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i dislike people who gets an abortion though
me it depends on the situation, i know everyone is different when this issue comes up, next time people use a condom, if it is really necessary in ur life then that is ur choice, i only dislike people who r little whores that likes to mess around alot, i'm not saying be a prude but fu-kin use protrection, pills ect... the guys and girls who got themselves into this mess should know better
I think abortion is only needed in two situations :

1. Too many children already and are in a very low economic status and can not afford the next baby.
2. You were raped by your father, brother, stranger or something terrible.

Everyone else that has abortions should know already that they should protect themselves and know the consequences of having sex.
* a little bit on the harsh side but it would make everyone worried about having sex I believe *
Based on the article and statistics, you can see that yes, Asians are indeed more liberal about killing their own children. I'm pro-choice myself if the situation involves rape or incest, but Asians are so nonchalant about abortions and get them done for reasons that are not called for it. Unless you've been raped or are literally in no shape to take care of a baby, you have no reason to have an abortion. As for the old woman Pan, I don't necessarily think being an unwed mother is a good reason. That's almost like saying her child wasn't as important as having a husband in her life. In actuality, the only reason she received that abortion was to save face. She laid on her back and had sex, fully knowing that she could get pregnant. However then when she does get pregnant she decides it's not special enough to live, all because she isn't married, and not being married but having a child is shameful. Lol, I guess shame (an invisible thing with no real construction) was more important than her own baby. Boy, there's just so much reason and logic in this.

The thing that makes me the most furious about this article, is that most of the women they talked to had abortions solely because they weren't ready to be mothers. But yet, they have unprotected sex. These women are irresponsible and immature in every sense of the word. I know that there's a disconnect between Asian parents and their children when it comes to talking about sex, however if you're old enough to have sex and have an abortion, then you're old enough to know that having sex unprotected in the first place can get you pregnant. These women were immature because they didn't stop to think that it could happen to them, and they're irresponsible because instead of dealing with the consequences of their mistakes, they can easily avoid any shame or hard happenings by simply having an abortion. It's almost as if there's no care or no regret at all about doing this. Instead of just being more careful with sex or possibly being abstinent, they choose to risk the chance of getting pregnant and/or having an abortion. In my opinion I think having a secret abortion is more shameful than just admitting your mistakes and going through with the pregnancy.
better to be dead than born into a world with parents who didn't want you or can't take care of you.
Let women decide what they want to do.
QUOTE (faydabakery @ May 2 2011, 06:38 PM) *
Let women decide what they want to do.

What does the Quran or the Sunnah say about abortion?
What do Buddhists say about abortion?
What do Hindus say about abortion?
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