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Touch Movie ReviewTouch Movie Review

Touch the MovieTouch is a debut independent film written and directed by Minh Nguyen. This romantic drama movie explores how powerful the human sense of touch is, and the emotional impact it has on everyone.

Quick Review:
There are so many good things about this movie that it's hard to cram it into a quick summarized review. I'll save the movie summary for the synopsis below. Let's start with the director, Minh Nguyen. This is a surprising good movie for a debut film. You could feel that he put a lot of heart into Touch which is not something that you will find in a lot of movies these days. The movie flows fluently and goes by its own pace without feeling rushed.

The movie was perfectly casted. Porter Lynn and John Ruby's performance is superb in Touch. John Ruby makes you care about his character with his top notch performance. Porter Lynn is a natural with this role, and doesn't need to say much for us to understand her. It's hard to believe that this was her first film. The rest of the cast does their job so well that it makes you wish that they had more screen time.

The writing is fresh with the perfect blend of comedy, drama, romance and sexuality, and because of that Touch feels very real and is easily relatable. After watching Touch, you'll see why they won numerous awards such as Best Actress, Best Story Line, and Best Cinematography at Boston International Film Festival; Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film at Vietnamese International Film Festival; Best First Feature at Santa Rosa International Film Festival; and Jury Award at Atlanta Asian Film Festival.

With it's emotional story and great acting, there is no need for gimmicks to sell this movie. This is one movie that you will want to add to your watch list.

At V.I.P. Nails, a Vietnamese-American manicurist named Tam has a new customer, Brendan, a shy mechanic who literally has a problem on his hands. He can never get rid of the oil stains around his nails and when he tries to be intimate with his aloof wife, she always rejects him with the same excuse, “Your hands are filthy!”

Porter Lynn and John RubyDesperately seeking to save his marriage, Brendan goes to the nail salon every day where Tam does more than scrub his hands clean. She also offers him advice on how to get his wife to love him again. But soon, Tam and Brendan find themselves drawn to each other, an attraction which becomes harder and harder to resist. This sensual film explores the sense of touch and its emotional impact; how with just a simple touch, we can reveal our deepest longings, give the utmost pleasure to others, and even heal a wounded soul.

Touch is avaliable on DVD and digital platforms on June 18, 2013. You can purchase Touch on DVD at Amazon.com.

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