger from like 1995? he does not look like him as i remember from when I was a kid

he had longer hair back then
If tha white ranger fights at 55 he'll be tha one to stop BJ.
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