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Full Version: Politeness in Malaysia
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I am currently doing a research on the topic of Politeness in Malaysia. I want to find out how polite Malaysians really are and if they are not.. why do you think so?
So I'm looking for people who can tell me about their experiences being over or under polite in Malaysia and how any formal Malaysia education they may have had helped them or got them into trouble. I really appreciate any help you can give me!

malaysia the rudest country in asia..
Crystallised Dream
Yup, we are the rudest country in Asia. Now f@*& off iluvhopia embarassedlaugh.gif

On a serious note though our customer service is quite poor. But as a Malaysian I've also noticed something interesting; be nice to them, and they're actually pretty receptive and wouldn't hesitate to reciprocate. I've come across many shop assistants who just look on stone-faced as I prepare to exit the shop; I would often initiate by saying 'thank you' (for their time) and they'd instantly smile and say 'thank you' back or 'no problem', almost as if having woken up from a daze of sorts. Of course, it must be said that I've also had my share of good customer service here.

And how exactly does politeness measure in Malaysia? I came across one comment somewhere that said that Malaysians are rude/unfriendly because they don't smile or greet one another in the streets. Yet I would put that down to shyness and reservation; I know many Malaysians who do not greet their fellow Malaysians (or tourists) on the street, but on a personal level are very warm and charming. I try to at least smile when I can, but most of the time I find my face frozen because I'm just too shy to smile to any stranger on the street.

Anyway, would it make any difference if I give more examples of polite or friendly encounters I've had with fellow Malaysians? Maybe not, especially for those who believe with all their hearts that Malaysia is the indisputable rudest country in Asia. So I've decided to attach some blog posts about this matter, and you can all feel free to read the comments as well. I'll leave it for you to judge for yourselves.

'Malaysians are Rude, 'Ruder', and 'Rudest' - by Gobala Krishnan

'Are We Rude and Unfriendly'? - by Edwin S
compared with singaporeans, malaysians are super polite ... hahahah
i am mainland chinese and once studied in malaysia,in my perception,malaysians are polite and warm people.

I dont know,i am polite and gentlemen looking,i think generally in south east asia,people are good to me.

maybe others (such as mainland chinese from rural areas who dont have fine manner) would find malaysia cold.

you have to ask difference people,otherwise the answer will be biased.

if u think malaysians are rude then probably you haven't been to SINGAPORE or CHINA or KOREA yet?
In Makkah during Haj, Pilgrims from Malaysia are ranked highest in terms of Politeness and friendliness. every Arabs that have dealing with Malaysian Pilgrims often will give thumb up when ask.

I don't think Malaysian are rude, they're just reserved.
Not to sound racist but i have this experience regarding manners with the Chinese Womans. From my experience, Chinese woman are the most emotional type i've seen in Malaysia. example, I'm driving and it's traffic jam. eventually the lane on my right was clear. i look at the side mirror, the next car is still far enough. so i gave a right signal, wait for a second and then slowly move to the right lane, but guess what? the driver that i saw still far away speed up suddenly (i can hear the engine roaring) and quickly cut into my right. i was turning the wheel left just in time to prevent an accident. And guess who's the driver? it's a young Chinese girl of middle 20 or so driving an Accord.

then there's this thing happen at the HP shop. i was asking for RM50 reload card. the seller, a Chinese young woman, open up the drawers and handed me the card. i pay, and then walk out of the shop. then i look at the card and it's not RM50 reload card, it's RM30. so i walked back into the shop and tell her that she handed me a wrong card and i ask for the right one PLEASE. she suddenly made this fierce look and after that, she roughly snatched the RM30 card from my hand, roughly open the drawer, pick the right card, practically throwing it in front of me and slammed the drawer so hard that the glass display case sound's like it's gonna shatter.

Not i say that women of other race are more polite, it's just that most Malay or Indian woman i've met seems able to suppress some of their rudeness.
Politeness is subjective due to differences in various cultures, trait values & religions of each ethnicities & nationalities.
wait a minute. New York is the most courteous city in the world? Must be kidding. I lived in New York. New Yorkers are most obnoxious people in the U.S.. New York Jews are worst and even the West coast Americans are aware of it. Also, Beijing is not on the lists of the least courteous cities. This poll is something wrong and I don't buy it.

I don't think Malaysian are rude or unpolite. They are okay, just... hmm.. sometimes indifferent and not really care. But I don't mind, if people too attentive, it might get annoying, and sometimes I would love to be left alone.
But yeah.., despite world-class facilities, KL still fell behind in friendliness, politeness, and courteousness in service sectors (hotel, restaurant, transportations) compared to some Indonesian cities (esp. Bali, Bandung and Yogyakarta).
Some are polite,..some are rude,..but generally the younger generations were not polite anymore....(not like pupil fr the 60's & 70's)
QUOTE (faraway @ May 22 2010, 02:15 PM) *
Some are polite,..some are rude,..but generally the younger generations were not polite anymore....(not like pupil fr the 60's & 70's)


not polite enough and note rude enough.

I got standard experiences when travelled to KL.

But two of my friends got really bad experience when they travelled to KL.

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