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Beverly Beaumont Exclusive InterviewAsiaFinest's Interview with Beverly Beaumont

We were able to get an interview with the ever so heavenly Beverly Beaumont! Read on!

Beverly BeaumontAsiaFinest: What is your nationality?
Beverly Beaumont: 25% Irish, 25% Spanish, and 50% Filipino

AsiaFinest: How did you get into the modeling business?
Beverly Beaumont: By chance, I was the typical tomboy and my grandmother made me go to modeling school where a talent scout from Seventeen Magazine recruited me. I came out in their May 1995 issue.

AsiaFinest: Any goals that you want to achieve but still haven't?
Beverly Beaumont: Yes, I want my Pharmacy Degree already! I want it bad!

AsiaFinest: Tell us about your most exciting or funniest moments.
Beverly Beaumont: Funniest moment...I've had so many I can't pick one, sorry.

AsiaFinest: What was your favorite project or work to this date?
Beverly Beaumont: My favorite jobs are when I work with Speedchic.com or when I do shows with INJEN Technology. The guys from there are just great!

AsiaFinest: What's the most embarrassing moment in your life?
Beverly Beaumont: when I was in high school I walked right into a pole when I turned around after being nominated Homecoming Queen.

AsiaFinest: How has the Internet changed your life?
Beverly Beaumont: Oh my goodness! I use to think computers were for nerds or petafiles, now look, I'm stuck on it almost 3 hours a day. I can't believe it. It's mostly work, returning e-mails, and chatting with fans.

AsiaFinest: Any future project or work that you would like our visitors to know?
Beverly Beaumont: My website is my main project right now. I have so much content that it's being updated every week and now I'm selling 8X10's and a one page calendar on there too.

AsiaFinest: Did you parents support your decision to model?
Beverly Beaumont: No, the typical strict and conservative Filipino Family. But they understand that I am an adult and I make my own decisions. Out of respect for them and myself, I don't do topless or nudity.

AsiaFinest: What's the hardest part of being a model?
Beverly Beaumont: Not having enough time for everything.

AsiaFinest: Where would you be today if you weren't a model?
Beverly Beaumont: I don't think modeling has an influence in my life as far as where I would be. I choose to model, modeling doesn't make me. It's just a hobby.

AsiaFinest: For the male visitors of AsiaFinest: Are you currently single? How would a guy approach a beauty like you? What do you look for in a guy? Turn Ons and Turn Offs?
Beverly Beaumont: Let's just say, I'm unavailable. I don't have much time so it's hard to be in a relationship or even have time to date. Approaching me is easy, just be sincere. I look for sincerity, understanding, patience, sweetness, humor, affection, and love from my guys. I hate people who are fake and try to bust lines and think they're a player. I get turned on when a guy smells good, looks good with his own style, and plays hard to get.

AsiaFinest: What do you do for fun?
Beverly Beaumont: I dance: hip hop, hula, and tahitian, I like to go wave running, and I love to travel.

AsiaFinest: Has the tragic Sept 11 event affected you in any way?
Beverly Beaumont: Not as far as directly by family members or friends being involved, but I am afraid now of war. I don't want to be going through this. Imagine what happened to the US people during other wars.

AsiaFinest: Feel free to add anything that you would like to say to our visitors.
Beverly Beaumont: I would like to say "Thank you" for this opportunity for you and your viewers to get to know me a little better.

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If you have any pictures of Beverly Beaumont, please send it to us and we'll credit you for it. Talk about Beverly Beaumont in our friendly discussion forum!

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