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Asia 4 Exclusive InterviewAsiaFinest's Interview with Cardin of Asia 4

We were able to get an interview with Cardin from the popular Viet group Asia 4! Read on!

CardinCardin: Hi Ben, nice to meet you.
Ben: Hey Cardin, same here. By the way, is it Asia4 or Asia 4?
Cardin: It's a same thing, no different. Asia4 or Asia 4
Ben: ok gotcha. How did Asia4 get into the music business?
Cardin: Well, cardin (me) auditioned for Asia Entertainment... They called back, and wanted me to put together a group, so I went out and meet Spencer and Evan through some friends..and later on James came on board. That's the very short version of it
Ben: What's Asia4's daily life like?
Cardin: Well everybody has his own thing. We get together 3 times a week for rehearsals and practices. As for me, I get up, go to school, when I get home usually I have to head to the studio, if not I stay home chill for a while, work on some music. Then at night I head to the gym, then later in the night, do more writings.
Ben: Sounds good. Can you tell us some info about Asia4's album?
Cardin: You mean the new one or the old one?
Ben: Hmm Both.
Cardin: Well the first one was basically a debut album, we were just throwing whatever ideas together and just head into the studio..still discovering our tones together and trying to see our niches. More like trial and errors kind of thing, we knew ourselves it would do well, but we were really surprises with the responses from fans and even our peers
Ben: When did the first album come out?
Cardin: It was officially release back in august of 2001. Right now we are still playing with our sounds, but we know the tricks of the trade now.
Ben: And Asia4 is working on a new album already?
Cardin: The new album we want it to be more well thought out.
Ben: What type of music should we expect from this new album?
Cardin: More balanced, a CD that people can pop in and listen to all the way through instead of picking out 2 or 3 fave tracks and play only those. Almost the same as the first one, but we focus on our fan base's opinion, we hear compliments on certain songs.. so we'll try to do more of those songs to satisfy them.
Ben: When can the fans expect the second album?
Cardin: We plan to be releasing this album by summer. This time around, all of us will contribute more, the first one they were still new, I was the only one that had some experience with this business, so I had to carry most of the load, writing most of the songs, etc..but now they know, which I'm gratefully appreciated...lol
Ben: Any goals that you want to achieve but still haven't?
Cardin: Oh I have lots and lots of goal, I think for this lifetime I can never be satisfy or achieve them all. I just be realistic and try to do or reach them one at the time, my focus right now is just getting the 2nd album release
Ben: What type of music and which artist do you listen to now?
Cardin: I listen to everything, from country to hard core rap....basically your looking at Garth Brooks all the way to black eyed pea, not to mention everybody in between. Nelly, Linkin Park, Usher, Dave Mathew...etc I believe all music influenced each other that u could never like one category and ignore the rest
Ben: haha. Sounds like my mp3 list. Linkin park is definitely cool. What was Asia4 favorite project/performance/work to this date?
Cardin: I have to say Marian Day in Missouri, that was the best experience we've ever had
Ben: What's the most embarrassing moment in your life?
Cardin: Most embarrassing? lol I would have to say at one show, don't know if it was advertising or what, but nobody showed up
Ben: Nobody at all?
Cardin: some, not much. But we were there with another artist too, we weren't the only ones so that can't be our fault
Ben: Ah that's better. Must be the bad marketing efforts! haha.
Cardin: we pretended to ourselves it was...lol
Ben: How has the Internet changed your life?
Cardin: Greatly, I can keep in touch with old friends, even meet new people. And through involving with, it made my life a lot more convenient and get to know a bunch of great people
Ben: Who does the Asia4.net website?
Cardin: My good friend Jessica Ly. She has been very wonderful and does a terrific job. We have the most updated website compared to other Vietnamese artists thanks to her efforts in promoting the group, booking our shows, and basically finding more info for the fans, etc and sometimes rushing me to do certain things.
Ben: Any advice or tips for people who're thinking of singing?
Cardin: Advice? I have to say be strong, be positive, things are not always gonna fall your way, but you gotta keep trying.. 999 fails, but 1 succession is all you need. Be real, if you only look at the glamorous aspect of this business, you will fail...you have to be able to deal with the prices and the consequences before good things start to happen.
Ben: Did your parents support your decision to sing?
Cardin: Oh yeah, no doubt, I feel very fortunate to have them supporting what I do. .but then again they were singers too before my time so they really can't say much...lol.. even though they'd rather have me working 9-5 as a doctor or lawyer.
Ben: What's the hardest parts of being in the music business?
Cardin: Creativity, you always have to be ahead and different to stand out to be successful
Ben: So true.
Cardin: I think fans only like you for so long, especially if you sing pop music, but you'll gain more loyal fans if you have their respect for your music.
Ben: Gotta stay down to earth and be in touch with the fans
Cardin: And to gain respect, you have to deliver the goods all the time, and of course that's easier said than done because the expectations of you are getting higher and higher everyday
Ben: Where would you be today if you weren't in the music business?
Cardin: Probably still back in Houston working, hanging out with friends, etc.. and be very normal
Ben: For the female visitors of AsiaFinest: Are the members of Asia4 currently single? What do you look for in a girl? Turn Ons and Turn Offs?
Cardin: Most of us are single, lol. but we can't tell which ones are not.
Ben: Why not? heh
Cardin: So let's keep them in suspense, if they want to find out the details, they have to e mail us, or better yet, ask us individually once we're on the road. There are four of us, so we all have different taste in girls about the turn ons and turn offs
Ben: What do you and Asia4 do for fun?
Cardin: Same thing as everybody else, hanging out with friends, some of us play b-ball, golf, etc We go clubbing, get crazy, etc just like everybody else lol
Ben: haha. What are your feelings on Napster? Was it right to shut them down?
Cardin: You know, I honestly think it's a rip off for artist's hard work. We work really hard for our materials. Fans buying and supporting our album means they saying that they like our materials. The label will notice that from the sales, the only one way for them to know..so they'll give us a bigger budget to make even better music. But if we have less money because of the sales wasn't all that even though tons of our songs have been down loaded, we will have a smaller budget, the music wont' be as good...so it'll all come back to our fans
Ben: What if some people can't afford it?
Cardin: Everybody I'm sure can afford it, because a CD really doesn't cost that much, that's just another lunch of dinner. There's always a way to find 10-15 dollars. Look at the stupid things we spend on everyday that we don't need or even used. I think napster is a good way for fans to preview a certain artist's music. Once you like 1 or 2 of their tracks, then they should go get the CD to support that artist or at least so they can listen to the whole CD to know what this artist is all about.
Ben: Feel free to add anything that you would like to say to our visitors.
Cardin: To our fans (or future fans) and visitor of asiafinest.com stop by our website asia4.net whenever you can to find out more about us...keep an open mind and give our music a chance, you'd end up being our fan before you know it, or at least you won't be disappointed.
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