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I like the Globe commercial, ajamakwatan (did I spelled it right?) Also the Graham crackers teramisu tera mo ko. by the way whats teramisu? (hope I spelled it right!)
embarassedlaugh.gif Let me guess

Rebond girl! Siguro nakapangasawa ng mayaman=Rejoice commercial

Walang Ganyan sa States!=Petron Commercial

Pare! =Sunsilk

Elbows off the table ! (complete with British accent!)=Ligo Carne Norte

Ang relo ko jolex yan ! Selecta Ice Cream

Mc Donald 's Karen at Gina !=Mc Donald

I will try to post more!
I like the globe commercial also

mcdonalds karen & gina

cdo carne norte- where the ninong is hiding from his godson

nkalimutan ko n yung iba.
Yes, The CDO commercial with the Ninong hiding from his godson!
remember the PLDT commercial- "kung saan ka masaya suportahan kata"
I remember that one. I used to have a crush on Christian Vasquez because of that commercial.
CokeCommercial= Hotta-Hottah(2002)
CokeCommercial =The two girls clapping their hands (2004)
Jollibee= "Isa Pang Chicken Joy" =Aga
Surf= "Wais na Misis"
Tide Commercial ="chalk" Obviously referring to surf!
Beam Commercial = The one endorse by Ruby Rodriguez (BEAM Means SMILE)
Who could evr forget the Gina and Karen Commercial of Mc Donalds
They won also some awards in International !
ung pinaka fave ko ay ung sa comercial ng insurance corp...
pati rin ung sa pinaka unang surf commercial
I like the new coca-cola commercial:

ito ang beat sabay-sabay
ito ang beat walang sablay
pabilis ng pabilis
wag magmi-miss
wag magmintis
gets mo na?
get ko na!
ahhh... coca cola!


coke ko 'to
coke ko 'to
coke ko 'to!

(isa pa please... hehehe)
QUOTE (I_YaH @ Jan 9 2004, 12:21 PM)
ung pinaka fave ko ay ung sa comercial ng insurance corp...
pati rin ung sa pinaka unang surf commercial

I think the Insurance Corporation was the one with a native man!

Pioneer Alliance ..............................

Sports car! yong red!

Fita biggrin.gif embarassedlaugh.gif
pare huling fita na yan. kung ikaw kaya sa lugar ko, anong gagawin mo?

sports car, yung red!
haha laughed at that one.. 1/2 lang sa sports car. lol


ang dami pa... mamaya nalang! hehe
an aussie commercial

a rugby union one where a fat union player intercepted a ball to score the winning try and during the press conference he said he heard this voice "intercept" but it was actually a guy in the crowd who said intercept. wat made it funny was like when the guy said intercept dey use da effect like dey did in old school wen he gets shot by da tranquilizer and says "your crazy man"
Still Fita

once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess!

anong nakain noon?
gusto ko yung kay ryan agoncillo na sprite yung magpakatotoo ka sa elevator..

then yung sa axe naman na nilagyan ng tissue yung kilikili!hahaha

here are some memorable commercials: *just got it from my sis*
pop cola- Always tama and timpla
philips- lets make things better
pldt- the power of convergence
sprite- magpakatotoo ka
joy- isang patak sebong sang katutak
pringles- once you pop you can't stop
max- sarap to the bone
pepsi- movie ko 'to, dapat ako ang bida
dunkin donut- pasalubong ng bayan
coffee mate- make sense to me
metrobank- youre in good hands
nokia- connecting people
trosyd- pinaka-mabilis na pamatay fungi
revicon- buhay and dugo
bonamine- kontra biyahilo
robitussin- anak ano nga bang pangalan non
motolite- trusted na pang matagalan
close up- get that killer smile
safeguard- ako ang iyong konsyensya
modess- that's oval thing in the middle
clusivol- bawal magkasakit
nescafe- open up, open up
chippy- bogchi ng barkada
kraft eden cheese- isang pandesal lang solve na
vicks vapor rub- haplos ng pagmamahal
red horse- ito ang tama
joy- Papel de lambot
dulcolax- pampagaan ng loob
avon- let's talk
ligo sardines- sosi
mang tomas- ang all around na pampagana
kodak- capture the perfect moment
whisper- itís a girl thing
super ferry- Talagang trip kita
chowking- Dito kumakain and masarap kumain
nestle- Good food good life
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