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Jenny Lin Exclusive InterviewAsiaFinest Jenny Lin's Interview

We were able to get an interview with the ever so sexy Jenny Lin! Interview was done by Ben Li. Read on!

Jenny LinBen: Let me first start off by saying thanks for taking time out of your schedule for this interview.
Jenny Lin: not a problem
Ben: ok first question, What is your nationality?
Jenny Lin: I'm Taiwanese and Japanese
Ben: Cool mix! Do you speak both of the language?
Jenny Lin: no... my mother is Japanese... but I haven't seen her since I was 4. I tried taking Japanese in school.... tough language to learn!
Ben: Heh So is Mandarin
Jenny Lin: =)
Ben: I almost failed that class. A Chinese person failing Chinese.. how sad
Jenny Lin: =p
Ben: ok next question: How did you get into the modeling business?
Jenny Lin: A few of my friends showed my pictures to a photographer, he said that I had a "strong look" and that I should try modeling. So I took a few pictures and one thing led to another...
Ben: Cool. Any goals that you want to achieve but still haven't?
Jenny Lin: YES... being in MAXIM magazine. Ha ha
Ben: lol! Really? Any reasons for that?
Jenny Lin: yes.. or some national publication
Ben: ah
Jenny Lin: it's very glamorous... and known for hot sexy models < right? >
Ben: With your looks it shouldn't be too hard. Tell us about your most exciting or funniest moments.
Jenny Lin: as a model?
Ben: I guess. Which ever is fine
Jenny Lin: Well.. my most exciting moments as a model was when I went to California for 2 days, I went to 3 photoshoots, in Irvine, L.A, and San Diego... I met a lot of cool people, took some great pictures and it was so exciting going from place to place and not knowing what to expect next!
Ben: Sound like you had a lot of fun. What was your favorite project or work to this date?
Jenny Lin: Well this past weekend I was at a car show... it didn't have a lot of spectators, but I really enjoyed it because the crowd was great, I was signing officially signing autographs for the first time... I had a blast!
Ben: What's the most embarrassing moment in your life?
Jenny Lin: It would have to be when I was in sixth grade... I was a very polite little girl.. but for some reason... on the senior trip, something disasterous happened (I don't remember what) and I said a curse word. EVERYONE around me stared at me and thought that I was possessed because I never talk like that before. I was embarrassed because I used to be very shy and I felt really stupid when I did that.
Jenny Lin: I don't know if that counts =p
Ben: Yup. I know exact what you mean. I was in 3rd grade when the same thing happen. How has the Internet changed your life?
Jenny Lin: =) They say I have a alternate personality online.
Ben: hehe
Jenny Lin: I'm still very shy and reserved in person now. But when I'm online, I'm more open and talkative. It's where I first posted up my pictures, and promoted myself...
Ben: A shy and reserved model? Hmmm :-)
Jenny Lin: yeah... I can't really shoot with too many people around me. But I'm gettin over it pretty well nowadays!
Ben: Yup. With this feature you'll get way more popular
Jenny Lin: hee hee thanks
Ben: Any future project or work that you would like our visitors to know?
Jenny Lin: u already know about my website right?
Ben: yup but feel free to tell us about it anyway
Jenny Lin: That's where you will find the latest news on me, the most recent pictures and get my posters and calendars!
Ben: Did your parents support your decision to model?
Jenny Lin: Well... I'm pretty much on my own... they hardly ever tell me what to do, even when I was younger, they allowed me to make my own decisions and learn from my own experiences.
Ben: What's the hardest parts of being a model?
Jenny Lin: The hardest part I'd say is getting the assignment of your dreams... other than that I'd say it's watching out for those creepy photographers out there preying on innocent girls.
Ben: Nice Pic of the week!
Jenny Lin: thanks.... gee... I hope that last comment was a compliment!
Ben: yeah it was. Don't look like a shy model to me ;-)
Jenny Lin: I shot those this weekend
Ben: Where would you be today if you weren't a model?
Jenny Lin: I would be studying!!!
Ben: lol!
Jenny Lin: and maintaining my scholarship.
Ben: Speaking of which i have to catch up on my studys too.. Working too much lately
Jenny Lin: =)
Ben: For the male visitors of AsiaFinest: Are you currently single? How would a guy approach a beauty like you? What do you look for in a guy? Turn Ons and Turn Offs?
Jenny Lin: No I am taken... a guy would have to be confident, romantic, and spontaneous to be my type.
Jenny Lin: Turn ons are: sense of humor and honesty.
Jenny Lin: Turn offs are: Smell, and insecurity.
Ben: What do you do for fun?
Jenny Lin: I go to the movies, shopping, and go to racetracks =)
Ben: racetracks?! OTB?
Jenny Lin: nooo like Englishtown, NJ lol
Ben: Has the tragic Sept 11 event affected you in any way? Especially since you're in NY too
Jenny Lin: yes I used to work there... but I am glad to say that I have finally gotten over it and dealt with the situation.
Ben: Good to hear.
Jenny Lin: It's been a month... I thank god that I'm alive, but I've been so distressed that I haven't gone to work or school in a month!
Ben: Feel free to add anything that you would like to say to our visitors.
Jenny Lin: I'd like to give a shout-out to my "Special K!" & a HUGE Thanks AsiaFinest for featuring me on your website!

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