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Check out our huge collection of the best Asian videos from the Internet. We will only post the coolest, cutest, and funniest Asian videos up! We screened all the videos, so that you don't have to waste your time watching any boring videos. We will continue to update this page, so check back often! Feel free to talk about the videos in our friendly discussion forum. Help AsiaFinest out by sending or telling us about any Asian videos that we should consider posting up.

Cool and Cute Asian Videos Funny Asian Videos
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Matrix Ping Pong (cool)
3 years old Mo Kin Singing (cute)
Mo Kin Playing Xylophone (cute)
Transformers Photocopier (cool)
Little Malaysian Girl Singing (cute)
Chinese Ping Pong Skills (cool)
Little girl dancing to BoA (cute)

Misc Asian Videos
Random Asian Videos by Youtube (beta)
Halloween Costume Contest at Roseland Ballroom
Halloween Costume Contest at Roseland Ballroom Video 2

Cute Korean Girl Street Dancing
- Dancing to Bu Dam
- Street Dance #2
- Dancing to Sunginshik
- Street Dance #4
- Dancing on Stage
- Street Dance #6
- Street Dance #7
- Street Dance #8
Japanese Toilet Prank
Massage Chair Prank
TV Show Card Draw Torture
Yatta Dance
Morning Musume The Ring Prank
Japanese Tuna Commercial
Be Kind to Belly Commercial
Mascot Camera Prank
Hyori Lee Office Skit

Korean Girls Karaoke
Korean Girls Karaoke Videos
- Karaoke Girls Singing Emotion
- Korean Girls Singing Karaoke #2
- Karaoke Girls Singing There She Is
- Karaoke Girls Singing Romantic Cat

For Non-Asian Videos, check out 4idols.com's Entertainment Videos

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