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Full Version: This is REAL?
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For many years, the art of fengshui has been seen as an indispensable part of Chinese traditional culture. But recently, this long standing heritage was challenged when South Korea applied to list the art as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage under its name.

South Korea succeeded in adding the Dragon Boat Festival, a celebration used to commemorate Qu Yuan, a Chinese patriot in olden times, onto the World Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2005. And now the Koreans are likely to win again. Nothing has hinted that the application will fail as the process is backed by all Korean nationals, from the country's president to the UN general-secretary.

Contrary to South Korea's zeal for applying fengshui, Chinese government still deem the art as a superstitious method to judge good or ill luck and refuse to issue official certificates to those engaged in the fengshui industry.
The art of fengshui failed to be mentioned in the shortlist, which includes 35 cultural arts, that China has drawn up in preparation for next years World Intangible Cultural Heritage nomination procedure.

As Chinese, we are very disappointed with the zero reaction from the Chinese government toward the urgent situation. On the other hand, we are trying to do whatever we can to avoid this "cultural robbery" happening. We are very happy to share our cultures with everyone, it's the wealth of the whole world. However we think it's extremely disgraceful attempt on robbing it.

We appreciate it very much for UNESCO protecting and respecting the cultural heritage of humanity, however, we don't think accepting the application of South Korea listing fengshui under its name would be helpful for protecting the human cultural heritage. It would only deliver a wrong message to the world that robber could steal others heritage without punishment.

We hope UNESCO would investigate the case carefully. History will not change just because one list, but truth and justice should be told to everyone.
You trollin' son?

Also, "cultural robbery" just sounds so retarded.
How the fu-k do you rob a culture?

Seriously, the chinese are way too fu-king sensitive with this culture thing. Everyone was influenced by different culture from different nations. Italian culture heavily influenced Europe. They don't go around saying, "you other European fu-kers stole our culture!!!?"

fu-king deal with it.
Not this sh!t again,I could care less who claims what but that doesn't mean you are the origin of it.
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