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Mashi maroAsiaFinest Mashimaro

Mashimaro"Mashimaro, Korea's most popular cartoon character, was created in June 2000 by Kim Jae In and Jang Mi Yeong. Mashimaro's cuteness has captured the hearts of millions - but don't be deceived by his looks. Mashimaro is actually quite a mean practical joker.

MashiMaro is the main character in the story of MashiMaro Forest. He is a cute new character, who happens to be a bunny that likes to play tricks. The name is derived from marshmallow since MashiMaro looks like one! However, MashiMaro is a twist on the name marshmallow. It sounds like how a baby would say marshmallow: MashiMaro. His name is also commonly mispelled as Mashi Maro.

Originated from an animation published over the Internet, MashiMaro is a well-known rabbit character from Korea, and is often referred as the "cheap rabbit" in Hong Kong and Taiwan.. It has won fans' hearts over the years with its fatty and dumpy look.

Here at AsiaFinest.com, we have free episodes of his funny adventures in Mashimaro Forest for you watch. Be sure to check out each and everyone one of them, including the parody ChocoMaro! Be sure to check out our cute Mashimaro Products.

Mashimaro Episodes | Mashimaro Products

If you have any pictures of Mashimaro, please send it to us for display. Talk about Mashimaro in our friendly discussion forum!

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