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AsiaFinest Submission

So you got something that you would like to submit to us? Great! Please read the following:

Personal Pictures:

- Please include: Age, Nationality, and any info that you would like people to know (like your interests, martial status, screen names, etc.). Also If you want your email displayed to everyone, you will have to say so in the description. But be warn that "Spam Bots" may be able to pick up your email address and start spamming you.

- If you submit three or more personal pictures, we'll give you your own subcategory! Submit as many as you want. If you want to submit more than five, just come back to this form again and submit more!

- Please try to keep the picture clear and not super small in size where we can barely see your face. Also if you submit two pictures, we will pick the best one and post it up. The description should be simple. We will edit the info as we deem fit.

Other submission:

- If you're submitting Fan Art or Celebrity Pictures, please let us know who he/she is
- Everything else like avatars, fan art, or other asian material that you think we should have, please include a detail description of it.

No Scanner? No Problem! We also accept submissions via Snail Mail! Items are non-returnable. Please send all items with the above information to:
Attn: Ben Li
369 Broome St. #17
New York, NY 10013-4220

- If the form below doesn't work or if you have any comments and/or questions, please email

Attach your files here. (Please keep the file size as small as possible and under 3MB)
1st File:
2nd File:
3rd File:
4th File:
5th File:

A brief description about the submission:

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