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Full Version: Taiwan ex-President Lee Teng-hui 'embezzled $7.8m'
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Former Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui has been charged with embezzling $7.79m (4.8m) of state funds.

Mr Lee is accused of taking the money from a secret diplomatic fund during his 1988-2000 presidency.

Prosecutors say the 88-year-old took money from the National Security Bureau fund to set up a private think tank, of which he became honorary president.

Mr Lee, who was the island's first directly elected leader, has denied taking the money from the bureau.

He is the second former Taiwanese president to be charged with fraud. His successor, Chen Shui-bian, is serving a 17-year sentence for bribery.

"Lee Teng-hui pocketed $7.79 million for his own personal use through money-laundering," a prosecutors' statement said.

"In order to set up the Taiwan Research Institute, he consulted with his advisers and decided to get the money from a National Security Bureau project fund."

Attempts in 2003 to charge an accountant with corruption linked to the project fund failed because of lack of evidence.
Lets not forget Chiang Kai Shek = Cash My Check because of his corruption.
Han Man
Better seek judgement day on this Japanese soon, cos time is runnig short to nail this scum. 88 yrs and ticking......
6 year 27 post submarine embarassedlaugh.gif
Its mostly the hardcore TIers/DDP gets caught with corruptions lol
What does he need so much money for?
Isn't somebody here a DPP supporter but who's parents and grandparents KMT?

Oh no!!!!! eek.gif RadioFreeAsia's grandfather, oh no!!!! Have mercy! eek.gif
QUOTE (DOUBLEMINT @ Jul 1 2011, 04:53 PM) *
What does he need so much money for?

So he is able to fly frequently to Japan to admire the cherry blossoms at the yasakuni shrine. Obviously.
Yet another move to persecute Taiwanese leaders.

The Chinese in Taiwan feel more insecure than the Taiwanese, even after they were given a chance to lead. Jailing political leaders helps easing their fear temporarily only though.
Traitors get what they deserve.
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