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Full Version: US-Taiwan miltiary tech transfer...
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Should China wait for Taiwan to get the F-35, then once reunification occurs, China can take Taiwanese F-35 and reverse engineer it?

China should wait until Taiwan gets the biggest prize of US technological transfer to the island, so once reunification occurs, China can reverse engineer the $hit of the ROC military.

I'm pretty sure this is a "well known" reason why China allows Taiwan to be a secret spy for technological reasons, for the Chinese nation.
Great Plan
Red Fox Ace
First of all, Taiwan's not getting F-35 any time soon, if ever.

Second, the United States will probably cease arms sales to Taiwan about 10 or 15 years before the actual unification takes place (if it ever does.)

Third, chances are that China will have already achieved a certain technological parity with the U.S. What good would China gain from reverse-engineering Western technology that would already be perhaps, at the most, slightly worse than Chinese tech, or even a decade behind PRC tech?
^yea no use waiting for that long. china will have overtaken the US by then.
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