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Lets here you people give some reviews on games you've all played. Include comments about gameplay, the way it presents itself, the ambience(atmosphere) the enemy AI and dialoug, along with whatever elts you wanna make a comment on. Oh, and don't just point out its bad areas, you gotta list atleast two redeaming qualities about it.

Grading scale goes from 1-5, but if you feel the game is just so bad you have no choice, you can give it a 0
Computer games too..?
Yeah. Tell ya what, I'll go first.

The game I reviewing is called Seven Samurai 20XX for the PS2. Never heard of it? Consider yourself lucky.
First off, I wanna mention that this game is suppoused to be a digital remastering of Akira Kurosawas samurai epic, Seven Samurai, but this game bares no resembelenss to that movie. And the animation in stuck some place between mediocre and average.
You play as Naoto, a wandering samurai who arrive in The City and starts battling creatures called humanoids to save the people. Thats where one of its faults comes into play. You only control one character, which is a disapointment when you consider that the other samurai are relatively interesting.
Now, as for the game play, it is very easy to get a feel for and pretty flashy. When you fight, the area is sealed off like in a fighting game, the rest of the time your going through a bellow average RPG exploration of the world, the things in which you can do are limited to your main objective. You begin battle with only one sword, but there is a two sword meter that, once filled up, allows you to use both swords in fast and flashy combinations. You point the anolouge stick in a particullar direction, press the attack button over and over to perform various attacks, each successful strike giving of a great flash.
But this is bogged down by three simple factors. One, the enemies are incredibly easy to kill. Second, the combats simplicity was ment to make the game fun, but it actualy sucks some fun out of the game. You can pretty much hack and slash your way through the whole game with your eyes closed. It's just to simple. The third factor, is the flashyness. There were times while battling a large number of enemies that I lost track of myself, and you need to gaurd with the triangle button, but the flashes prevent you from seeing when an enemy is about to cut you in half.
The abience is worse than you could expect. It matches the game play, stail and out-dated, with the environments poorly rendered and ugly to look at.
A good way to describe the story is like this. All Sammy studios had was jack and $hit, and jack just skipped town! I eventually just skipped the cut scenes out of complete bordom. And when you finish the game, you can go back and use your enemies weapons. Their suppoused to have unique powers, but their just like your katanas.
For the person who loves nothing more than mindless hacking and slashing. This just might be up you alley. But for those of us who can properly function in society, I have to give this game a 2 out of 5.
Mine is " Winning Eleven 8 " Pc game

Superb graphics and gameplay......

I was stunned by it ...............
Solitare usually bundled in with Window programs. Excellent
EmpireEarth 2 played the demo for it, thought it wasnt as good as the first one. Its just like Rise of Nation. Wouldnt recommend it, theres just no strategy in these kind of games except just keep massing. If u plan to buy a strategy game then wait until May i think, thats when Age of Empires 3 comes out. Another one would be Rome: total war, thought it was ok. If u like taking turns and build stuff then this is for u. Other wise if u like Wc3 or AOE then this game is just boring. Game play got boring after a while, fighting is pretty good, huge army, very realistic human biology wise.
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