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Full Version: Why were they pointing at me?
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Strange question here...

Today, while I was eating lunch, a group of women passed me on their way out of the restaurant. Two of them were older, at least in their sixties or seventies. I believe these women were either Japanese or Chinese. I am sorry if this is offensive -- anyway, the two older women, were staring at me, pointing at their foreheads (i didn't have any junk on my forehead, I am sure) and laughing, and speaking to each other, and pointing at me, then back to their foreheads.

Any idea what they were referring to?

I do have a furrowed brow, and three horizontal lines on my forehead.

Thank you all.
^ You should have said"Whats the F_ck are you laughing at!?"

Whatever it was, they were laughing at you.
^ why so rude to old ladies?

you should ask one of them to take a picture of yourself, then look at yourself.
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