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Interview with Chinese Jin The EmceeAsiaFinest's Interview with Jin The Emcee

AsiaFinest was able to get an online interview with the talented Jin from Ruff Ryders. This interview was conducted on 12/16/2003. Check it out!

Ruff Ryders JinAF: You had a nice part in the hit movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. Were you nervous at all when the camera started rolling?
Jin: Nervous a tad bit. Actually, it was more anxiousness and excitement. I think I pulled it off pretty well, considering I know nothing about cars in real life, yet I played a "mechanic". lol

AF: Would you consider acting again? Any future roles in a movie?
Jin: Definitely looking into doing some more acting in the near future. Im more interested now in roles that wouldnt be the ordinary.

AF: Did your parents support your decision to be in the music business?
Jin: At first, they were totally against it. This was more so because of the fact that I was telling them basically, "Im not going to college after I graduate. Im guna be a rap star." haha. However, now they are the biggest fans of mine.

AF: Is there any pressure on you since you're the first Asian rapper to go mainstream? If so, how do you deal with it?
Jin: Of course there is pressure. Then again theres always pressure when you put yourself in a position where you have the potential of doing something major in your life. There really is no direct way I deal with the pressures and stress. I think about what I really do this for. The passion for music..and the people that love it.

AF: Any advices for people who wants to go into the music business as well?
Jin: Probably first and most important thing I'd suggest is to make sure you realize this is what you want. Alot of times, individuals will see the glamour and glitz and think that that's all it is, when in reality its way more than that. The music/entertainment industry can take its toll on an individual.

AF: Where would you be today if you weren't in the music business?
Jin: I honestly don't have a clue...Actually, if I wasnt in the music business today, I'd be trying to get into the music business.

AF: What type of music and which artist do you listen to now?
Jin: A large variety of stuff stays in my musical selection. Hiphop, rnb to pop. Even some Chinese music..Cantonese/madarin pop. I think the best way for an artist to develop a style for himself and be the most creative is by listening to a variety of stuff.

AF: Any goals that you want to achieve but still haven't?
Jin: Plenty. Success seems so close..yet so far away.

AF: What was your favorite project or work to this date?
Jin: Hmm...working with Wyclef was a interesting experience. He is a very talented person when it comes to music. We just went in there and created magic.

AF: What was the weirdest thing that has ever happen to you while performing a show?
Jin: Floor was wet one time when I was performing at a large venue in Toronto, Canada. I tend to be very active when on stage..as far as moving back and forth etc. So one quick step and .. SPLAT!!!!!!!! .. Right on my ass.

AF: How has the Internet changed your life?
Jin: Internet is the key to alot of things. Keeps me in touch with the fans/supporters which is a big thing for me..

AF: For the female visitors of AsiaFinest: Are you single? What do you look for in a girl? Turn Ons and Turn Offs?
Jin: You have female visitors at AsiaFinest.com?..NICE..lol. I am currently single. Things I look for in a girl?...Im assuming its the same criteria as most fellas. Smart, funny, personality, affectionate...list goes on and on. Turn on: being kissed on the back of my neck. Turn off: Lets hope you never have to find out.

AF: What do you do for fun in your free time?
Jin: I love what I do so everything is pretty much fun for me..free time or not.

AF: How about we end this interview with a quick freestyle from you?
Jin: "This interview was fun thats no mystery.. //.. buy the album on March 23rd, 2004..'THE REST IS HISTORY'...!!!". lol Shameless plug. Thanks .
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