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Full Version: Coco Lee - becoming a S'porean?"I知 not kidding,I知 serious&q
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Coco Lee - becoming a S'porean? confused.gif
by Tan Kee Yun

SHE loves Singapore so much that she is thinking of becoming a Singaporean.

的知 not kidding, I知 absolutely serious, said a bubbly Coco Lee.

溺y sister is looking into the procedure of how to go about attaining (Singapore) citizenship.

The 34-year-old singer was born in Hong Kong but spent much of her childhood and youth in San Francisco.

She holds American and Hong Kong citizenship.

The curvaceous beauty was in town to promote her Mandarin album East To West, her first in three years.

She was also the special guest performer at last Sunday night痴 President Star Charity show.

Looking sprightly and radiant as she spoke to the media at The Ritz-Carlton on Monday, she had nothing but praise for our 澱eautiful city.

的 love the greenery here. There are trees everywhere, she said, flashing a wide smile.

典he moment I arrived, I was hoping to try some durians, chicken rice or the food at the hawker centres. embarassedlaugh.gif

溺y manager was so anxious about me eating at hawker centres, thinking it wouldn稚 be 組lamorous enough, but I really don稚 mind. I love simple places!

According to Lianhe Wanbao, while backstage at the President Star Charity show, Coco went so far as to 菟ersonally express her interest in becoming a Singapore citizen to President S R Nathan, who was the guest-of-honour that evening.

President Nathan reportedly replied that she is 杜ore than welcome to do so.

But was Coco just being over-friendly? It didn稚 seem so she was engrossed in the topic.

笛et Li and Gong Li are Singapore citizens, right? she asked reporters. 的 want to be one too. icon_twisted.gif

International gongfu star Jet Li, 46, became a Singapore citizen in July, while 42-year-old actress GongLi got her pink IC last November.

However, when reporters quizzed Coco on whether her fiance knew about her intentions, she laughed and said:滴e doesn稚 know about it yet!

She joked that he will 杜ost likely read about it on my Twitter page.

Coco has been engaged to Canadian businessman Bruce Philip Rockowitz, 50, since 2005.

He adores Singapore too, she said.

鄭lthough this is my first work trip to Singapore in six years, both of us have visited Singapore over the last few years,on holiday.

典he only thing he doesn稚 share my love for is durian!

With her light golden-brown tan, Coco oozed sex appeal.

Not surprisingly, she made the list of the World痴 25 Sexiest Pop Divas by TV channel E! Entertainment in February.

She was the only Asian on the list icon_smile.gif , coming in 15th, beating Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue.

Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Leona Lewis took the top three positions respectively.

The rankings were determined by the E! Entertainment producers.


Coco痴 inclusion came as a surprise, considering that she has released only one English album in the US.

While she is a household name in HongKong and Taiwan, with nearly 20 studio albums in a 15-year career, her fan base remains relatively niche in the US.

She managed to cross over to the US with her English single Do You Want My Love in 2000. It ended up being a moderate hit, peaking at No 49 on the Billboard Hot DanceClub Play charts.

Three other singles Before I Fall In Love, Wherever You Go and Can稚 Get Over followed from Just No Other Way, her only album to be released in the US, in 2000.

Coco also sang A Love Before Time, the theme song to director Ang Lee痴 award-winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

It was nominated for Best Songat the 2001 Oscars.

溺y friends were the ones who told me about the sexy list, she said, flashing a wide smile. 的 didn稚 knowI had made the top 25 till (then).

摘! Entertainment is a huge network in the US andI知 very happy that I was chosen.

So which part of her body does she consider sexiest?

溺y fans would probably say it痴 my smile, where as my fiance thinks it痴 my curves, especially the areas near my waist and back, she told The New Paper, in a separate interview after her press conference.

East To West 電efines her life, said Coco, who is now based in HongKong.

溺y whole world revolves around a combination of cultures, from both the East and West, she said.

的n a way, it has given me an advantage in the music industry, especially when it comes to artistic ideas for myattire and make-up.

泥ue to my upbringing in the West, I知 more open to trying innovative and daring styles.

For example, she adores the new image she sports in her album photos, one that sees her wearing a gleaming, shimmering gold-plated blouse. She pointed out that some Asian designers didn稚 take well to that outfit initially.

The customised costume cost the equivalent of $13,000and two weeks to make.

鄭dmittedly, the outfit痴 design draws attention to the breasts, said Coco with a grin. 釘ut I really like it a lot.

She added that the gold outfit differs greatly from her previous styles.

的t痴 not sweet and girlish, but very cool and masculine, she said. 的 get a feeling of female empowerment when I wear it.

A pity that the public would not be able to see this favourite attire of hers during live performances, or at any of her promotional events.

的 would love to wear it to meet my fans, but I can稚, she said with a sigh.

典he blouse is constructed in such a way that the designs appear to 僧ove upwards as my body moves.

典hen, I will appear to have four breasts! If there is someone who loves the costume as much as she does, it値l have to be Mr Rockowitz. The couple manage to maintain a close, loving relationship despite their busy schedules.

摘very day, he is the first person I talk to on the phone in the morning, and the last person I talk to at night, said Coco.鄭lso, we text each other very often. 添ou should ask anyone who works with me, I知 the undisputed text queen.

Coco said they were both home loving types who would prefer to 都tay at home and watch DVDs, rather than do the party circuit. 展e池e huge fans of TV dramas, like Criminal Minds and Mad Men.

The 16-year age difference was never an issue for them, she said.

On the contrary, she feels Mr Rockowitz is a 努onderful listener and communicator, traits which come only 努ith age and experience.

展e have never once fought, said Coco. 展henever we disagree on something, we will face it rationally and try to... solve the proble.
gong lee + jet li + Coco lee = lingapore beerchug.gif
She should stay in America where she belongs, with the other white loving sellouts.
shes not gonna do it. its not worth giving up US and Hong Kong citizenships for a Spore one.
who are you? Psychic?

No doubt that she's in love with farang.
Yeah he owns some media company and produces her music. For a prostitute she's not bad looking, but overall their kids will look like freaks if they have any.
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