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which is the best service out there?

AT&T and Cingular = merged and is questionable
T-Mobile = mediocre (depends on phone...w/ sidekick 2, service SUCKS)
Verizon = TBD never had Verizon as the carrier?
Sprint & Nextel = Phony ads by sprint saying it's clear. Not when I had it. Nextel service sucks cause the cheapest plans is $39.99

What is the best one out there? Any suggestions?

I had T-Mobile and I agree, it sucks. I coudl barely hear anything on my phone and sometimes it'd cut off right in the middle of my conversation. But they have a great text messaging plan+it's the cheapest. Verizon has the best service around the country but it's a little bit more expensive. They're text messaging rates are average and Cingular is good for it's rol-over minutes. It's prices are about the same as verizon, a little more. great service I heard..not as wide a range as verizon again, but if you want a global phone, i'd choose this one. T-mobile is also global but Verizon isn't.
i think i'm getting a pretty good deal with T-mobile

currently 600 anytime & unlimited nights and weekends 39.99
my next plan ina month will be..
1000 anytime & unlimited blah blah blah... 45.99

i think t-mobile has the best minutes to dollar ratio

i was looking at cingular cuz of rollover but it's 450 for 39.99 or 900 for 59.99
with rollover and mobile-mobile

sprint didn't have any great deals

nextel has like a 300 minute plan for 39.99 but you get free incoming which is cool if you like using 1 minute to call your friends and have them call you back sure.gif

verizon has good service/reception but i haven't really researched their phones or plans

in any case i'm getting this in a month

Motorola Razor V3
prolly same 600-$39.99
or 1000-$45.99 plan
phone's free with free car charger as well and best of all
1 year contract!! not 2 like everywhere else!
my whole family has verizon but i dont know there plans
sprint is alright...i've had it forever now.

what i hate is that it cuts out randomly and i get dropped calls a lot.
i believe Verizon is the best in terms of cell coverage and quality, however, i think they are also the most expensive.

iwas on AT&T/Cingular while in the states over the past yr, and i liked them. good quality, good price.

Tmobile is a cheap carrier, with mediocre coverage/service.

im not familiar with sprint that much
Verizon has almost perfect sound/no static. I'm using t-mobile right now cuz its cheaper but it sux, can't hear anything and out of range alot.
Verizon. Good signals, same reasons Kunom posted above^
T-mobile blows goats.
QUOTE (chynagongju @ Aug 18 2005, 03:31 PM)
sprint is alright...i've had it forever now.

what i hate is that it cuts out randomly and i get dropped calls a lot.

really? ive been using it for a while now and havent really had any problems with it.........course im a loser and barely use the fone sure.gif u know of any good fones for that works with sprint? i want a new one bad.
I need a new plan. Verizon still the good one to go with?
I've only used T-Mobile..And I like it..My family has this plan with 2 phones..I heard was like 60 bucks a month..400 minute shared between my mom and me...Free Nights and Weekends..

Dad has Verizon and he says it's good, but mom doesn't like it..
Verizon is ok... but Sprint is better.
wot bout o2/uk :P fab deals. 300 free texts a month icon_smile.gif
I used T mobile it's awesome, Verizon is also but my my cousins are waiting to get out of their sprint contract to switch to Tmobile because sprint service sucks!!!..BTW right now for a limited time offer Tmobile offers 1500 mins, unlimted night and weekend for 39.99 a month shoot!! i wanted it but i cant becuase i got to finish my 1st contract.
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