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Dongbei Skinhead
i'm Han/Manchu, 100% Chinese. i play guitar, i enjoy Oi!/punk/Ska/Reggae music as well as ancient Chinese music. i love football (soccer)

i'm not a racist(most of my friends here in the states are white and i go to reggae clubs every week) but i'm very patriotic so if you fu-k with China and live around my area, i'll hunt you down and kick your fu-king teeth in. if you don't live in the area, i'll just insult you online

i'm a Chinese punk scenester, i do all i can to support the punk scene in China and underground music in general such as experimental GuZheng virtuoso/composer Wu Fei. i don't support the heavy metal/hard rock scene or any long haired hippie f@g music scene

and yeah, i'm a Skinhead, if you're a thick $hit and think Skinhead=Nazi. PLEASE fu-kING READ THIS LINK
hi, Welcome & its nice to meet you!
Wow angry little poster, i bet a goat nawed ya knob off....
anonymous nguyener
Hellooooo ^_^
QUOTE(Metier9 @ Jun 4 2006, 09:45 PM) [snapback]1918802[/snapback]

Wow angry little poster, i bet a goat nawed ya knob off....

and ate it......

(too far?)
maybe... but i dont know Stephy may look down on you if you ate it... i heard its bad for your health.

i meant the goat pppffft lol

*leave stepphy out of this*
yerrrr, i bet you meant the goat icon_wink.gif
welcome to AF! biggrin.gif
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