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New York–Tokyo Music Festival 2006 VideosAun Drum Act at New York–Tokyo Music Festival

Video Description
This video shows the drummers AUN opening up the music event live at the New York-Tokyo Music Festival 2006. Be sure to check out our other New York-Tokyo Music Festival 2006 videos.

About AUN
Twin brothers Ryohei and Kohei Inoue are back as AUN. For 12 years they had been the core members of world renowned Japanese Super Taiko Drum Group “Ondekoza.” Their unbelievable city-to-city, 1,071-day/ 9,319-mile marathon, which comprised 355 performances including 4 Carnegie Hall concerts, a guest appearance at the Emmy Awards, and 4 New York City Marathon appearances, was largely publicized throughout the US.

Ryohei and Kohei graduated Ondekoza and formed AUN in 2000. AUN represents ‘A’ the beginning and ‘UN’ the end in Japanese Buddhism, which originated in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language.

In 2001, AUN’s debut album "D.A.S.H. – Delight/ Anger/ Sadness/ Happiness" was released. In 2005, the 2nd album "E.A.S.T. – Electric/ Acoustic/ Spiritualized/ Transmission"was released by BMG Japan.In 2006, Ryohei and Kohei moved their home base to New York City to increase international exposure. To be true musical ambassadors of cultural exchange, AUN has been conducting performances/workshops at high school and college both in Japan and the US (100 School Circuit). They’re also planning their first Central American tour as well as a US West Coast tour in November.

Event's Pictures || Event's Main Page || Interview with NY-Tokyo President

We have pictures and videos coverage from the event. Be sure to check them out as well as our follow up interview with the president of NY-Tokyo. If you have any pictures or videos from the New York–Tokyo Music Festival 2006, please send it to us and we'll post it up.

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