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Full Version: Killzone
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I just got this and I think its one of the best first person shooters on PS2.

Looks good and the commerical for the game is badass, its there a PC version? If so is it release yet?
i haven't played it. i'm gettin mixed reviews for it. like it has some minor glictches.. maybe i'll check it out.
yea game ish hella fun but it needs more maps though it kind of gets tried after awhile but i hella love that one map i think its called parking terminal lol.....yea i hella recommed this game to be played if yall like shooting games..and the guns are awesome
hmm looks like ghost recon 2 i might try it out
its nothing like ghost recon 2
this is more like halo
like only 2 weapons
rechargable shield
secondary fire on all the weapons

its more futuristic and more action oriented
not really realistic

in ghost recon 2
3 shots u die
I've only tried a demo for it, but I had a lot of fun... considering there was less than half a mission to play... but yea, I liked it.
I saw the previews for this game and i too heard mix reviews. Most of the gamers that played the demo said that it was fun but i heard the a.i. wasnt so hot. But its an all out shoter and i think you have 4 helpers if i remember right. I forgot what it was but this game lacks something...ill try to find out or remember what it was.
this game is aight
this game is fuking pukka. i rented it along with da newest ghost recon. either 2 or 3, cant remember. im gonna buy it now cos it was so damn gud. but ghost recon on the other hand, werent al that gud. i cant believe they taken out the multiplayer option. all they have now is the online mulitiplayer option. its so $hit. not every1 has online. i loved ghost recon 1, me and my cous kicked @$$. but there werent much levels on da first one and it wasnt hard enuf. ne of u know where the ghost recon jungle has multi-player mode?? i mean the off-line multi player. it would had been gud if killzone had a story mode multi-player. it wud had been easily one of the best 1st person shoot em up ive played. ne other gud multi-player shoot em up game???
man when i get mad and i can't touch a real life weapon this is the closest thing to heaven, i mean first person shooter games of my friends cuz i'm too poor to own one, and the barrier between life in prison.
i lik it lol3.gif
Best shooter game on the PS2.
I personally had more fun with this than Halo in general.
This thing better be on PC too.
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