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Pucca Love Flash GamePucca Love Flash Game

Objective: Everyone played rock, paper, scissor as a child right? Rock beats scissors, Paper beats Rock, Scissor beat Paper. Simple enough. This Pucca game is based on that, but with a twist. You'll have to defend or attack quickly after you lose or win the Rock, Paper, Scissor. If you win the Rock, Paper, Scissor, you'll have to attack quickly before the other defend. If you succeed, you'll get a point. First to 5 points win.

Options: You can choose different backgrounds, and weapons which range from Hammer, to kisses, as well as level of diffuculty

1st Player: Rock is Z key, Scissors is X key, and Paper is C key. Q to Attack, A to Defend.
2nd Player using numpad: Rock is 1, Scissors is 2, and Paper is 3. 7 to Attack, 4 to Defend.

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If you have any pictures of Pucca, please send it to us for display. Talk about Pucca in our friendly discussion forum!

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