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Kristine Sa Exclusive InterviewAsiaFinest Kristine Sa's Interview

Kristine SaKristine: Hello
Ben: Hi, You're early
Kristine: Thought I should be :-)
Ben: :-)
Kristine: Plus, I'm here writing a monologue that needs to be presented tomorrow! AHH
Ben: For school?
Kristine: yes for class Do you want to start now?
Ben: Yeah just give me a sec to find the questions. Which school do you go to? curious
Kristine: I am at York University in Toronto.
Ben: yeah? What's your major?
Kristine: Theater, but hoping to branch into acting next year
Ben: sounds good. Ok let's start. Thanks for giving me the the chance to interview you by the way
Kristine: You're welcome!
Ben: What is your nationality?
Kristine: I'm Vietnamese.
Ben: Were you born here?
Kristine: No actually, I was born in Vietnam and came here when I was 6.
Ben: So you're probably fluent in Vietnamese too huh?
Kristine: Speaking yes, writing I'm OK But under pressure, OH GOD!
Ben: How did you get into the music business?
Kristine: what a popular question! ;p
Ben: lol yeah
Kristine: To summarize, an old friend found Nemesis and introduced them to my webpage. Kingmin the (CEO) contacted me and told he loved my writing, wanted to know if I sang, if I wanted to write for them etc. I jumped at that and said I DO sing! Sent a demo, and here I am. I'm getting so good at telling that story with less detail every time.
Ben: Very nice! You got a very lovely voice by the way.
Kristine: =) Thank you so much. Uh oh I blush.
Ben: Did you complete your album completed yet?
Kristine: Umm yes. It's completed writing wise and recording wise, but now the final touches are being carried out. Which, of course is taking longer than we had planned
Ben: Hey perfection takes time :-)
Kristine: The illusion of it at least.
Ben: So when can we expect the final complete version?
Kristine: I would say around February. But things seem to never go as planned.
Ben: Here's another common question heh, Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Kristine: With a not-so-easy answer. LOL. I always at stumped at these, or the "WHO AM I?" questions.
Ben: Yeah?
Kristine: At this point I am hoping to be continuing with music, pursuing/stepping into the film or theater industry and maybe compiling some pieces of writing to be released on their own. So in ten years, I'll be working just as hard basically. LOL
Ben: heh Probably. You'll still be mad young. What type of music and which artist do you listen to now?
Kristine: Uh.. it varies so often, but recently I've been attached to Alicia Keys. Also, a lot of soundtracks. The Final Fantasy X soundtrack being my favorite.
Ben: I didn't even know Final Fantasy X had a soundtrack. You played the game?
Kristine: No, the weird thing is I've never played the ones before and recently got into Resident Evil and than was introduced to previews of the upcoming one and I got sooo hooked.
Ben: Yeah the resident Evil series is great. Gave me a good scare the first time I played it
Kristine: Oh god, it's killing me. I am soo addicted!
Ben: haha. What's the most embarrassing moment in your life?
Kristine: =) good question. Umm.. This isn't the MOST, but it's one of the many: I was on the bus with a girlfriend and the bus came to a sudden stop so I fell... on this dude's lap. My friend and I were laughing so hard that I couldn't stand up for a good minute or so. I'm still hoping that guy didn't get some kind of a sick thrill from it. *shivers* This was when I was umm... maybe 13, 14.
Ben: How has the Internet changed your life?
Kristine: It started out as just another addiction really. I was addicted to surfing and purposeless stuff. But of course, it lead me to Nemesis which completely changed everything. It's allowed us to work with the distance. It's a connection to almost all my friends now because we're in different cities. I couldn't live without now really. I do everything on it. I feel completely useless and incompetent without it.
Ben: Yeah, the Internet is the future.
Kristine: Indeed it is.
Ben: For the female visitors of AsiaFinest: How do you keep in shape? Any advice or tips for girls who's thinking of joining the music business?
Kristine: Lately actually, I haven't had much time for anything so sadly I haven't been paying attention to keeping in shape at all. I will again soon. (we'll see. lol) I used to try to work at least twice a week and although I should watch what I eat, I never really do. I feel so guilty saying this, but I just love food! I can't hold back on great food. As for the industry, don't confuse that with just keeping in shape. Always worry about your inner self first. I think it's so much more important to exercise not only your body, but also your emotions, your spirit, your mind, etc. I think the key is mainly perseverance. If you just keep trying, keep pushing ahead, it will pay off.
Ben: Eat Good, Live Good. I always say
Kristine: Liking your philosophy
Ben: Did your parents support your decision to be in the music business?
Kristine: Yes. They are happy as long as I continue with school, as all parents are. =)
Ben: heh yup. What's the hardest part about being in the music business?
Kristine: I think everything is hard about it. It pushes and pulls me in ways unimaginable. Perhaps the hardest part is having to expose so much. I mean, of course deep down I wanted to share it all with people anyway otherwise why would I have chosen this path? But the struggle between wanting to share and actually sharing, it's rather hard. I'm sure we all rehearse conversations or performances in the mirror but when actually facing it, it's a completely new thrill. Metaphorically. The stage being life much less.
Ben: For the male visitors of AsiaFinest: Are you currently single? How would a guy approach a beauty like you? What do you look for in a guy? Turn Ons and Turn Offs?
Kristine: LOL!! Single? No. =) To approach, don't be fake, don't try to impress, don't use corny lines... unless of course they're sooo corny that they're hilarious. Humor is good. That breaks us females. What I look for in a guy? We don't have enough time to discuss it. LOL. Most importantly just honesty I think. Turn ons: musical talent, height, ability to use cute and original pet names, cleanliness. Turn offs: bad breath, egos, inability to match clothing.
Ben: What do you do for fun?
Kristine: Lately, Nothing! ;p I used to sit around and listen to music, go out, maybe some dancing, some pool, some karaoke, etc. You know, just regular 19 year-old stuffs.
Ben: Do you come to New York a lot? If so where's your favorite hang out?
Kristine: I am pretty often yes, and my favorite hang out there is this Japanese restaurant called "Go". Amazing food, great place. I don't really have a favorite hang out here in Toronto, I've been kinda a big nerd lately! lol
Ben: lol
Ben: What are your feelings on Napster? Was it right to shut them down?
Kristine: I don't think it was. There are many more napster-like generates now and there will only be more. Yes of course I would want my albums sales to be good too but for those who just couldn't afford it, napster was a way to connect them with the music. True loyal fans will go out and buy the album with or without napster. I don't think it was THAT harmful to have been attacked that way.
Ben: Yeah I feel the same.
Ben: Has the tragic Sept 11 event affected you in any way?
Kristine: Yes of course. For the first little while I was just not doing anything. I felt so little and useless to the world. Eventually I came back around and realized that I was only surrendering to the victory of violence if I put my entire life on hold. I just wish I could take some weight off of those who are suffering from it.
Ben: Great answer! :-)
Kristine: umm thanks. You're so encouraging! lol
Ben: I still can't believe it happened. Feel so unreal
Kristine: yeah... but it is real. Too real.
Ben: Yeah it hit so close to home. I live 20 blocks away and my university is only 5 blocks away
Kristine: Oh god, really? I stayed at 6th and 11th when I was there the whole summer saw the towers everyday I walked outta the apartment that would be the too real part.
Ben: And now it's gone
Kristine: so yes, concluding...
Ben: Right. Any future project or work that you would like our visitors to know?
Kristine: I guess just: I hope you buy the album and maybe build a connection of some sort like the one I have to it. To you guys at AsiaFinest, what a fun site! I love it. I accidentally went to Asianfinest.com and was so glad it WASN'T you guys. lol. Thanks for the fun questions. I needed that.
Ben: LOL Yeah I hit up asianfinest.com before to see what kinda site it was
Kristine: Threw me off completely! I was like "what? I can't do an interview with this site!"
Ben: Thanks again for giving us the chance to interview you.
Kristine: You're welcome! Of course, thank YOU!
Kristine: K, bub bye.

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