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Chinese Ben LiAsiaFinest Interview with Ben Li

This interview was conducted on April 1st, 2006 by members of the AsiaFinest forum. The questions was answered in the order that it was received. Have fun reading it. It was fun answering all these questions.

Ben Li InterviewChiuChiu Train78: how did you start MadCool Networks
Ben: It started out as a personal websites for me to show my friends what i liked, which at that time was music, godzilla, dragonball z, etc.

ChiuChiu Train78: I bet you get hit on by all the ladies cause your the AsiaFinest C.E.O.
Ben: Yeah i do get a good number of them flirting with me ;)

ChiuChiu Train78: what made you decide to start up Asiafinest
Ben: I brought the domain name with nothing in mind way back in the days. There was a special one day sale for domain names, and I was like hmm asiafinest.com sounds nice. Maybe I'll use it as an email domain if anything.

ChiuChiu Train78: Where do you see AsiaFinest in the next 3 years
Ben: I see AsiaFinest becoming way bigger and better, with a ton of exclusive content and media coverage.

toki: you've traveled a lot so where is amongst your favorite places in the world?
Ben: I went to Africa last year, and it was one of my goals in life to travel there. Certain parts of South Africa was beautiful, while other parts was kinda of sad with all the poverty going on.

toki: oranges or apples?
Ben: Orange!

toki: what stage of life you enjoyed the most? childhood? teenage? adult? and why?
Ben: Probably childhood, since I didn't have anything to worry about at all.

SoCexy: what are your current goals now?
Ben: To bring my web sites (such as AsiaFinest.com) to the next level.

SoCexy: What can you do to change the life of younger kids?
Ben: I already have younger kids looking up to me. I would teach them to stand up for themselves and to do what they love doing best.

SoCexy: Would you adopt an orphan? Why?
Ben: If I can afford it, I would.

SoCexy: If you can turn back time..What will you change? why?
Ben: Hmm I guess I would try to change the things that happen on 9/11.

SoCexy: If you only have 1hr to live..what would you like to accomplish?
Ben: Spend time with friends and family.

SoCexy: What are your advice to gangster kids? How will you prevent them?
Ben: I actually grew up knowing a lot of friends in gangs. So I can't really give advice to kids, except that it might be cool and fun while you're young, but once you get into stuff like selling drugs, and senseless fighting, then it's nothing but bad news from there on.

chilli21: how do you feel being an admin of AF?
Ben: I feel proud being admin of AsiaFinest.com ;)

Boku_WA!: why you such a pimp!?
Ben: lol It's hard out here for a pimp. ;)

phoenix0115: Excluding family, who would you like to thank the most? and why?
Ben: I would like to thank all of the people who helped and supported me and my web sites all these years.

WarEngineer: what was the idea behind AF when u started it?
Ben: My original idea was to just use AF as an email address. I figure hmm ben@asiafinest.com looks kinda nice.

WarEngineer: have AF evolved into something different? if yes, do you like the way AF evolved?
Ben: Yeah it evolved from being a site that was suppose to feature Asian celebrities that I liked, into a site that is focus on culture and exclusive content.

ArchKnight: Are you a virgin?
Ben: Nope.

~Theta~: Are you rich?
Ben: Due to my goal of having a girl in every zip code, I am now mad broke from all the child support that I have to give, and is the world biggest deadbeat dad. lol

BigGunn: What are your future projects that involves or has to do with Asian Americans?
Ben: I have a few things in mind, but nothing that I can say yet.

IniTiaL V.:
do you enjoy combing ur pubic hair
Ben: lol wtf? umm no.

jason76: Whats your next movie?
Ben: I might have a few small roles in the near future. Stay tune!

freefallz: Do you consider yourself as a celebrity?
Ben: Not at all. But some people do.

sango27: Do you plan to continue AF for forever?
Ben: But of course!

lovelytruth: Would you like to go to Army?
Ben: I did consider the Marines, but decided to just go straight into college instead.

lovelytruth: If you have 200 million dollar,what can you do for the people who need 3-help?
Ben: I would donate it to various foundations to help cure people of various sickness.

lovelytruth: How many children do you want to have ?(10 children is that ok?)
Ben: I have no idea. If I can afford ten kids, then sure why not. I always wanted my own little football team lol.

lovelytruth: If it is available to have many wives in your country where you live now...would you like to have second or third wife?
Ben: I would definitely like to have a second or third wife, but I don't think it would be fair to the girls.

lovelytruth: What is your biggest dream?
Ben: World Peace? lol

lovelytruth: Can you imagine how will you look when you get 70 years old?
Ben: I would still look young, I guess I'll look like I'm 50 instead of 70.

lovelytruth: How it feels to being as Ben?
Ben: Right now It feels pretty good. ;)

Happy Asian: Your favorite sex position
Ben: lol I'm not sure if I should even answer this, but if I had to pick up, it would be girl on top. lol.

Happy Asian: What you hate most
Ben: Racists and Spammers.

JinAkUoVII: can you fight? fight like a chicken?
Ben: I can throw down if needed ;)

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