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Jakarta Cathedral (built 1901 in Neo-Gothic style)

Images from the nearby Dutch cemetary
They look nice. Indonesians are mostly muslims, right?

Immanuel Church (formerly Willemskerk) in Jakarta. Built in 1839 by Ir. Thomas Tromp for the Dutch Reformed Church, the Baroque-style church now houses the GPIB (Western Indonesia Protestant Church)

Exterior and interior of the Zion Church in Jakarta. The church was built in 1695, making it the oldest church still in use in Jakarta.

Gereja Blenduk (Domed Church) built in 1753 for the Dutch Reformed Church in Semarang - Central Java, now houses the GPIB (Western Indonesia Protestant Church)

Gereja Maria Bunda Karmel (Mother Mary of Carmel Church), in Malang - East Java, built in 1884

Gereja Hati Kudus (Holy Heart Church) in Malang - East Java, built in 1910

Gereja Perawan Maria (Virgin Mary Church) in Malang - East Java

Pentacostal Church, Manado - North Celebes

Zebaoth Church, Bogor - West Java, houses the Western Indonesia Protestant Church (GPIB).

Rural church, Batak Highlands - North Sumatera

Jakarta (Batavia) Cathedral in 1910s

Aceh-War Victory Monument in Wilhelmina Park in 1910s Batavia (now Istiqlal Mosque)

Bethel Church, Bandung - West Java, built in 1926.

Statue of HO Verbraak (1835-1918) in Bandung. Verbraak was a Dutch military padre who, while serving in the Aceh War, is famous for his impartial humanity to both sides of the conflict.

Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen, the German missionary that brought Christianity to the Batak people of North Sumatera in 1860s, transforming the formerly animistic-cannibalistic tribe into one of the most Christian people in Indonesia.

Tomb of Mgr. Adam Carolus Claessens, the archbishop of Batavia (Jakarta) 1874-1893, who started the Cathedral project.
QUOTE (tool666 @ Jun 11 2004, 12:01 PM)
They look nice. Indonesians are mostly muslims, right?

You're right.. Indonesia has the biggest Muslim population in the world. Out of 240 million people, 88% (211 million) are Muslims. However, a significant 10% are Christians. That means there are 24 million Christians in Indonesia, same number with the whole population of Malaysia..

Around 1.5% of Indonesians are Hindus, and 0.5% of other faiths..

Spires of a rural church on the slopes of Mount Manado Tua, North Celebes

Rural church in Batak Simalungun area, North Sumatera

Christ Church of Western Borneo (GKKB) in Pontianak

Catholic Church in Pontianak, West Borneo

Mary Immaculate Cathedral (Gereja Santa Perawan Maria), formerly De Tweede Roomsch Katholieke Kerk, built in 1899 by EJ Westmaes in the Neo-Gothic style. In Surabaya, East Java

Gereja Kristen Indonesia (Indonesian Christian Church), formerly the Dutch Reformed Church (De Gefoormeerde Kerk) built in 1921 by firm BR Rijksen and HJL Estourgie. In Surabaya, East Java

Bogor Cathedral in Bogor - West Java, built in 1896 by Mgr Maria Josephus Gerardus Claessens

Julius Rijadi Cardinal Darmaatmadja, the Cardinal of Indonesia and archbishop of Jakarta

Images from the Sendangsono Catholic shrine in the slopes of Mount Menoreh - Yogyakarta.
The shrine is visited by thousands of Catholics each week, to seek solace and comfort from The Virgin Mary, Saint Benedict, Saints Peter and Paul, and other saints represented in the shrine, or to buy the holy water from the nearby spring, believed to have the qualitites of the Lourdes water.
The shrine was established in by Fr Francisus Georgius Josephus van Lith in the spot where he baptised the first 171 Javanese into Catholicism on 14 December 1904.
List of Catholic shrines dedicated to The Virgin Mary in Indonesia

1.1. Gua Maria Bukit Kanada (Kampung Narimbang Dalam), Rangkasbitung, Serang - BANTEN (est 1988)

2.1. Gua Maria Sawer Rahmat, Cisantana, Cigugur, Kuningan - WEST JAVA (est 1979)
2.2. Gua Maria Karmel, Lembang, Bandung - WEST JAVA (est 1989)
2.3. Gua Maria Santa Clara, Pacet, Sindanglaya - WEST JAVA (est 1994)

3.1. Gua Maria Bunda Penebus, Bojong Indah, West Jakarta - DKI JAKARTA
3.2. Gua Maria Fatima, Jatinegara, East Jakarta - DKI JAKARTA (est 1950)

4.1. Gua Maria Kaliori, Kaliori, Purwokerto - CENTRAL JAVA (est 1989, opened by the Pope John Paul II)
4.2. Gua Santa Maria Nusakambangan, Kampung Laut, Cilacap - CENTRAL JAVA
4.3. Gua Maria Kerep, Ambarawa - CENTRAL JAVA (est 1954)
4.4. Gua Maria Sendang Sriningsih, Gayamhardjo, Prambanan - CENTRAL JAVA (est 1953)
4.5. Gua Maria Hati Ibu Yang Bahagia, Danan, Wonogiri - CENTRAL JAVA (est 1997)
4.6. Gua Maria Mojosongo, Jebres, Surakarta - CENTRAL JAVA (est 1983)
4.7. Gua Maria Sendang Pawita Sinar Surya Tawangmangu, Tawang Mangu, Karang Anyar - CENTRAL JAVA
4.8. Gua Maria Marganingsih, Bayat, Klaten - CENTRAL JAVA (est 2002)
4.9. Gua Mawar Maria, Musuk, Boyolali - CENTRAL JAVA (est 1982)
4.10. Gua Maria Sendang Sancta Rosa Mystica, Tuntang, Semarang - CENTRAL JAVA

5.1. Gua Maria Lourdes Sendangsono, Kalibawang, Kulonprogo - YOGYAKARTA (est 1904)
5.2. Gua Maria Sendang Jatiningsih, Moyudan, Sleman - YOGYAKARTA
5.3. Gua Maria Tritis, Paliyan, Gunung Kidul - YOGYAKARTA
5.4. Gua Maria Sendang Rosario, Gading, Wonosari - YOGYAKARTA
5.5. Salib Suci Gunung Sempu, Bantul - YOGYAKARTA (a holy cross on top of Mount Sempu)
5.6. Gereja Hati Kudus Tuhan Yesus (Church of the Holy Heart of Jesus Christ), Ganjuran, Bantul - YOGYAKARTA (est 1930)
5.7. Sumur Maria Kitiran Mas (Kitiran Mas Holy Well), Pakem - YOGYAKARTA (est 1995)
5.8. Makam Romo Richardus Kardis Sandjaja (Tomb of Fr Richardus Kardis Sandjaja), Muntilan - YOGYAKARTA

6.1. Gua Maria Sendang Purwaningsih, Purworejo, Malang - EAST JAVA (est 1990)
6.2. Gua Maria Sendang Retno Adi, Ngadireso, Malang - EAST JAVA
6.3. Gua Maria Jatiningrum, Grajagan, Banyuwangi - EAST JAVA (est 1956)
6.4. Gua Maria Lourdes Poh Sarang, Semen, Kediri - EAST JAVA
6.5. Gua Maria Fatima Sendang Waluyojatiningsih, Klepu, Ponorogo - EAST JAVA (est 1988)

7.1. Graha Bunda Maria Annai Velangkanni, Tanjung Selamat, Medan-Tuntungan - NORTH SUMATRA

8.1. Gua Maria Pelindung Segala Bangsa Belinyu, Bukit Mo Lan Thiang, Belinyu - BANGKA BELITUNG

9.1. Gua Maria Bunda Pelindung Teluk Dalam, Pantai Trikora Teluk Dalam, Bintan -RIAU
9.2. Bunda Maria Di Atas Perahu (used by Catholic Vietnamese refugees), Pulau Galang, Lubuk Baja - RIAU
9.3. Gua Hati Tersuci Santa Perawan Maria, Bengkong Harapan, Batam - RIAU

10.1. Gua Maria Ratu Rosari, Pondok Kristoffel - JAMBI

11.1. Gua Maria Padang Bulan, Pringsewu, Tanggamus - LAMPUNG
11.2. Gua Maria Fajar Mataram, Bandarjaya, Fajar Mataram - LAMPUNG

12.1. Gua Maria Lourdes Betun, Atambua, Belu - EAST NUSA TENGGARA
12.2. Gua Maria Bunda Pengantara Rahmat, Atapupu, North-Central Timor - EAST NUSA TENGGARA (est 2001)
12.3. Gua Maria Bitauni, Kiupukan, Belu - EAST NUSA TENGGARA
12.4. Gua Maria Kapela Wilain, Atambua - EAST NUSA TENGGARA
12.5. Gua Maria Wato Jong, Bawa, Lewukluo - EAST NUSA TENGGARA
12.6. Gua Maria Fatima, Lela, Maumere - EAST NUSA TENGGARA
12.7. Gua Maria Loudes, Kupang, West Timor - EAST NUSA TENGGARA

13.1. Gua Maria Bunda Hati Kudus, Waur Melati, Seram - MALUKU
13.2. Gua Maria Panjang, Ambon - MALUKU
13.3. Gua Maria & Golgota Masbait, Klanit, Langgur, Aru Islands - MALUKU (est 2000)

14.1. Gua Maria Bunda Bukit Karombasan, Karombasan, Manado - NORTH CELEBES
14.2. Gua Maria Redemptoris Mater, South Manado, Manado - NORTH CELEBES
14.3. Gua Maria Bunda Hati Kudus, Woloan, Tomohon - NORTH CELEBES

15.1. Gua Maria Balla, Polmas, West Toraja - SOUTH CELEBES
15.2. Gua Maria Watan Soppeng, Watan Soppeng - SOUTH CELEBES

16.1. Gua Maria Sendang Mulyasari, Unaaha, Kendari - SOUTHEAST CELEBES

17.1. Gua Maria Menikam Damai, Mandam, Kotabaru - SOUTH BORNEO

18.1. Gua Maria Toho, Toho, Pontianak - WEST BORNEO (est 1996)
18.2. Gua Maria Riam Merasap, Sanggauledo, Bengkayang, WEST BORNEO (est 1993)
18.3. Gua Maria Ratu Pecinta Damai Anjungan, Sungai Pinyuh, Anjungan - WEST BORNEO (est 1973)
18.4. Gua Maria Pusat Damai, Sanggau - WEST BORNEO
18.5. Gua Maria Sejiram, Kapuas Hulu - WEST BORNEO
18.6. Gua Maria Tahta Kebijaksanaan Putussibau, Simpang Melapi, Putussibau - WEST BORNEO

19.1. Gua Maria Sei Mentogog, Kampung Baru, Tarakan - EAST BORNEO

Nice pictures of the churches in Indonesia.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Palasari - Bali, a marriage of Gothic and Balinese traditional architecture. Balinese carvings decorate the whole church, its steeple is designed like a Hindu temple, and the outlay is made according to Balinese concept of trimandala.

The church was built in 1988 by Balinese architect Ida Bagus Tugur, commissioned by Brother Ignatius Ambrosius de Vrieze as a second church to cater for the increasing Christian population in Palasari, a majority Christian village in an overwhelmingly Hindu island.
woow, nice pics man!

Jesus Statue in Dili Harbour - East Timor, second-largest in the world. It was built by Suharto in 1995 as "gift" to East Timorese people.
Wow interesting the architecure of your churches are different from the ones in the Philippines.

Nice pictures
some churches look in the same way as the do in holland
the first church looks creepy
Guy Dee
This church in Palasari is beautiful. Do you have pictures of the interior too?

More of Gereja Blenduk in Semarang - Central Java, built in 1753.

Regio Sumatra
  • Archbishop of Medan: Mgr Alfred Gonti Pius Batubara, OFM Capuchin
  • Bishop of Sibolga: Mgr Barnabas Winkler, OFM Capuchin/Admin
  • Bishop of Padang: Mgr Martinus Dogma Situmorang, OFM Capuchin
  • Archbishop of Palembang: Mgr Aloysius Sudarso SJ
  • Bishop of Pangkalpinang: Mgr Hilarius Moa Nurak SVD
  • Bishop of Tanjungkarang: Mgr Andreas Henrisusanta SCJ
Regio Jawa
  • Archbishop of Jakarta ex officio Cardinal of Indonesia: Julius Cardinal Darmaatmadja SJ
  • Bishop of Bogor: Mgr Cosmas Michael Angkur OFM
  • Bishop of Bandung: Mgr Markus Prijokushardjono, OSC/Admin
  • Archbishop of Semarang: Mgr Ignatius Suharyo
  • Bishop of Purwokerto: Mgr Julianus Kemo Sunarko SJ
  • Bishop of Surabaya: Mgr Harianto, CM/Admin
  • Bishop of Malang: Mgr Herman Joseph Sahadat Pandoyoputro, O.Carmelite
Regio Kalimantan
  • Archbishop of Samarinda: Mgr Florentius Sului Hajang Mau MSF
  • Bishop of Banjarmasin: Mgr Franciscus Xaverius Rocharjanta Prajasuta MSF
  • Bishop of Palangkaraya: Mgr Aloysius Maryadi Sutrisnaatmika MSF
  • Bishop of Tanjung Selor: Mgr Justinus Harjosusanto MSF
  • Archbishop of Pontianak: Mgr Hieronymus Herculanus Bumbun, OFM Capuchin
  • Bishop of Sanggau: Mgr Giulio Mencuccini CP
  • Bishop of Sintang: Mgr Agustinus Agus
  • Bishop of Ketapang: Mgr Blasius Pujoraharja
Regio Sulawesi and Maluku
  • Archibishop of Makassar: Mgr Johannes Liku Ada'
  • Bishop of Manado: Mgr Joseph Theodorus Suwatan MSC
  • Bishop of Ambon: Mgr Petrus Canisius Mandagi MSC
  • Bishop of Southeastern Maluku: Mgr Josephus Tethool MSC
Regio Papua
  • Archibishop of Merauke: Mgr Nicolaus Adi Saputra MSC
  • Bishop of Agats-Asmat: Mgr Aloysius Murwito OFM
  • Bishop of Jayapura: Mgr Leo Laba Ladjar OFM
  • Bishop of Sorong-Manokwari: Mgr Datus Hilarion Lega
  • Bishop of Timika: Mgr John Philip Saklil
Regio Nusatenggara
  • Archbishop of Ende: Joseph Seran, SVD/Admin
  • Bishop of Larantuka: Mgr Fransiskus Kopong Kung
  • Bishop of Ruteng: Mgr Eduardus Sangsun SVD
  • Bishop of Denpasar: Mgr Benyamin Yosef Bria
  • Archbishop of Kupang: Mgr Petrus Turang
  • Bishop of Weetabula: Mgr Girulfus Kerubim Pereira SVD
  • Bishop of Atambua: Mgr Anton Pain Ratu SVD
  • Bishop of Maumere: Mgr Vincentius Sensi Potokota

Bishop of Indonesian Military Ordinariate: Mgr Ignatius Suharjo Hardjoatmodjo

Vicariate Apostolic Bataviae

IPB Image
Mgr Jacobus Grooff (1842-1846)

IPB Image
Mgr Petrus Maria Vrancken (1847-1874)

IPB Image
Mgr Adam Carolus Claessens (1874-1893)

IPB Image
Mgr Waltherus Staal SJ (1893-1898)

IPB Image
Mgr Edmundus Sybradus Luypen SJ (1899-1923)

IPB Image
Mgr Antonius Petrus Franciscus van Velsen SJ (1924-1933)

IPB Image
Mgr Peter Willekens SJ (1934-1952)

Vicariate Apostolic (since 1971, Archdiocese) Diakartanus

IPB Image
Mgr Adrianus Djajasepoetra SJ (1953-1970)

IPB Image
Mgr Leo Soekoto (1970-1995)

IPB Image
Mgr Julius Rijadi Darmaatmadja (1995-now)

IPB Image
The Cathedral at night

IPB Image
Jakarta Cathedral has three towers made of cast iron to make them earthquake-proof. The towers are named Angelus Dei (45m), Fort of David (60m) , and Ivory (60m) towers. Between the latter two towers, a rozette (round window) represents the Rosa Mystica, the symbol for Virgin Mary.

IPB Image
A bell is placed at the Fort of David Tower, inscribed with the words in Latin, "I was given by Clemens George Maria van Arcken; on the second day of the month of Mary; pray for us; 19 June 1900". A smaller bell is located at Ivory Tower, inscribed with the words, "I wish to greet Virgin Mary; at the feast of Saint Nicholas". It was given by a Mr Chassé to the Catholic Church in 1831. The largest bell is located in Angelus Dei Tower named the "Wilhelmus" given by Mr JH de Wit in 1834.

IPB Image
Above the main entrance, is located a statue of Virgin Mary and inscription in Latin, "Beatam Me Dicent Omnes Generationes", meaning "all generations shall calls Me blessed".

IPB Image
On the portal, is located a plaque in Latin made of white marble commemorating the construction of the cathedral between 1899-1901, including the inscription DOM (Domino Optimo Maximo, "For God, the Best and Greatest"). On the northern wall, a plague made of black granite commemorated the Flemish commissioner-general Léonard Pierre Joseph burggraaf du Bus du Ghisignies who first purchased the site for the Catholic Church in 1828. On the western wall, a white marble plague commemorated the renovation of the cathedral in 1988 by Minister for People's Welfare Soerpardjo Roestam.

IPB Image
The interior of the cathedral is flanked on both sides by 7m-tall galleries, while the 40m high ceiling is made of teak-wood to make it earthquake-proof. On the centre, is located the preaching stool made by Firm te Poel en Stoltefulsz from The Hague, flanked by the statues of Saint Charles Borromeus, Saint Edmund, and Saint Peter Canisius. On each sides of the wall, paintings depicting the scenes of the Way of the Cross was painted by Amsterdam graphic artist Theo Molkenboer in 1912. On the back corner, is located a Pieta statue ordered from the Netherlands in 1957.

IPB Image
The altar from left to right is made-up of the Main Altar, Altar of Mary, and Altar of Joseph. On the left pillar is located statue of Saint Ignatius of Loyola (founder of Jesuit Order) while on the right pillar is located statue of Saint Francis Xavier (pioneer of Catholicism in Indonesia).

IPB Image
On the left wing of the cathedral, is located a Neo-Gothic organ made-up of 1000 pipes installed in 1988. This organ was made in Verscheuren, Belgium and was installed by 15 Belgian engineers.

IPB Image
The baptism font is made of white marble and was ordered by Vicar of Batavia (Jakarta) Mgr Scholten in 1834.

IPB Image
On the church grounds, is located a grotto for Virgin Mary made of stones transported from Lourdes shrine in France. The grotto dates from 1979.
yup... love kathedral.. the construction and the ornament are just amazing, definitly one of the well kept antics building in Jakarta..
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
Opening of the new Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral in Ambon - Maluku, by governor Brig-Gen (Ret.) Karel Albert Ralahalu and Bishop Petrus Canisius Mandagi

How about the architecture, a lof of them are Dutch architecture or Spain or Portugise?
i think it's all three of them....
the design look kinda different from each other
i c
It's so beautiful
Chuch in Bali

IPB Image IPB Image

They incorporate traditional Balinese element in church's architecture. And I think it's beautiful.

However to be honest...., (no offence to Christian forummers.... biggrin.gif ) Balinese should keep their Hindu Dharma religion and tradition.
The proselytizer must leave Bali alone.... they shouldn't tried to convert them to Islam or Christianity. There's too much of 'em already. icon_neutral.gif
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Malang - East Java

IPB Image
Immanuel Church of GPIB (Western Indonesia Protestant Church) in Malang, situated next to a mosque
*set indy barends mode* Bagoooosss!! love2.gif biggthumpup.gif
Have u ever heard about churches with more Indonesian architecture rather than western?I've ever seen one in TV, I think, and I'm curious...
IPB Image
Saint Maria de Fatima Church in Jakarta's Chinatown area, established in 1949 by Italian missionaries in an old Chinese-style house to serve the many Chinese immigrants flooding Jakarta during the 1940s.
IPB Image
Javanese-style church in Yogyakarta

IPB Image
Typical church in Manado - North Sulawesi
Nice to see this topic in Indonesian Chat! We really have to show outsiders that we've got some rich diversity of cultures!
i remember thic church..haha
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
More pics of Jakarta Cathedral

IPB Image
The only Catholic church in Banda Aceh, capital of the most Islamic province of Indonesia
Hey,hey!What about that church in Bandung with a giant octopus on top of it?It's really famous, or shall I say "notorious"?
QUOTE(Bhaskara @ Nov 7 2006, 12:39 AM) [snapback]2458689[/snapback]

Hey,hey!What about that church in Bandung with a giant octopus on top of it?It's really famous, or shall I say "notorious"?

any pics of it?
IPB Image
Prapat Church on the shores of Lake Toba, North Sumatera
^hmmm…love it! love2.gif
IPB Image
Maumere Cathedral, located in Flores Island, the most strongly Roman Catholic area of Indonesia

IPB Image
A nearby park with a large statue of Jesus Christ, commemorating the 1690 Maumere citizens killed in a 1992 tsunami
I wished I could took a picture of Banjarmasin's Churches when I was mudik, but no, I didn't. Silly me...
^ no worries icon_smile.gif

IPB Image
Maranatha Church of the GPIB (Western Indonesia Protestant Church) in Banjarmasin - South Kalimantan, built in traditional Banjarese style

IPB Image
Upper Soya Church in Ambon - Maluku, the oldest church in Ambon

IPB Image
Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral in Ambon under expansion (now finished)

IPB Image
Centrum Church in Manado - North Sulawesi

IPB Image
HKBP (Batak Protestant Church) in Balige - North Sumatera

IPB Image
Rantepao Church in Rantepao - South Sulawesi, in the homeland of the mainly Christian Toraja people
IPB Image
Bunaken Protestant Church on Bunaken Island - North Sulawesi

IPB Image
Santa Lidwina Church, Bedhog village, Sleman - Yogyakarta Special Territory, located on the heartland of Javanese Catholicism.

IPB Image
Gothic-style Catholic church in Yogyakarta
Centrum church is so unique biggthumpup.gif
Dahyummm that church in Bunaken Island looks fine....
QUOTE(purnomor @ Dec 19 2006, 12:59 AM) [snapback]2582077[/snapback]

IPB Image
Gothic-style Catholic church in Yogyakarta

Somehow looks like Disneyland Castle......

ahh i remember this church.
NICE PICs... biggthumpup.gif
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
Blenduk Church in Semarang - Central Java, with its magnificent 19th-century pipe organ
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