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Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter Flash VideoAsiaFinest's Interview with Proxicide

Part 2 of AsiaFinest's interview with Proxicde continues:

Mortal Kombat vs Street FighterBen: Why did you go with Ken and Chun Li, and Ryu and Sakura as a couple? Some of our forum members didn't like the romance being added to the videos. What about romance between Mortal Kombat Characters too? MK needs some loving too! lol
Proxicide: Upon reading many reviews to MK vs SF 1, I realized people's general distaste for the romantic ending, and that this was generally the biggest gripe people had with it. But I think any movie should have a romantic element to it, or else it would be lacking. Every Hollywood movie has an element of love or romance incorporated into it. Even the biggest blockbusters and best picture winners ( e.g. Titanic, Braveheart, Gladiator, etc.) center around this issue. I understand that the fight is central to the movie, but in order to create depth to the story, I needed to incorporate the romantic element so that there is a reason to the fight, or else, the movie would just be about senseless violence.

I paired up Chun Li with Ken for the first movie, because I initially used Ken for the battle, then created a storyline around it. I needed to choose a lone surviving female from the SF universe to be rescued in the end of the movie. So I chose Chun-Li, because she was the only popular female character from the SF3 roster that would have been easily recognizable by anyone viewing the movie.

For MK vs SF 2, I conjured up enough testicular fortitude to create another romantic scene (despite people's disdain for it), and I needed someone to pair up with Ryu. Using anyone else from the SF3 roster wouldn't be a popular choice, because most people only recognize past SF games. So ultimately I chose Sakura, considering she's connected to Ryu in the main storyline. Of course, people complain and argue that she's underage, or she's actually Ryu's sister, or Ryu cares more about fighting, or blah this, or blah that, but this is the best decision that could have been made if I wanted to have a romantic scene.

The reason why I don't show romance for the MK characters is because it would look strangely out of place if I did. The MK universe is centered around fighting, bloodshed, and despair, and incorporating a love scene into it would destroy all credibility to the movie's storyline. Also, there are far less frames of animation for the MK characters, so editing the sprites so that two MK characters hugged would have been alot more difficult to do.

Ben: I know there are Easter Eggs in the flash videos. Can you tell us about them? Perhaps give us some hints on how to find them?
Proxicide:For the 1st movie, there aren't any Easter Eggs (because I didn't know what Easter Eggs were, so I didn't put any in), but for the 2nd movie, there are a few. Without giving much away, the Easter Eggs can be unlocked by watching the movie more than once. But you don't have to watch the entire movie in order to signal a 'full play'. You just have to reach the end of the credits. And you don't have to watch it more than 6 times total. They're not much, but still interesting, I guess.

Ben: I noticed a few subtle mad funny humor such as Sakura's Super Arts, and is it me or is Ken doing a full parry like the one pulled off from the infamous moment at Evo by Daigo? Are there any other subtle humor or moves that you included that we might have missed?
Proxicide:In the beginning of MK vs SF 2, Cammy appears in the select screen. Her addition was just to balance out the roster when I put Sakura in. And yes, I did incorporate a full parry into both movies, the idea of which came from the Daigo vid. Although full parries are common in SF3, watching that small video actually influenced how I created much of the 1st movie. Of course, scenes from the Matrix movies and the Xiao Xiao vids influenced me as well. Also, every film produced has a 'chase' scene, where someone is being chased by someone or something, and so, I incorporated this idea into MK vs SF 2 (you could probably figure out the particular scene I'm talking about). Also, as a big Tekken fan, I put in 'juggling' combos into both movies. In the end of MK vs SF 1, the cliff is created from the WinXP 'bliss' wallpaper. And in the end of MK vs SF 2, the distant landscape is taken from Chrono Trigger, while the trees are taken from a SF3 level. When creating the finale of MK vs SF 2, I initially made Future Ryu save Ryu, and added the red superarts/fireball/shoryuken as an enhanced version of the former self, but I replaced him with Akuma and didn't bother taking that red stuff out, so its still there. There's most likely more stuff I'm forgetting.

Ben: One of our member asks if you actually literally customizes each character for each and every motion.
Proxicide: I didn't customize every single sprite, I just used the ripped ones that were provided, but I customize some of the actions (Scorpion's angled spearing, hugging scenes, air hadoken, etc.). Much of Scorpion's sprites were taken from other ninjas, and made to look like Scorpion. Also, since Ryu's sprites were more colorful, I increased the contrast on every Scorpion sprite to match. And every one of Sakura's sprite colors were modified because I thought the original outfit colors were dull. As far as Flash implementation goes, I had to manually position them frame-by-frame to create the motion, and scale the characters so that they match up (considering that MK sprites were about 30% taller than the SF3 sprites, and Sakura sprites were even half the height). Its tedious and time-consuming, but there's no way around it.

Ben: All of AsiaFinest's members would like to know this: Are you planning to create a part 3. If so, can you give us more details on it? Story Line? Romance? Characters?
Proxicide: I do get alot of requests to do a part 3. At the moment, I'm still alittle tired of sprite animation (especially dealing with SF and MK sprites), but I would like to do another. I learned alot about sprite animations, and putting together a flash movie from start to finish, and so I don't want to stop short of doing anything less than atleast a trilogy for this series. I do have ideas about a storyline, and it might continue off where part 2 finished, so as to explain Akuma's appearance and behavior. I know who to pick for the SF side, but for the MK side, I'm struggling with 2 characters. And yes, as long as I'm producing it, there will be more romance. I might even use 'My Heart Will Go On' in it.

Ben: Hahaha. You will feel the wrath from the online community if you add that Celine Dion song. Do you plan to create cross over for any other game franchises?
Proxicide: I'd really like to do a crossover movie involving Mario. Maybe MK vs SF 3 will have Mario in it. Since portals can open to other dimensions, its a possibility. Characters from other franchises don't really interest me that much. I used to enjoy watching DBZ, but DBZ flash parodies have been done to death. I think I'm more comfortable working with the SF/MK sprites since I already have much experience with them, and I also have much of the sprite gfx stored on my computer.

Ben: We're just about done with this interview. Is there anything else that you would like to say to our AsiaFinest.com's visitors?
Proxicide: Thank you very much. And thanks to anyone who enjoyed watching my movies. Its been a pleasure.

If you haven't seen Proxicide's flash videos, then be sure to check out MK vs SF 1 and MK vs SF 2!

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