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Full Version: Which on is better? Sony Bravia KLV-32S530a or KLV-32T550a
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I'm buying a new TV and I've settled on two models, Sony Bravia KLV-32S530a and Sony Bravia KLV-32T550a. The specs are nearly the same, main difference is that the T550a has 2 HDMI inputs while S530a only has one. I couldn't find any info about static contrast ratios. Does anyone know which one is better?
Going by the similar model numbers, I would say they are the same TV, with one model simply having the extra HDMI input.

Anybody else in this forum know more details ?
QUOTE (Ralf @ Nov 25 2009, 03:01 PM) *
Going by the similar model numbers, I would say they are the same TV, with one model simply having the extra HDMI input.

Thanks for the reply Ralf. There is also KLV-32S550a which I guess is an upgrade of KLV-32S530a which has 2 hdmi inputs but its not available in my country.

The S530a costs about USD100 more than the T550a here. I think it looks better and a little more polished, I wonder if there is any difference in picture quality...

I guess a better way to phrase my question is, What differentiates T-series from S-series?

i just look up at the specie between the two..



the difference is the s-series have 1080/24p while t-series don't.. in case if you want to use another this port to output into another tv or projector, this is an advantage as it can gives you a smoother HD movie in the 2nd tv.

other than thats, the design of s-series look sleeker and more fashion.. t-series looks like the old 90s tv imo.

final answer: for the price differences, it's better to get the t-series if you never going to use a 2nd port to connect with this tv.. and if you don't care about styling.. gets the t-series.
Crikey I am not the best person to ask..... I still have a CRT TV and can't afford to even dream of buying a new generation TV for at least another year. Slowly I am learning about LCD and plasma.
I think Sony Bravia KLV-32S530a is better then other one.

At this point, don't even consider lcd / plasma. LCD that rate themselves as 240hz are fake back light manipulators. True 240hz only comes in an even thinner LED. In fact, due yourself a favor and only consider an LED with your hard earned money unless you wanna buy another tv in a year or two.
Any major new TV technology just around the corner ?
The revolutionary BRAVIA Engine 3 uses a new high definition video processor that reproduces images with impressive depth, vibrant colours with true-to-life tones, and high-definition images with amazing clarity. With the BRAVIA Engine 3, you can now enjoy clear and vibrant images in finer detail from both SD and HD sources.
i want to buy a new TV ,please suggest me good LCD T.V...
in a reasonable that i can afford it!!!!!!
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